Has Steve Wright left Radio 2 and who has replaced him?

The radio presenter announced he would be leaving the station in July 2022

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After almost 24 years on the afternoon show, many are asking has Steve Wright left Radio 2 and who has taken over his slot?

Steve Wright is loved by listeners up and down the country for both his weekday show and Sunday Love Songs. When he announced his plans to leave the afternoon slot this year, many were dying to know why he is leaving, as well as when his final show will be.

The end of Steve Wright in the Afternoon is part of a wider shake up on BBC Radio that has seen many high profile presenters depart from their established shows. Listeners have been equally curious to know who is replacing Scott Mills and when he will start Radio 2 as well, but now that the new weekday afternoon show is well underway, many are asking has Steve Wright left Radio 2?

Has Steve Wright left Radio 2?

No, Steve Wright hasn't left BBC Radio 2. Although his last afternoon show on aired on Friday 30 September 2022, he still has his Sunday morning slot for Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, which airs 9am - 11am weekly.

He announced the news that he would be 'taking a break from daytime radio' live on air back in July. Explaining the decision to leave, Wright said "At the end of September, I'll be taking a break from daytime radio. In other words, stepping down from this programme. At the beginning of this year, my friend and boss Helen Thomas, head of Radio 2, said she wanted to do something different in the afternoons."

He added, "I've been doing this programme for 24 years at Radio 2, and so how can I possibly complain? The support and creative freedom I'm given are fantastic at Radio 2, and really I can't hold the slot forever. So let's give somebody else ago."

How long has Steve Wright been on Radio 2 for?

Steve Wright first joined BBC Radio 2 in April 1996, presenting two shows: Steve Wright's Saturday Show - a morning show of celebrity interviews and music - and Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, which is still going today.

In 1999, Wright moved to weekdays with his Steve Wright in the Afternoon show, which he has presented for nearly 24 years.

Loyal listeners and fans expressed their disappointment when it was announced that the radio legend was leaving the afternoon slot. One Twitter user wrote, "Can anyone tell me why Steve Wright in the Afternoon is being taken off Radio 2? I’m camping with my daughter and grandson and the topic came up. We all think he’s brilliant."

Fellow broadcasters Jeremy Vine and Piers Morgan also showed their support, with Vine describing the presenter as an "innovator, entertainer, complete and utter professional," while Morgan tweeted "Congrats to Steve Wright on a dazzlingly successful 23-year run."

Who has replaced Steve Wright on Radio 2?

Former BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills has taken over from Steve Wright on Radio 2. Mills' first show on the station launched on Monday 31 October 2022.

He presented his final Radio 1 show on Thursday 25 September, after he and his co-star Chris Stark announced their plans to leave Radio 1 in July.

In an interview with The Sun, Mills admitted he was nervous about taking over from Wright. He said: "It is a big act to follow. I’ve been in denial for the past two months, but now I’ve done my last charts show and have four more shows left on Radio 1. It’s all becoming real and I’m sure I’ll cry. I don’t know what’s planned for my last day, I prefer it that way.

"I’ve spent a quarter of my life, if I’m lucky, on Radio 1 and have a massive step ahead but I’m excited.”

Scott Mills is being replaced on BBC Radio 1 by Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth.

Where is Steve Wright going next?

Steve Wright will continue to work for the BBC on other projects and he will continue to present Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs every week.

When Wright announced his departure, he said, "The great news is onwards and upwards. I'm staying at the BBC and Radio 2 to do some very exciting brand new digital projects and develop new podcasts, some of which will actually feature elements of Steve Wright in the afternoon."

He went on to say: "So plenty for me to do and I'm a happy bunny, but I know when the time comes in the autumn to say goodbye to this show and miss you, but trust me, you'll be in good hands."

Steve Wright net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steve Wright's net worth is $6million (that's £5million).

In July 2022, the BBC published a list of their top star's salaries, which showed that Steve Wright makes £450,000-£454,999 annually.

He was the fourth name on the list, below Gary Lineker, Zoe Ball and Alan Shearer, and just above Stephen Nolan.

Scott Mills, who will soon take over from Wright, was the ninth name on the list, with an annual salary of £400,000-£404,999.

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