The Queen's reaction to Charles once publicly calling her 'mummy' was so hilarious

The Queen was honoured in a speech by Prince Charles during the Jubilee weekend and it’s not the first time he’s made a special reference…

Queen's reaction to Charles calling her mummy revealed, seen here side-by-side
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The Queen reportedly once had a hilarious initial reaction to Prince Charles calling her “Mummy” in public.

Whilst the Queen might not have attended all the events throughout her Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend in person, the appearances she did make in honour of her 70 year reign delighted fans across the world. From symbolically lighting the principle beacon at Windsor Castle to waving from the balcony at Trooping the Colour with a special hidden meaning behind her walking stick, all eyes were on Her Majesty. 

For those events she was unable to attend, various senior members of The Firm were observed stepping up to mark her remarkable milestone. This included those highest in the royal line of succession such as Prince Charles and Prince William who were spotted regularly over the Jubilee weekend. 

And it was during a powerful speech that Charles called her “Mummy” - something that once got a hilarious reaction from the Queen…

The Prince of Wales is understood to be incredibly close to his mother and over the years he’s referred to her candidly as “Mummy” several times at major events. The most recent of these occasions was at the Platinum Party at the Palace where he took to the stage to praise her extraordinary reign and dedication to her duties.

Beginning his speech, “Your Majesty”, he then paused before adding, “Mummy” in a deeply personal moment that likely delighted many. Though the Queen herself reportedly had a humorous reaction to him referring to her as “Mummy” in 2018. 

According to OK!, it was during Her Majesty’s 92nd birthday celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall that her eldest son began his speech in exactly the same way. Standing beside him looking radiant in a golden patterned dress, the monarch allegedly appeared to roll her eyes briefly at Charles’ words as the crowd cheered.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales makes a speech for Queen Elizabeth II at a star-studded concert to celebrate the her 92nd birthday

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But the moment didn’t last for long and she’s soon broke into a huge smile as Charles went on to ask the audience for “three unbelievable rousing cheers” for her.

This reported reaction from the Queen in response to his opening words could be seen to showcase the monarch’s sense of humour. This has often been remarked upon over the years and reports have even suggested that the Queen once “shrieked with laughter” at a rather rude joke. 

Whilst royal historian Robert Lacey has previously explained to the BBC that laughter has also been a “survival technique” of her reign.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales laugh whilst watching the children's sack race

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"Laughing things off has been an important survival technique," he claimed. "She obviously takes her job seriously - but at the same time, it doesn't stop her having a sense of the ridiculous." 

Often pictured laughing and smiling over the years, the Queen’s sense of humour is something that many admire about Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. 

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