What's in store for the royals' family life in 2024 - from rifts and feeling remorse one couple is set to step away from the limelight (and it’s not Harry and Meghan)

Celebrity astrologer lifts the lid on the Royal Family's personal goals for 2024

Princess charlotte, Kate Middleton, Prince Louis and Prince William main on balcony at Buckingham Palace with drop in of King Charles and Queen Camilla from Coronation
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If you're wondering what's in store for the royals in 2024, a celebrity astrologer has given us her top predictions for the upcoming New Year, and highlights include claims that Prince William ‘won’t be mending family rifts’ and one couple will be stepping away from the limelight (and it's not Prince Harry and Meghan).

As we head towards the New Year, we are looking back at Prince Louis' most memorable moments of 2023 and the times Princess Charlotte showed star qualities.

And while you can buy horoscope books that will give you a glance at the year ahead, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman has analysed what 2024 has in store for the Royal Family - Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, King Charles and Queen Camilla, as well as Mike and Zara Tindall - based on their star signs. 

Inbaal Honigman
Inbaal Honigman

Inbaal Honigman is a lifelong psychic who started using tarot cards at the age of 20. She uses Tarot, astrology, palmistry, clairvoyance, and other methods of divination in her readings and no two readings are ever the same.

Sharing her thoughts on other members of the Royal family, Inbaal told Spin Genie, that the King is feeling ‘remorseful’, plus why Prince Harry ‘wants to put the past behind him’ as he prepares to ‘extend a peace offering’ next year. 

With the help of tarot, the psychic adds that Kate wants to make ‘more time for her family’ as she ‘doesn’t rest until the work is done’ with her many commitments as the Princess of Wales, while Meghan ‘won’t shy away from new challenges’ to ‘establish herself in a creative career’. 

However, we will see Mike and Zara ‘step back from the limelight’ in 2024, as they want to focus on themselves ‘behind closed doors’. 

Prince William will enter his ‘main character’ era, but ‘won’t be mending any family rifts’

“We’ll be hearing more directly from the heir to the throne in 2024. The communicative Queen of Swords card says that he will be taking speaking roles more regularly and will be giving speeches and talks, communicating directly with the press and those around him.

Some of his charity endeavours will enjoy favourable headlines, says the 9 of Disks Tarot card, as the impact of the Prince’s work will become apparent.

“The future King’s personal life will be active and joyful as he will be photographed with family at sporting events and out partaking in physical activity himself. The active Princess of Wands card shows that Prince William will set a personal example in demonstrating the importance of exercise and will be seen outdoors keeping active with family and supporting national sporting teams. His cards are successful and sociable, centring William himself as the main character in this era. There doesn’t appear to be any mending of family rifts indicated in his Tarot reading for 2024.” 

Prince George and Prince William at Wimbledon

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King Charles is ‘remorseful’ over family rifts and feels he could do a ‘better job’ at keeping family closer together

“The King is feeling the pressure of his position, says the critical 9 of Swords Tarot card. As the King keeps on top of all his royal duties, family commitments and charity endeavours, he can’t help but feel as if he could have done a better job. Despite being outwardly confident and strong, this card tells a different story. It says that King Charles criticises himself for his perceived inability to keep the family closer together and he sees the rift between his sons as his own personal frustration, for which he is remorseful.

“The 8 of Disks card explains that the King would be focusing on practical matters in 2024 and will be looking at the Crown’s properties and overseas land ownership, and possibly even deciding to use some of those lands and add value to them. His private conduct is indicated in the 5 of Disks card, which lets us know that he’ll do his best to keep his personal life to himself. The lack of privacy and public interest in his everyday life is draining to the Monarch, and he’ll try to keep out of the limelight this year more than ever.”

King Charles III unveils a plaque that commemorates his visit to The Royal Courts of Justice, Chancery Lane on December 14, 2023 in London

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Prince Harry ‘wants to put the past behind him’ and will ‘extend peace offerings’

“A happy year beckons for Prince Harry, as a spread of exciting and colourful Tarot cards promise joy and creativity. The happy 10 of Cups Tarot card says that the Duke of Sussex is in a peaceful frame of mind as he steps into the new year, and his optimism comes from being surrounded by friends and family members who can see his commitment to doing what’s right for his nearest and dearest.

