Rylan Clark-Neal debuts brand new teeth after having his famous veneers removed

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  • Rylan Clark-Neal has by far one of the most famous sets of celebrity teeth, and he debuted his brand new set on Friday—one week after revealing he was having his legendary veneers removed.

    The BBC Radio 2 host confessed he was feeling a little “swollen” following the procedure, but did a brilliant job none-the-less of holding down the fort on Strictly Come Dancing’s sister show, It Takes Two.

    Despite opening the show without a single mention of his gnashers, it didn’t take long for the TV star to bring up the news as he admitted that his mouth was still swollen during a chat with Strictly contestant Tom Fletcher and his professional dancer partner, Amy Dowden.

    Rylan Clark-Neal

    Credit: BBC It Takes Two

    With McFly star Tom reminiscing that the hardest part of this week has been remembering to smile during their “couple’s choice” dance, saying, “I think all through the week, all of my notes from Amy were to smile, that was the hardest bit, it was harder than any of the steps,” Rylan chimed in and agreed.

    “Well, it is at the minute, yeah I tell ya! Still swollen, it’s still swollen,” he confessed.

    Having recently split with his husband, Dan, Rylan, 33, made another shock announcement earlier this week that he was having his famous veneers removed.

    Taking to Twitter, he teased, “After 8 years. It hurts, so much, but sometimes you just have to let go. I’ve taken the decision to say goodbye… to my teeth. New smile imminent.”

    But fans were left a little dissapointed at just how subtle the change is, with one fan tweeting, “Are those Rylan’s new teeth, they just look the same… or I’m I wrong? #ItTakesTwo.”

    Another said, “Rylan just got the same teeth again.”

    Rylan Clark and Dan Neal

    Credit: Getty

    It’s been a turbulent year for Rylan, who is set to divorce his husband after failing to save their marriage after it emerged they were spending time apart following Rylan’s mysterious absence from Radio 2.

    In June he finally revealed the reason for his absence in a heartfelt statement.

    He said, “Following reports about Dan and I spending time apart, I feel I have to speak out – as the way it is being reported is unfair.

    “I have made a number of mistakes which I deeply regret and have inevitably led to the breakdown of our marriage.”

    The former X Factor star confessed he was “seeking help” and added, “I have taken time away from work as I am not in a good place at the moment and am seeking help.

    “I am trying to take each day at a time and would like to thank you to everyone for their support and for respecting our privacy at this time.”