Where is Celebrity Masterchef filmed? 2022 filming location of BBC show

The current and future filming location for the iconic food reality show

John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen
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We've revealed where Celebrity Masterchef is filmed in 2022 - plus what we know of the confirmed new location change in 2024.

Celebrity Masterchef is back with a bang, with the first round of celebrities taking to the kitchen to showcase their culinary skills. This year's line-up of Celebrity Masterchef 2022 contestants (opens in new tab) appear to already be a fantastic source of entertainment - with viewers divided over Nancy Dell'Olio's attempts to *cook* coleslaw in the opening episode. 

With the show underway, we reveal the current, and future new filming locations for the long-running BBC favourite reality show. If you want a recap of what’s happened so far - beware of spoilers - we’ve got an overview of who left Celebrity Masterchef (opens in new tab). And whilst the filming location might be different in the future, fans needn’t worry that the presenters have changed - John Torode and Gregg Wallace (opens in new tab) are still at the helm for food-related banter. 

Where is Celebrity Masterchef filmed? 

Celebrity Masterchef is currently filmed at 3 Mills Studio in East London. The show has been filmed at the studio since 2014 which is based between the West Ham and Bromley-By-Bow tube stations in Newham. 

3 Mills Studio (opens in new tab) lies in the heart of London’s creative community, playing host to many film, TV and stage productions. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Hulu’s The Great (opens in new tab), and Sky Atlantic’s The Third Day have been filmed there.

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The space is frequented by big names including Danny Boyle and Terence Davies, who have used the studios numerous times. Multitudes of television commercials and music videos have been shot at the inspiring space, which has 9 filming stages, 11 theatre rehearsal spaces, and over 75,000 square feet of filming space. 

Celebrity Masterchef: 2024 filming

From 2024, Celebrity Masterchef will be filmed in Birmingham, at the new Digbeth Loc studios. The studios were founded by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. 

This is the first time the show will have been filmed outside of its regular London home at 3 Mills Studio. A 6-year deal with the studios will see other Masterchef spinoffs such as MasterChef: The Professionals, and Celebrity MasterChef, also be filmed at the Birmingham location. 

Speaking to I Am Birmingham (opens in new tab), Strategic Director for Place, Prosperity and Sustainability at Birmingham City Council Paul Kitson, spoke about the boost the move would give to regenerating Birmingham. He said “Digbeth is a fantastic part of our great city, boldly showcasing everything great about our past, present and future – it really is one of the leading creative quarters, not just in the UK, but internationally”.

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Masterchef UK: Behind-the-scenes secrets 

  • Filming begins early at 7.30am and continues until around 8pm. Finish times can even be 11pm during the finals. Setting up shots takes time, meaning a lot of waiting around for contestants happens.  
  • When cooking their own dishes, contestants give producers their recipes in advance, to ensure ingredients are available. Although it looks like they're rushed into starting to cook, they're actually given plenty of time to set up and find what they need.
  • Meals made by the contestants are usually cold when judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace taste them. The pair sample the food while it is being cooked, which is not shown on air. 
  • To avoid waste, the crew are allowed to eat anything left over.
  • During the invention test, contestants legitimately don't know which ingredients they'll be dealing with, meaning they have no advance planning.
  • There is sometimes a gap of several months between filming the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Contestants have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising not to reveal any details during the wait.    
  • Gregg Wallace's weight loss (opens in new tab) in recent years has impacted his role on the show. His cholesterol was high, and his Dr recommended it. His Dr even recommended he chewed and spat out the food, to avoid ingesting too many calories and harmful food that could increase his cholesterol.

Danny Jones, Nancy Dell'Olio, Paul Chuckle, Faye Winter, and Kae Kurd in Celebrity Masterchef 2022

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When is Celebrity Masterchef usually filmed? 

Celebrity Masterchef can be filmed up to 6 months in advance. The show is always filmed a few months in advance, and the non-disclosure agreement contestants sign means they are unable to reveal they are taking part until an agreed time.

This means it isn’t always clear when the series is filmed, as nobody involved can give it away. The show is usually filmed in advance to enable the celebrities to take part. Filming over several months and in advance of the air date, minimises schedule clashes. Most of the celebrities are unable to commit to taking a large chunk of time away from work for filming. 

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