We love the meaning behind Lindsay Lohan's rare baby name, here's why

The Mean Girls actress has welcomed her first child with husband Bader Shammas

Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan gave birth to her first child recently, and her baby's name is extremely rare. The Means Girls actress, 37, and her banker husband Bader Shammas, 36, weren't tempted by one of the more popular baby names, instead opting for one of the most unusual baby names we've ever heard.

"Lindsay Lohan and her financier husband, Bader Shammas, welcomed a beautiful, healthy son named Luai," publicist Leslie Sloane told Entertainment Weekly. "The family is over the moon in love." 

While Luai's exact date of birth is being kept private for now, we reveal everything we know about what his name means and more about Lindsay and Badder's relationship.

What does the name Luai mean?

The Arabic word Luai is a translation that means "strong" or "steady." According to the website iMuslim, which provides a list of Arabic names, it also means "shield" and "protector."

How did Lindsay meet her husband Bader Shammas?

Lindsay met her future husband Bader, who is from Kuwait, after moving to Dubai in 2018. The pair began dating in 2021, after meeting by chance in a Dubai restaurant and chatting for two hours. The actress told Allure magazine: "I said, ‘You look like someone I know.’ He was like, ‘No, I don’t, who?’

"And then I said to him, ‘I feel like you're the person I'm going to be with forever.’ I'd never been able to talk to someone like this.” 

Lindsay announced their engagement just months later on her Instagram account on 11 November, saying "My love. My life. My family. My future." 

And while the couple have kept a relatively low profile during their relationship, the Freaky Friday actress occasionally shares snippets of their time together with her 13.6 million Instagram followers.

The couple married in April 2022, with Lindsay gushing about her new husband in an Instagram post on July 2, 2022. 

She said: "I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time. I am stunned that you are my husband. My life and my everything. ❤️every woman should feel like this everyday."

How did Lindsay Lohan announce her pregnancy?

Lindsay announced to her 13.6 million Instagram followers on March 14, 2023 that she was pregnant with her first child. She shared a photo of a babygro with the words 'coming soon' and a cute caption: 'We are blessed and excited!'

Lindsay's father Michael told the Daily Mail that his daughter would make an unbelievable mum, adding: "She’s waited a while but everything is coming at the right time. 

“It’s so amazing to welcome another grandchild into the world. It’s a totally new chapter in her life.”

Badar proposed to Lindsay in Utah, where she was filming the Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, according to Allure magazine.

In May 2023, Lindsay shared photos of her babymoon holiday in Oman at the Six Senses Zighy Bay resort in Musandam on her Instagram account.

Who is Bader Shammas, Lindsay Lohan's husband?

Bader keeps a relatively low profile (his Instagram profile is private) but according to his LinkedIn page, which has now been deleted, he works for Credit Suisse's International Wealth Management division in Dubai as an Assistant Vice President. He's been at the bank for over three years, and before that he worked in wealth management in the UAE and Kuwait.

He studied at both the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida, doing courses in finance and mechanical engineering.

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