'Thought I recognised you' - Everything we know about Coronation Street newcomer Noah Olaoye

The ITV soap has a new face on the cobbles and here's why he might look familiar...

Noah Olaoye as Gav in Coronation Street
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Coronation Street has a new star among its cast and fans might be wondering why they recognise the person who plays Gav Adetiba.

The ITV soap, which airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, has aired the arrival of a young lad that Max (Paddy Beaver) meets in prison - inside the Secure Training Centre (STC).

They form an unlikely friendship and viewers will soon see how he becomes a shoulder to lean on for Max.

But while some viewers might not know who he is, TikTok users might think he looks familiar, and that's because he is an internet sensation as we look at all you need to know about Noah Olaoye...

Who plays Gav in Coronation Street?

Gav Adetiba in Coronation Street is played by Noah Olaoye - a TikTok star who goes by the stage name Nunodaman turned actor. Noah, 24, is best known for impersonating Gogglebox star and former Man City footballer Micha Richards and also Match of The Day starring pundit Gary Lineker, and has amassed 297k TikTok followers.

Speaking about joining the cast of the award-winning soap, Noah said, “I’m so excited to be joining the Coronation Street family, such an iconic show and I’m really looking forward to everyone meeting Gav!"

And for those who have tuned in to the soap in recent episodes, following his debut on May 5th, he explained where you might have seen him before, "People know me as the Micah Richards guy, but not many people know that I’m a professional actor, and I’m glad that people are getting to see a different side of me, on a TV screen instead of a phone screen!

He added, "It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve loved every second of it and I hope everyone else does too!”

What's in store for Gav on Coronation Street?

Noah Olaoye, who plays Gav in Coronation Street teased fans saying there will be a "lot of troublemaking" in store for his character in the coming weeks. "Gav is a lovable rogue" he said. "He is not a bully, he is not someone who throws his weight around; he is genuinely a likeable guy but he does have a screw loose. So there is that side to him where people are afraid of him but not because he will push people around the classroom but because he is going to do something slightly unhinged if you get on his wrong side."

"He is a nice guy but don’t mess with him," he added.

"Every friendship will have its ups and downs and I think we will see that with Gav and Max," he said. "There will be a lot of trouble-making and I think Max is just trying to do his time in the STC and get through it whereas Gav’s attitude is 'I might as well have fun while I am here!' Max will definitely tell Gav to chill out!"

"They are similar in some respects but quite different in that regard; Max is trying to keep a level head and Gav is trying to cure his boredom. It’s a very interesting friendship and I am excited to see how people will receive it."

And his acting has been a hit with fans so far.

One fan tweeted, "Hello, loved seeing you make your on screen debut in tonight’s Corrie. Great stuff from you, can’t wait to see what’s coming up with Gav x"

Another fan put, "And just like that, i’m a massive fan of Corrie"

And a third fan joked, "Need to see that Micah laugh in the Rovers"

While a proud fan pointed out, "Gone from hosting the Creators Cup to starring in Corrie in a year! That's mad!"

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Is TikTok star Nunodaman really an actor?

Yes, Nigerian born and Liverpool raised Noah has always been passionate about acting. After appearing in a school play in his teens he decided to take his passion seriously and realised that acting was what he wanted to do with his life. After secondary school Noah went on to achieve a 1st class BA in Acting in 2020, mid pandemic. 

When the world shut down Noah began making TikTok videos as a form of creative expression and it paid off. His content went viral and was hyped by Manchester City and England superstar, Micah.

And Noah has started turning his on-screen debut into TikTok videos


♬ original sound - Noah Olaoye

And his followers have started to realise its him on the soap.

"I knew it was you" one fan wrote.

Another fan put, "Thought I recognised you"

While a third fan added, "Mate I was watching with my mum and I was so confused I didn’t think it was you for a sec 😂😂 fair enough mate"

He recalled the day he got the call telling him he'd landed a part in Corrie, he said, "I remember after the conversation finished, I just stood at the train station for about five minutes trying to take it all in." 

He continued, "From the moment I heard the news and then being here on set, I have really enjoyed every single second of it and just to be part of one of the most iconic shows of all time, just to walk up and down the cobbles, just bumping in to Jack P Shepherd in the canteen… those moments have really been a massive experience for me."

And he's life-long fan of the soap too and if you're looking for something to entertain the kids this half-term, why not book a Coronation Street tour and give them a day to remember.

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