The Queen's favourite royal residence has been 'significantly' damaged by floods

The Queen's favourite Scottish residence of Balmoral has been damaged by flooding

The Queen's favourite royal residence Balmoral flood
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Balmoral has issued a warning to visitors after several areas of the royal estate have been affected or damaged by recent floods.

One of the Queen's favorite royal households, Balmoral Castle (opens in new tab) has faced 'significant' flood damage across its estate, with the official Twitter account now warning visitors to be wary of the affected areas.

The Scottish castle, where the late monarch would spend her annual summer holidays is renowned for its acres of land, brimming with natural beauty. But sadly, after weeks of heavy rain and flooding, the estate has suffered some damage.

The official Balmoral Twitter account issue a warning to visitors, saying: "Please take great care if you're visiting Loch Muick. The floods have caused significant damage to our tracks and bridges."

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The statement was also accompanied by two pictures showing the extent of the damage. In one, a footpath could be seen with a large chunk having collapsed and fallen into the Loch.

The second image illustrated damage to one of the wooden bridges, which goes across the Loch itself, with some areas half submerged in the high-water levels.

Balmoral itself holds a special place for many members of the royal family, especially the Queen's great-grandchildren - who have spent a number of family holidays there and is also one of the two castles, along with Sandringham (opens in new tab) that the Queen privately owned.

It will now of course hold some poignant memories for family too, as the monarch passed away at Balmoral Castle (opens in new tab) on September 8th, with the royal family traveling up from London to be with her. 

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Thankfully, despite the flooding damage, Balmoral is still open for visitors, who can enjoy free admission to the grounds through November and December. Excitingly still, the Balmoral social media pages have also shared that Christmas has arrived at the estate, with the gift shop now fully stocked with festive goodies and decorations.