Where is Bridgerton filmed and what time period is it set in?

Awe-worthy palaces, ballrooms and grandeur galore - many fans are wondering where is Bridgerton filmed and what era is it set in?

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Palaces, ballrooms and grandeur galore - many fans are wondering where is Bridgerton filmed and what era is it set in?

March 2022 proved to be an exciting month for Netflix audiences as fans of period drama Bridgerton were FINALLY reunited with Lady Whistledown and tales from the ton. The romantic series had everyone gripped when it was released on Christmas Day 2020. With viewers taken by both the storyline and it's clever classical spins on pop songs - which continues in the Bridgerton season 2 soundtrack.

Music and action aside, fans have also become obsessed by the beautiful historic buildings and settings that appear in the show. The first series was filmed in around 100 locations, many of which can be visited in real life. And whilst we enjoy the new Bridgerton season 2 cast members - minus the Duke of Hastings - we thought we'd share the exact locations where the show has been filmed.

Where is Bridgerton filmed?

Most of Bridgerton is filmed in Bath. However, they also use other locations across the UK including London, Hertfordshire, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Surrey. A lot of these filming locations are historical stately homes, some of which have also featured in The Crown.

The series explores the lives of the city’s well-to-do in the neighbourhood of Mayfair. But while the majority of scenes were shot in London, most were actually filmed outside of the capital.

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Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton, has revealed that Hatfield House in Hertfordshire was her favourite filming location. The exterior, the West Garden, the Marble Hall and the Library of Hatfield were all used for Bridgerton filming. Though it's also been the setting for other popular films including The Favourite starring Olivia Coleman and Netflix film Rebecca.

Olivia Coleman fan Nicola said: “We shot at Hatfield House, which was the house that they filmed The Favourite in. I did sneak upstairs because I wanted to see Olivia Colman’s room. I was trying to rub the walls so that her acting talent would rub onto me!”

Where is Bridgerton house filmed?

The exterior of the Bridgerton family’s Grosvenor Square mansion is filmed at Ranger's House in Greenwich, South East London. At the time Bridgerton is set, the Georgian villa was inhabited by King George III’s sister, Princess Augusta. Though today, the plush residence is run by English Heritage.

Built in 1722, Ranger House houses a world-class art collection, including medieval sculptures, ornate jewellery and fine French tapestries. For the property’s appearance in Bridgerton, wisteria and ivy were added to the exterior to give it a more enchanting appearance.

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The interiors of the Bridgerton family house were filmed at RAF Halton — one of the UK's largest Royal Air Force stations — in Buckinghamshire. The scenes featuring the grand hall, stairs, hallway, and smoking room were all filmed here. 

The same location was also used to film some of the Featherington house interiors. Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings' wedding reception was also filmed there. RAF Halton has been used by the military since 1913 and has also been used in Downton Abbey and The King's Speech.

Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony Bridgerton, revealed his experience of filming in such stunning locations:

“We went around these amazing National Trust sites and filmed in places that I’d lived near," he said. "In Greenwich Rangers Lodge, which was literally a four minute walk away from where I used to live. We filmed just off Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace. It was just amazing.”

Where is the Duke’s house in Bridgerton filmed?

The Duke of Hastings' residence Clyvedon Castle - where he and Daphne move in together after their wedding - was filmed in Wilton House, Syon House, Castle Howard and Badminton House. The 18th Century estate Castle Howard in York is what fans will recognise as the exterior of the Duke's house. 

The portrait hall, hallway, dining room and entrance hall were all shot at Wilton House in Salisbury. Whilst the study and dressing room of the Duke of Hastings were filmed at Syon House in London. Badminton House in Gloucestershire was also used for the interior shots of Clyvedon castle, including the Duke’s parlour and mornings rooms. 

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Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton, has revealed that her first ever Bridgerton scene was filmed in the fictional Clyvedon castle. And it was for one of the racier scenes of the series.

She explained: “My first-ever scene was in episode six, where Simon is going down on Daphne. And it was so great, because it felt safe and fun: you choreograph it like a stunt, or a dance.”

Where is the Queen's house in Bridgerton?

Hampton Court Palace in Richmond is the real-life residence of Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton. The 47,000 square metre palace just off the River Thames was once owned by King Henry VIII. Making it the perfect setting for the show's royal character.

Whilst the Grade 1 listed Hampton Court Palace - built in the 1500s - makes up the exterior of Queen Charlotte's home, another period propety was used for interior scenes. Wilton House - aka the Duke of Hastings' estate - also provided the backdrop for her bedroom, parlour and garden. Whilst the house's Single Cube Room with it's plush ivory and gold decorations played host to Queen Charlotte's throne room.

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Queen Charlotte was a real-life royal who was married to King George III. And her portrayal on the show has proven quite accurate, with the Bridgerton Queen who snorts snuff known for her habit back in the day.

She wed her husband aged 17 and within six hours of meeting him on 8 September 1761. But while the series' Queen Charlotte (played by Golda Rosheuvel) lived in Hampton Court Palace, the real Queen resided at Buckingham Palace.

Where were the ball scenes in Bridgerton filmed?

Most of the ball scenes were shot among the different rooms at Leigh Court - a 19th-century historic property 45 minutes west of Bath. However, other Bridgerton balls were filmed in the Assembly Rooms’ Ball Room and the Guildhall Banqueting Room in Bath. And the first ball of the season was filmed at the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath.

Production designer Will Hughes-Jones revealed how they shot the balls:

“We shot three balls in three days," he said. "Those three - the Ingenue Ball [episode 3], which was the blue and white one with the big staircase, the Crystal Ball [episode 2], which was the one with obviously lots of crystal in it. And the Bird Ball [episode 3] with terracotta walls and a bird theme with live birds who were very loud during filming - were all done in one building at Leigh Court in Bristol.”

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Where are the street scenes in Bridgerton filmed?

Like most of the series, the streets of Bath provided many of the filming locations for Bridgerton's street scenes. The city’s Royal Crescent was the location for the exterior shots of Grosvenor Square and the Featherington house. The dressmaker and tea shop we see in series one are also located in Bath.

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Away from Mayfair, the run-down London streets are filmed at Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent. This is also where Simon and Will’s boxing matches were filmed. And the scenes where Daphne gets to know the villagers at Clyvedon Village, after she moves in with Simon, were filmed in Coneysthorpe in Yorkshire.

As for the outdoor spaces in Bridgerton, Surrey’s Painshill Park features as Primrose Hill in the series and Stowe Park in Buckinghamshire was used to depict Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Several outdoor scenes were also filmed at Windsor Great Park.

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What time period is Bridgerton set in?

Bridgerton is set in the year 1813, which puts it in the Regency era. This was when Great Britain and Ireland were coming to the end of the Georgian era. Regency is originally a political term used to describe when a person was appointed to administer the affairs of the country during the minority, absence or incapacity of the sovereign.

Regé-Jean Page, who played the Duke of Hastings in series one, has spoken about the time period of the series. He said: “You realise that these characters are dealing with very 21st-century problems in the show.

“People have always had the same desires and needs, no matter whether it’s 200 years ago or now. It’s just dressed up in different clothes and shaped by different societal restrictions

“We’re seeing this Regency romance through a feminist lens, examining what masculinity means for a broken antihero like my character. And how he can then allow himself to change and be loved.”

Fans of period dramas like Bridgerton might want to tune in to Hotel Portofino.

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