Prince Louis' 7 most memorable moments of 2023

The young royal has had a fun and cheeky year as we look at his best bits

Prince Louis collage of photos, him holding his nose, pouting, arms stretched out and stuffing his face with marshmallows
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Prince Louis' 7 most memorable moments of 2023 are set to make you smile - from pegging his nose in the royal carriage to his iconic Trooping the Colour fighter jet pose and stuffing his face with toasted S'Mores.

Whether you plan on looking back on 2023 fondly, or can't wait to ring in 2024 while adhering to these New Years' Day superstitions, or remember to say white rabbits on the first day of the month, most families will have made some memories to treasure.

As we come to the end of an action-packed year for the royals, it would only be fitting to do a round-up of Prince Louis' most memorable moments that have captured our hearts.

The Wales youngster has come into his own in 2023. Aside from displaying an added maturity, with the five-year-old attending his first Royal Family carol service, he also took part in his first royal volunteering engagement with the Scouts and made a historical debut attending the Kings' Coronation.

And as royal fans cannot wait to see even more of the 'cheeky' royal over the next 12 months, we've picked out some of his most iconic moments...

1. Prince Louis' is a Trooper

Prince Louis could not contain his excitement on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace as he stood alongside other members of the Royal Family to watch the fly-past during Trooping the Colour on June 17, 2023.

Trooping the Colour is a traditional parade held to mark the British Sovereign's official birthday. It was the first Trooping the Colour held for King Charles III since he ascended to the throne.

Prince Louis stole the limelight with his very own display of actions - from saluting the soldiers as they passed and covering his ears at the roar of the Red Arrows, he did a lot of finger pointing but it was the moment when he thrust his arms out in front mimicking a fighter jet pilot that we were won over.

Prince Louis Trooping the Colour salute, fighter jet pose and pointing

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2. When he wanted more S'Mores

Prince Louis was like a kid in a sweet shop when he attended his first royal engagement, volunteering at the 3rd Upton Scout Group as part of The Big Help Out volunteer event, which was held in honour of the Kings' Coronation.

He joined his family and the other children to make a delicious S'Mores recipe - toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two digestive biscuits as a tasty campfire treat. As he proceeded to chow down several of the tasty treats until couldn't fit any more in his mouth and spun around in a circle with a blissful expression on his face.

“Think it’s safe to say Prince Louis is a huge fan of digestive biscuits and s’mores just like his dad,” a X user tweeted in response to a viral video of Louis’ snack break.

Prince Louis eating marshmallows, Prince Louis with his face stuffed with marshmallows and Prince Louis eating S'Mores

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3. Being a Prince can be tiring

Like most five-year-olds, Prince Louis has bouts of energy but while many kids his age get to sit on the sofa and watch cartoons when they're feeling a little tiresome, it's typical that Prince Louis has a royal engagement to attend and is under the spotlight of the world's media and royal fans.

As it wasn't just any old engagement, it was a piece of history, when he attended King Charles III's Coronation. And no matter how much sleep children get, sitting patiently for a long time can wear most people's patience down, let alone that of a young prince. Louis was spotted yawning several times throughout the day - whether it was in the back of the horse-drawn carriage on its way to Buckingham Palace or while sitting inside Westminster Abbey for the ceremony. Bless him.

Prince Louis yawning in the royal carriage and split screen Prince Louis sat yawning next to Princess Charlotte in Westminster Abbey

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4. Hands on with getting messy

Prince Louis, like most children, loves to get messy (remember those sweet snaps of him covered in paint for his second birthday portraits?). So it comes as no surprise that he loved adding his handprints to the wall of the Scout hut. And adorably he wanted to place his prints next to those his mum Kate had made just moments earlier. Proving he has the closest bond with his mum.

Prince Louis places handprint on wall

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5. Louis being Louis throwing clothes

Kate Middleton took her three children to volunteer at a baby bank in Holyport near Maidenhead to help sort through donations and pack gift bags full of toys for struggling families. Prince George, Charlotte and Louis all enjoyed helping the charity but Prince Louis' was 'being Prince Louis' as fans spotted him lobbing clothes onto the pile that his mum had neatly folded. You can see him in action, at approximately 1 minute and 12 seconds into the YouTube video below.

One fan who goes by the TikTok username Teamwalesfamily shared the clip on the social media platform and captioned it, "Louis being Louis throwing clothes, but he was trying to help, remember he's just a child and has no bad intentions."

While other fans couldn't help but find it funny. One fan wrote, "Expectations versus the reality of folding clothes"

And another fan put, "That's a 5-year-old at work! Lots of energy no organisation!"

And we're sure his intentions to help came from a good place.

6. His King Kong moment

Prince Louis couldn't contain his excitement when picking out toys that he would like to give a child his age - and he picked up the biggest toy of them all - a Monsterverse Godzilla vs Kong 28cm Giant King Kong Figure. As he picked up the toy, he said, "This is a big guy” and the monster wasn't the only indicator of what toys he likes to play with. His Championship toy title belt from WWE World Heavyweight wrestling makes us think it will be carnage in the Wales house this Christmas.

7. His mischievous candlestick moment

Prince Louis made his debut at his mum Kate Middleton's Christmas Carol Concert Together at Christmas. In previous years, the royal was considered too young to attend the service so this year it was a special night for the Wales kids, who attended as a trio.

After posting their letters in a special postbox, they walked into the service holding lit candles. But with Happy Birthday Prince Louis' favourite song, it wasn't long before the youngster made a cheeky stunt by blowing out the candle his smiling sister Princess Charlotte was carrying.

Prince Louis blows out Princess Charlotte's candle at Together at Christmas carol concert

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In other royal news, Prince George, Charlotte and Louis get to open their Christmas presents BEFORE their cousins due to special royal privilege and Kate Middleton shares a previously unseen family snap of her as a child at Christmas and fans are obsessed with this unexpected detail.

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