See season 3 on Apple TV: UK release date, cast, and will there be a season 4?

It's dystopia as you've never seen it before

Jason Momoa in season 3 of See on Apple TV
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Where is Baba Voss and will he be making a return in See season 3? Here's what we know so far.

Now into its third season, Apple TV’s See is about to ramp up the post-apocalyptic dystopian action like never before. Season 2 ended with Baba Voss quietly slipping away after an epic battle with the Trivantians and his brother Edo - there were some spectacularly choreographed fight scenes between the tribes, and the brothers. Paris suffered an awful fate at the hands of the wonderfully wicked Sibeth, who is also delighting in her incestuous antics. The anticipation for season 3 is high, and with Peaky Blinders’ Stephen Knight still at the writing helm - it’s bound to be good. Here’s everything we know about the release date, plot, and a possible season 4.

Apple TV is certainly not short of brilliant shows spanning a broad range of genres. One couple’s struggle to conceive a child is told in a hilarious and touching way through Trying - also now into its third season. Also getting everyone talking is Apple TV black comedy Bad Sisters written and starring Sharon Horgan. Whilst those searching more dystopian drama should check out Westworld season 4 found on NOW TV.     

See on Apple TV: UK release date 

See season 3 will be released on Apple TV on 26 August, 2022. Episode 1 will air on this date, with the remaining 7 episodes then airing weekly. The series picks up one year after the events of season 2. 

After the Trivantian battle is over and Edo is dead, Baba is broken and lost. He’s dedicated his life to protecting Kofun and Haniwa, and now they’ve proven to him they can take care of themselves. He also swore he’d never kill his brother, despite their torrid history. With Edo now dead at his hand, Baba questions everything in his life - even his place in Queen Maghra’s life - to whom he has always passionately loved. 

Having spent his entire life fighting and killing, it seems Baba can’t take anymore pain. Although the real reason he left has never been revealed, it is assumed that being physically and emotionally drained, and feeling surplus to requirement, are the reasons he left. 

See on Apple TV: Plot 

Baba Voss will indeed return to Paya from his solitary life, to protect his tribe. A Trivantian scientist - believed to be Jerlamarel’s oldest son - has developed a new and devastating form of sighted weaponry and humanity needs rescuing from it. In wanting to avenge the death of his father, who was blinded and killed by Baba Voss, his weapon will threaten the future the lives rebuilt by the tribes who survived the illness leaving everyone blind. 

The trailer for season 3 shows Baba’s return, before depicting the devastating destruction of this new weaponry - entire towns and cities are turned into piles of rubble. It becomes apparent that Baba will be drawn back into all-out war, and more battles that he’d rather have no part in. It’s expected that he will face more enemies than ever before, both sighted and blind. 

Speaking to The Digital Fix, showrunner and executive producer, Jonathan Tropper spoke of his excitement at season 3 airing. He said “We are thrilled to share this epic final chapter of ‘See,’ which delivers all the intense drama, riveting action, and heartfelt emotion fans have come to expect, as well as what we think is a deeply satisfying conclusion to our story”.  

Hera Hilmar as Queen Maghra in See on Apple TV

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See season 3: Cast 

  • Jason Momoa as Baba Voss 
  • Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane 
  • Hera Hilmar as Maghra Kane
  • Nesta Cooper as Haniwa 
  • Archie Madekwe as Kofun 
  • Eden Epstein as Wren 
  • Christian Camargo as Tamacti Jun 
  • Tom Mison as Lord Harlan 
  • Olivia Cheng as Charlotte 
  • Michael Raymond-James 
  • David Hewlett 
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn 
  • Damaris Lewis

Speaking to Variety, actress Damaris Lewis answered some key questions about working on See. She was asked "how many people are killed in this show? Has anyone tried to count?" The actress replied "well the good part is, in our scenario, someone yells cut. And the get back up". 

She followed this up with "thank god for the stunt crew. This is just a job for us, but it's a reality for some people", while also adding that she had no idea about the real body count - although it would be very high should somebody go through all seasons and make a tally. 

Are any actors in See actually blind?

Yes, many of the cast and crew on See are blind or visually impaired, and the show also has a blindness consultant

According to Fanbyte, blind consultant Joe Strechay - also an associate producer on the show - has involved disabled people throughout the entire 3 season production. Bree Klauser is one of the visually impaired actors appearing in See, who suffers from achromatopsia. Despite undergoing correction for the condition, the actress remains legally blind. Klauser plays an Alkenny tribe member named Matal.

On her happiness at landing the role and being part of the show, Klauser said “It’s really just like unearthing this savage real rawness that’s inside you,” Klausner says. “And it’s from this collective energy. As an actor, to do that with this amazing group of people and feel so connected, it was really such a rush to be a part of. I remember just like being so happy that I was like in tears. I’m like, this is why I do this. This is why I’ve always wanted to do this for a living, to just be a part of storytelling at this level”.

What made everyone blind on See?

A mysterious virus killed nearly all humanity, leaving only 2 million survivors. Of the survivors, all were left blind. The blindness virus was passed maternally with future generations born blind, until it became endemic. 

Blindness in the show is considered normal, and those born sighted are viewed as having an abnormality. Although the realism of this premise has been brought into question, Vulture reports that transmitted blindness could be entirely plausible. A geneticist suggested that viruses can be transmitted during childbirth, or across the placental barrier. If a mother is infected with the blindness virus, so will her baby. If every mother has the virus, it will be passed to every baby - meaning it is highly plausible everyone is still blind centuries later. 

However, it’s been pointed out that all sighted children in See come from the man - here, “man” is the operative word. If all women have the virus, how did Jerlamarel and his babies avoid it and become sighted? Nobody knows how Jerlamarel comes to have vision, and his children were all born to blind mothers. Even if he has a genetic alteration that makes him able to see, that would still be overridden by a mother with the virus passing it on. 

Nesta Cooper as Haniwa in See on Apple TV

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Will there be a season 4 of See? 

No, season 3 is confirmed to be the last season of See, so there will be no season 4

It was officially announced in June 2022 that See would conclude with season 3. However, speculation about the show coming to end began back in November 2021, when executive producer Jonathan Tropper appeared to announce on Instagram, that the final ever scenes had been filmed. 

He said “Today we shot our last shot- a simple blue screen insert of this beautiful baby. In between, the world changed and our lives changed with it, but we somehow still managed to shoot two seasons (16 episodes) of this gigantic show.” He concluded the post with “Sending my love and gratitude to my entire #See family”.

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