The Crown fans spot awkward blunder in season 5 - did you notice it?

Fans of The Crown noticed an awkward mistake in season 5

mistake in The Crown season 5 - Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II wearing a yellow suit in the Crown season 5 on Netflix
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Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a glaring spelling error in the first episode of The Crown season five and they’re not happy with the mistake...

Following The Crown season five’s anticipated premiere on Netflix, after nearly a two-year wait, fans have raced to Twitter to point out a very awkward spelling mistake in the very first episode. 

The fifth and penultimate season of The Crown landed on the streaming platform on November 9th, with its storyline focusing on all the royal events that took place in the early 90s. From Princess Diana’s iconic ‘Revenge Dress’ moment and her relationship with Dodi Fayed to Queen Elizabeth II’s 1992 ‘Annus Horribilis’ speech.  And while fans have been blown away by the uncanny acting performances and the stunning costumes, they’ve also been left baffled and disappointed by this glaring spelling error.

In the first episode of the new season, ‘Queen Victoria Syndrome,’ the Queen (played by Imelda Staunton)  is depicted giving a speech at a dairy farm in Warton Lancashire, with a dairy tanker truck in view in the foreground. 

It was on this truck that fans spotted the spelling issue. On the vehicle, the word ‘Morecombe’ can be seen printed on the side, which could be a reference to the nearby seaside town. However, as locals were quick to point out, the town’s name is actually spelled Morecambe, not ‘Morecombe.’

One viewer took to Twitter to point this out, saying, “First episode of The Crown, buzzing that Morecambe was mentioned… then they spelled it wrong.”

While another tweeted, “The Queen's visit to our near neighbour Morecambe in 1991 features in season 5 of The Crown. Shame they didn't spell it correctly.”

“TheCrown couldn’t be more wrong! Zoom in on the truck. That’s not a correct spelling of Morecambe,” a third also wrote.

BBC Lancashire reporter and radio presenter, Graham Liver was also left very unimpressed, writing, “Never mind the historical inaccuracies of The Crown, they’ve spelled Morecambe wrong!”

Other viewers seemed to forgive the spelling mistake and were pleased with the nod, with one Twitter user saying, “Morecambe getting a shoutout on the crown.”

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