Does this mean Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided not to have anymore children?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have dropped a hint that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will not be getting any more siblings

Does this mean Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided not to have anymore children?
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This year, Kate Middleton and Prince William dropped a subtle but distinctive hint that they will not be having any more children. 

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton and Prince William moved out of their London home, relocating their family of five to Windsor in order to give their royal children as much of a normal life as possible. While the move is centered around family, it is also William and Kate’s most significant sign yet that they will not be adding any more children to their brood.

Along with their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, Kate and William are setting up in Adelaide Cottage, a modest four-bedroom home situated just ten-minutes walk from the Queen’s royal estate. 

The home has got just enough room for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to each have their own bedrooms. 

The cottage is as drastic a change as they could get from their four-storey apartment within Kensington Palace. The apartment boasted 20 bedrooms, three double bedrooms, a day and night nursery, five reception rooms and several bedrooms for the household's live-in staff. To call their move to Windsor 'down-sizing' might be an understatement.  

If Kate and William were thinking about having another baby, it seems unlikely that they would have opted for a home where that child could not have their own space. Practically speaking, an expanding family would require more space for their growing brood, not just enough space so that the existing children could have their own bedrooms. 

The move also marks another change for the royal children that hints at Kate and Will's desire to keep their family at its current size. As well as a new school, the young royals will also be saying goodbye to their live-in nanny, Maria Borrallo. If the couple were planning on bringing up any more babies, a live-in nanny would be an important member of staff to have on the payroll - especially considering the young age of their current kids.

For disappointed royal fans, there is still hope. William and Kate have never confirmed or denied wanting more children, and Kate has often admitted to feeling "broody" on several occasions, so much so it worries Prince William!

Earlier this year when the mother-of-three visited Copenhagen's Children's Museum, Kate chatted with parents and their babies, joking that her husband worries about her working with under-one-year-olds because she often returns home wanting "another one".

Even if Kate did want another baby, it appears that Prince William has completely ruled out the possibility of baby number four. At an engagement in Northern Ireland, Kate simply laughed when she was asked about a having another child. She said, "I think William might be slightly worried."

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