“An unusual card called Art comes up for his 2024, and this is an indication that he’ll be involved in new creative endeavours this year, and will try his hand at some new ways of expressing himself, such as TV presenting or even production. A major Tarot card indicating transformation shows that he’s willing to put the past in the past. He’ll do what he can to extend peace offerings towards those whom he hurt in the past. Happy as he is with his current life, he’d be quick to agree to a fresh start, if his family were to benefit from it.”

Prince Harry talking on stage at Invictus Games

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Kate Middleton wants to make ‘more time for her family’ as she ‘doesn’t rest until the work is done’

“The tireless future Queen appears to be stretched quite thinly and is focused on too many commitments as she steps forward into 2024. The emotional 5 of Cups card suggests that Princess Catherine’s family responsibilities, along with her royal duties and personal interests are many. This causes her to feel as if she never gets everything done, and is always missing out on something. She’d love to be able to make more time for fun family days, she’d love to attend more photography galleries and fashion shows.

“This is supported by the active 10 of Wands Tarot card which appears for people who take on many duties. The Princess of Wales could use a break or a holiday. The key to her ambition in wanting to be all things to all people rests in her sign of Capricorn, which is an ambitious and focused star sign that doesn’t rest until all the work is done.”

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte make S'Mores

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Queen Camilla ‘will take on more responsibilities’ in 2024 - but her duties won’t take her away from her personal life

“We’ll be seeing more of Camilla in 2024, as she takes on extra responsibilities, both in her personal life and in her royal duties. The bright and sunny 6 of Disks card shows that the Royal is strong and well, and feels excited to look into more charities which she can support, and more organisations that can use her backing.

“The Empress Tarot card is the perfect representation of Queen Camilla, as it is a maternal, caring and nurturing card, which shows that her busy professional life doesn’t take away from her focus and involvement in her personal life. She promises to have a happy year full of family occasions and celebrations. The regimented 3 of Disks card lets us know that even the most routine of royal tasks is not a problem for the Queen Consort, and she carries out all her duties with grace.”

Queen Camilla (left) meets Camilla Kerslake (right) during the Maggie's cancer support centres annual carol concert before attending a reception with the charity's supporters at St Paul's Cathedral on December 7, 2023

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Meghan Markle ‘won’t shy away from new challenges’ and wants to ‘establish herself in a creative career’

“Meghan’s Tarot cards for the year ahead are red-hot and fiery, indicating an active and entertaining 2024. The Strength card, which is associated with the sign of Leo, Meghan’s sign, comes up for her year. It says that she won’t shy away from new challenges, and she’ll embrace new projects which will be offered to her.

“The Tower card represents house moves and new beginnings, and it indicates the Duchess’s desire to establish herself in an arena where she can find better opportunities for her creative career. It also shows that the actress will take an interest in property. Her overall emotion in 2024 is indicated by the joyful 10 of Cups. This card says that, no matter where she is or what she has, she’ll be happy with her family around her and her man by her side.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Dusseldorf

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Zara and Mike will ‘step away from limelight’ to focus on themselves

“The royal couple will be stepping away from the limelight as much as they can, as they promise to have a powerful 2024 in their personal and professional lives. Zara gets a card called The Aeon, which says that every achievement she conquers now, every success she has, is based on the hard work that she’s put in before. The satisfaction that she feels over her achievements is justified, as she’s done her best to make them a reality. It’s also a lovely card for families and shows a great relationship between herself and her parents, her in-laws, and her entire family. She keeps in touch with some relatives who don’t get on with the rest of the family.

“Mike gets a practical and successful card called the Ace of Disks. It’s a business card which indicates success on every level, and a focused and methodical approach towards achieving his goals. Together, they get the private and aloof Hermit card, meaning that their relationship will take place behind closed doors, and they won’t be inviting the media to any family birthdays or private holidays. The couple likes to keep their private lives private and will take extra care in 2024 to ensure that they’re not photographed on their holidays or followed on a night out.”

Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall close up

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