Where is Love in the Villa filmed? Locations of the Netflix rom com

Find out all the stunning filming locations fans would love to visit.

Love in the Villa filmed
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With its stunning backdrops and romantic plot, viewers are asking where was Love in the Villa filmed?

Following in the success of recent hit Netflix films I Came By, Rogue Agent and Look Both Ways, comes new rom com Love in the Villa. The story follows Julie, who is Romeo and Juliet obsessed - as she travels to Verona in Italy alone after her long-term boyfriend, Brandon, dumps her before the big trip they had planned. Upon arriving, Julie (played by Kat Graham) is dismayed to discover that her Airbnb has been double booked and she has to share with a man called Charlie (played by Tom Hopper).

While the two initially butt heads and try to push the other out of the villa, romance soon blossoms and the pair discover the city of Verona together, while falling in love. Set in a stunning Italian city filled with romantic sights, many want to know if Love in the Villa was filmed in Verona and whether they can stay in the villa in real life. We share all the filming locations and details.

Where is Love in the Villa filmed?

Love in The Villa was filmed on location in Verona, Italy, which is where the film is set. Located in Northern Italy, west of Venice, the city is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The villa that Julie and Charles share in the film was filmed at Casa di Giulietta, otherwise known as Juliet's house. The small courtyard where there is a statue of Juliet - and where you can see the famous balcony in which she spoke to Romeo - is also featured in the film.

Other filming locations included the Ponte Pietra, a Roman arch bridge that crosses the Adige River, and Valerio Catullo Airport at 37066 Caselle Province of Verona

Also serving as a prominent production locations for the rom-com were several squares across the city, including Piazza Bra, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazzetta Sant’Eufemia, Piazza Francesco Viviani, Piazzetta San Giorgio, Piazza Brà Molinari, and Piazzetta Santi Apostoli.

The crew were also spotted recording many pivotal exterior scenes on different streets across Verona. They included Via Pellicciai, Via Madonna del Terraglio, Via Leoncino, Via dei Gelsi, Lungadige Cangrande, Vicolo Santa Cecilia, Campagnola, and the Capuleti riverfront.

And Julie and Charlie's romantic picnic scene was filmed West of Verona, in Lake Garda - the largest Lake in Italy.

Is the villa in Love in the Villa real?

Unfortunately, Charlie and Julie's villa is not real. However, Casa di Giulietta, where it was filmed, is very much a real place - one of the most famous in Verona.

The gothic style 1300s house, which is said to have inspired Shakespeare’s writing of Romeo and Juliet, is a museum located at Via Cappello, 23 in Verona. You can visit the house and it is open to all tourists in Verona.

The house has become a symbol of love, with many fans eager to see the ‘Juliet Balcony,’ which overlooks the inner courtyard.

Love in the Villa filmed

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When was Love in the Villa filmed?

Love in the Villa began filming in September 2021 and wrapped up in November 2021. Kat Graham, who plays Julie, said of filming: "It was so great. Everyone was on their A-game, and it was hilarious. It was the funniest. Everything was super memorable. I remember everything super vividly."

She added: "This was actually one of those experiences where everything was perfect. It was honestly the most perfect thing ever."

Love in the Villa filmed

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While Tom Hopper, who plays Charlie added: "It feels so rich in my mind, the movie. I'm also someone who very rarely wants to watch something that I've done. I'm not a big fan of watching myself and watching back a movie.

"That's the experience I had, and I want to remember it like that, rather than the edit it becomes. But for this one, I was so excited to watch it. More than anything, to go back there [and] relive it, because I had such a great time."

Kat also revealed how getting the part in the film was written in the stars for her. She said: "Verona was already my favorite place in the world, which is also really strange. I had had a break-up and we got back together in Verona. And then two years later, I get this film. My ex-fiance's name, he went by Brandon. I don't even call it a wink from God. It was more like a like an aggressive shove."

Love in the Villa: Behind-the-scenes filming

Many of the cast members have shared behind the scenes filming shots on their Instragram accounts, showing what it was like to film in the picturesque city of Verona.

Actress Kat Graham shared an appreciation post on the final day of filming on November 7, 2021. She hailed her experience as "nothing short of magical", sharing a photo of her posing alongside co-star Tom Hopper and director Mark Steven Johnson.

Leading man Tom Hopper shared a few shots of him enjoying the film's stunning location whilst there filming. In one black and white photo, he is seen enjoying a drink. The post's caption reads: "In love with Verona."

Love in the Villa: Reviews

Reviews for Love in the Villa have been mixed and sadly, so far more has more negative than positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 46% rating on their Tomatometer, describing it as, "Manufactured in the worst way possible, Love in the Villa hopes to capitalize on audience's love for romance and exotic locations without doing any of the necessary legwork."


Erin E. Gross of fangirlish.com compliments leading stars Kat Graham and Tom Hopper on their on-screen chemistry, saying: "They have an undeniable chemistry. From the simple moments to the heightened ones, these two move in a way that makes you believe that they could be a real life couple. It’s fun to watch and keeps you in the world of the movie. It keeps you wanting to see more of what is happening."

And Brittany Witherspoon of Screenrant.com rated it 3 stars and commented: "While it doesn’t break any genre barriers, Love in the Villa has the right amount of levity and romance, even when the story becomes unrealistic. With all the right tropes and just enough cheesiness that a story like this deserves, Love in the Villa is a fun rom-com capable of entertaining and gifting its viewers with the perfect amount of romance."


The Guardian's Adrian Horton rated the film just 2 stars and dubbed it: "an immediately forgettable Netflix romcom."

Another 2 star rating came from Digital Spy's Gabriella Geisinger, who said: "There are typical dumb American tourist moments that butt up against stereotypes of Italians in a way in which no one comes out feeling good about themselves, but nor are they amusing enough to allow us to laugh at ourselves."

A 2.5 star rating came from Louie Fecou from readysteadycut.com, who commented: "Let’s face it, it’s hard not to get Verona wrong in this kind of thing, but the sparring between the two often comes across as forced and often annoying. The humor, banter, and wordplay fall a little flat."

Nelson Acosta of fictionhorizon.com rated the film a meagre 4/10 and said: "Love in the Villa feels dated, and it is too predictable to be entertaining. The consistency in quality of the output is just not good enough. People want more Stranger Things and less Love in the Villa."

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