The moment from Kate Middleton and Prince William's trip to Birmingham that's got everyone laughing

The Prince and Princess of Wales stopped by an Indian restaurant during their trip to Birmingham

Kate Middleton and Prince William's trip to Birmingham
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Kate Middleton and Prince William had everyone laughing during their royal visit to Birmingham for this hilarious reason.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's Birmingham royal visit took an unexpected cheeky turn when the future King decided to answer the phone in an Indian restaurant and take a booking.

The Prince of Wales, who is second in line to the throne in royal line of succession, took it upon himself to answer the telephone at the Indian Streatery restaurant when it rang during his and the Princess of Wales's royal visit.

The couple are touring the country ahead of people tuning in to watch the King's coronation, on May 6th, which is costing more than $123m (£100 million) and features a coronation concert.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's trip to Birmingham

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Interrupting his royal engagement to take the call, Prince William got into character, answering, "Hello Indian Streatery, how can I help?" 

Giggling as he was listening to the telephone customer, William had to ask the owners for the street name, but having misheard them, he told the customer a different address. But taking it all in his stride he continued to negotiate a time for the booking. 

Much to the amusement of Kate and the restaurant owners, Prince William managed to book them a table for 2.15pm, about 45 minutes from when he took the call, after having to tell customers Vinay Aggarwal and his wife Ankita Gulati there were no tables earlier.

After confirming the booking and hanging off the phone, William told staff, "He knows where you are now, I probably sent him somewhere else in Birmingham so I apologize!"

The couple, who were keen to get their train back to London at 3pm, had no idea it was the future King on the other end of the phone.

He said, "It's pretty amazing and a surprise. I didn't know at that moment, but it's a very nice surprise, Obviously (I will be telling everyone), it's not something that happens often.

He added, "I didn't recognize his voice at all, this is the first time I was listening to him on the phone, so I genuinely thought someone was taking the booking for me."

Prince William and Kate Middleton make Indian food

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And Prince William's hard work paid off as the restaurant owners say he did that well that they would consider offering him a job as front of house manager.

Meena Sharma said, "All of us around him were really surprised he actually picked up the phone and actually said 'this is the Indian Streatery', and there was a genuine person on the other end wanting to make a booking

"I think he probably could have a role as a front of house manager, we could probably employ him to take phone calls in future as he did a really good job."

The Wales family are curry fans, with Princess Charlotte taking after Prince William when it comes to spicy dishes.

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