The Pact season 2 ending explained: Everything that happened in the finale of the BBC crime drama

Everything that went down in the drama's second outing

Rakie Ayola as Christine in The Pact season 2
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There were many twists and turns in the season 2 finale of the acclaimed BBC crime drama, and we are here to explain them all.

The Pact season 2 has come to a close, after six thrilling and suspenseful episodes. In this second instalment of the crime drama, Rakie Ayola took the role of social worker Christine Rees, a mother of three trying to rebuild her life after the death of her son Liam. `When a stranger going by the name of named Connor arrived on the scene, he claimed a connection to the family that nobody saw coming. His appearance put in motion a sequence of events causing dark secrets from Christine's past to begin spilling out. The lines between morality and loyalty became blurred, as the lives of Christine and her remaining children spiralled out of control. When Connor is found dead in a building site, did the pact the family made to hide the truth about his death unravel? Read on to find out, as we answer all the burning questions about The Pact season 2 finale. 

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The Pact season 2 ending explained

In the finale, it's revealed that Christine's friend and former colleague Kate, once cared for a pregnant client who suffered from addiction. When the client gave birth, she abandoned her new born baby in the squat where she was living. 

Grappling with issues of her own, Kate asked Christine to step in and help with the complex case. She had missed many appointments with her young and pregnant client, and was concerned for the implications of this on her job. Having had an unhappy childhood herself, Christine was concerned that if the baby ended up in the care system, he'd suffer the same unhappiness she did. Christine decided to take the baby and raise him as her own - naming him Liam. Unbeknown to Christine, Liam's birth mother had another child named Connor - she remained in the dark about his existence until he arrived in her life as an adult, first claiming to her remaining children he was their brother. 

Christine's husband Harry, had been wary over the decision to take Liam in and the circumstances surrounding the way it happened. Although he tried to be supportive, over time he became resentful over it, resulting in the relationship falling apart. It transpires that keeping secrets about Liam's entrance into the family, wasn't the only thing eating away at Harry. When the children find out how Liam came into their lives, newly married Megan's husband Gethin asked Christine "If you can lie about Liam, what about Will and Jamie and Megan?"

Will then realised he'd never seen a photo of Christine pregnant, and Megan spoke about frequent and sudden moves as children, that suddenly seemed suspicious. Although Christine tried to defend herself, asserting all the siblings were biologically hers with the exception of Liam, it turns out they were the same as him after all - Christine had plucked them all from sad and dangerous situations, to raise as her own. It hadn't only been the strain of concealing Liam's true identity that Harry had to live with, it was that Christine had taken all the children against policy and protocol, and none were biologically his. When she realises her circumstances match Liam's, Megan announces "This isn't a family, it's a cult." 

Mali Ann Rees as Megan, Lloyd Everitt as Will, and Aaron Anthony as Jamie in The Pact season 2

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A while later, Christine is back dealing with work problems, specifically Kayla and her new baby. Kayla also suffers addiction, and has made an appointment with Christine to discuss something important with her about Liam. She admits to being with Liam when he died, saying he was very low and in a state of despair. He'd asked Kayla to provide something strong for him, to ease his psychological pain. She'd injected him with drugs as requested, which had resulted in his death.

On hearing the truth, an enraged Christine wanted to get revenge on Kayla, and inflict the same level of suffering on her. Abducting Kayla's baby, Christine heads to a spot she used to take Liam when he was a baby, overlooking the sea. Her children rush to track her down when Kayla raises the alarm, with Megan eventually realising where she could be and heading there. On finding Christine, she takes Kayla's baby from her, just as Will and Jamie arrive to help. While they're distracted, a desperate Christine throws herself off the cliff, leaving her three children devastated.

Mali Ann Rees as Megan and Jordan Wilks as Connor in The Pact season 2

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Who killed Connor and how did he die?

The Pact season 2 finale revealed Christine and Jamie killed Connor - Christine spiked his drink, and Jamie smashed a bottle over his head.

Connor had arrived at the beginning of the season, at first claiming to be a long lost brother to all the siblings - he was really only related to Liam. He had become a malevolent presence in the lives of the remaining Rees siblings, as he continuously turned up in their lives, and demanded answers from them. The situation came to a head in episode 3, when he turned up uninvited to Megan and Gethin’s wedding. Brandishing a USB drive he claimed held damaging evidence about Kate and Christine, he pushed the Rees family over the edge.

Christine drugged his drink to temporarily get rid of him, but Jamie later lost his temper with him and hit him around the head with a bottle. The family came together to make a pact to conceal the circumstances surrounding his death, despite Megan wanting to involve the police. The secret was kept until the season finale, and Christine took her own life. To absolve Jamie of any responsibility over Connor's death, prior to jumping from the cliff she left a voice recording taking responsibility for the GHB in Connor's system, and his subsequent death. 

What happened to Will, Jamie, and Megan?

After Christine's death, Will is facing prison for disposing of Connor's body in the shaft. Jamie sets off for a new life in London with Boyfriend Owain, and Megan and Gethin are looking to adopt a baby.

Just after Christine jumps from the cliff, a desperate Jamie was prevented from following by his siblings. Christine's phone is then found nearby, with the recording of her confession taking full responsibility for Connor's death on it. However, despite Jamie and Christine being responsible for Connor dying, Will is convicted of being an accessory to murder, as his part in concealing the body was found out.

While Jamie and on/off boyfriend Owain decide to make things work and head off to London together, Megan and husband Gethin appear to be happily planning to adopt a child. This presents a full circle moment, as it appears Megan can see the good that came from being "adopted" herself, and the life Christine worked hard to give herself and her siblings which could have been very different otherwise. She is trying to emulate this by giving another child a home, who could also end up in the care system. 


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Will there be a The Pact season 3?

There has currently been no announcement from the BBC about The Pact returning for a season 3. 

The Pact Christine actress Rakie Ayola is the only cast member to appear in both existing season of the anthology series. Speaking to Digital Spy, she appeared open to continuing with a third season. She said "If you think about it, you could have a series where the world blows up and there's nothing left except a blade of grass and if someone wanted to get 17 years out of it, they could." 

She added "But as it is... it's so beautifully formed. So you never know. We shouldn't jinx it. These six episodes are worth investing in because they are fantastic and there really is a story that goes from A to Z."

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