Where is the Pact Series 2 filmed? The real-life Welsh locations revealed

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Where is the Pact Series 2 filmed? The real-life Welsh locations revealed
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After drooling over the BBC One drama's stunning scenery, we're on a mission to track down where The Pact Series Two was filmed. 

With so much amazing TV and movie content being released this autumn, we can't help but get a little fixated on the actual locations behind our recent watches. Whether it's finding out where is The Good Nurse filmed to where is The Repair Shop filmed and where is The Larkins filmed, it's safe to say we love researching the production details after the credits have rolled. 

This is even more so the case when a show or movie provides beautiful scenery, as it does with The Pact Series Two. The BBC One drama returned on October 24 after receiving critical acclaim for its first season last year, much to the excitement of its devout fanbase. Directed by Pete McTighe, the Welsh program sees BAFTA winner Rakie Ayola step into the role of Christine Rees, after nailing her performance as Detective Holland in the first series. Another major change viewers can expect is the introduction of coastal scenes, with the second season being shot predominantly at waterfront spots like Penarth Pier and Llantwit Major. 

So without further do, let's get into it: Here's all you need to know about where The Pact Series Two was filmed. 

Where is The Pact Series 2 filmed? 

The Pact Series Two once again took advantage of South Wales' stunning natural landscape, with many of its scenes being shot outdoors. Unlike Series One, however, its latest season unfolds on the coast, rather than inland. 


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Its creator Pete McTighe explained that this relocation was important for 'contrast', adding, "There’s something beautiful but also wistful and almost tragic about the Welsh coast." Its abundance of weather-beaten cliffs and beaches, in particular, was ideal for achieving this mysterious atmosphere. 

Penarth Pier, which can be found in the Victorian Welsh town of the same name, was arguably a standout location in The Pact Series Two. The idyllic tourist attraction, which was opened in 1898, was loved by producers, viewers, and even cast members. 

"I never knew it existed," Rakie Ayola (Christine Rees) told WhattoWatch. "Working there was a real eye-opener for me and it filled me with joy, but also sadness, because I realised it could have been my childhood. I don’t know why my parents didn’t take us there more when we were kids!"


Penarth Pier

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Rest Bay in Portcrawl, a sandy beach with pretty rock pools, and Southern Down, another waterfront town, were also used for the marine-themed scenes. The rockier Swanbridge Bay Beach in the Vale of Glamorgan also featured in The Pact. 

Will and Samantha's house can be found in Barry, a seaside resort best known as the filming location of Gavin and Stacey. Jordan Wilks, who plays newcomer Connor in The Pact Series Two, revealed the gorgeous beach town was his "favorite" place in the whole series. 

"Obviously living in London it’s a concrete jungle but being in Barry or Cardiff you can drive to the beach and be there in 10 minutes no matter where you are. My favourite location was Marine Drive in Barry. It’s where Will and Samantha’s house is." 

Where is the big house in The Pact? 

The 'big house' in The Pact can be found at Llantwit Major, a beachside town on the Bristol Channel coast. Home to the fictional Rees family, the Gothic-style mansion was discovered by the show's location scouts after Pete McTighe asked for an "isolated house" by the sea. 

"That house is like a private refuge, this atmospheric, mysterious, slightly claustrophobic sanctuary," he explained. "It’s almost like something from a ghost story, which is appropriate because the family is kind of haunted in a way by what has happened to one of their own." 


Llantwit Major

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Where is the Viaduct in The Pact filmed? 

With the breathtaking viaduct in The Pact easily winning the title of its most scenic backdrop, it's no surprise that viewers have been desperate to find out where in Wales the bridge can be found. The one used in the show is actually the Pontsarn Viaduct in Merthyr, the home of the world's first steam locomotive. It was built in the 1860s, has seven spans, and is today listed as a historic structure. 

Wales bridge

Pontsarn Viaduct 

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When was The Pact Series 2 filmed? 

Filming for The Pact Series 2 began in April 2022, after its highly successful first season earned it a second commission. 

In a statement confirming the new on BBC, Gerwyn Evans, Deputy Director of Creative Wales said the series "is filming in and around Wales once again, showcasing our nation as the ideal location to shoot." 

She also explained that "the production will also create more opportunities for trainees, reflecting the Welsh Government’s commitment to boosting skills and talent." 

How many episodes are The Pact Series 2? 

There are just 6 episodes of The Pact Series 2, with the first one premiering on BBC One on Monday, October 24. Each episode will drop weekly at 9pm, with the finale scheduled to air on Monday 28 November. 

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