Royal author and historian believes Prince William and Harry 'will go separate ways' instead of resolving feud

The current family feud is not the first time in royal history that brothers have fallen out

Royal Expert believes Prince William and Harry 'will go separate ways' instead of resolving feud
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While many royal experts are hopeful that Prince William and Prince Harry will end their family feud, one is doubtful that it will ever happen.

The feud between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, which reportedly began back in 2018 and stems from falling outs about Harry's relationship with Meghan and the Sussexes place in the royal family, seems to have no end in sight.

Andrew Morton, a royal historian and author who wrote 'Diana: Her True Story' in 1992 , told the Daily Beast, "“I very much doubt they will be reconciled. There is a lot of wishful thinking about this.”

He said that royal fans should look no further than the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations for confirmation that the family feud has no end in sight, explaining that the brothers couldn’t even be bothered to interact with each other. 

“When the time they spent in London was brief to say the least, there was no suggestion of having dinner or lunch or getting the children together,” he explained, The longer this rift goes on, the more likely it will be that William and Harry “will go their separate ways.” 

Morton also shared that the geographic distance between the family members was a big part of the equation. “They will go their separate ways, and the longer Harry and Meghan stay in America, the more comfortable they will be there,” he added.

The historian makes it clear that Prince Harry and William are not the first brothers in royal history to fall out, comparing the royals with Queen Elizabeth’s father George VI and his elder brother Edward III. 

“George VI adored his brother, like Harry adored William, they were inseparable, but then he abdicated, moved abroad and the relationship was never the same again, William and Harry are in a similar situation.” 

He also thinks that Diana would have been “concerned about the breakdown in the relationship between her children,” but likely would have supported Harry’s unique journey outside of royal life.

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