Where is Echoes filmed? Real locations of the Netflix thriller series

The new Netflix mini series may have a terrifying plot but the scenery is stunning, leaving fans to wonder, 'where is Echoes filmed?'

Where is Echoes filmed? Real locations of the Netflix thriller series
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The charming rural setting of Netflix's new mini series has fans wondering 'where is Echoes filmed? and seeking answers as to what when down in the Echoes ending.

Netflix has been releasing hit show after hit show recently, all of which have sent fans into research frenzies, with viewers furiously trying to find out more about their favourite shows. Films and shows like Never Have I Ever (seriously, is Paxton coming back?), Keep Breathing, Day Shift, and Echoes all have fans on edge and wanting to know more - like, where is Echoes filmed? Luckily for you, we have the answers.

Netflix's new seven-episode Australian thriller series, Echoes, features Michelle Monaghan in the two-for-one lead role playing a pair of identical twin sisters who regularly swap lives. 

Since childhood, Leni and Gina have secretly swapped their identities to their liking, allowing them both to lead double lives as adults. Already it sounds like a strange story as the pair share two homes, two husbands, and a child, but things get darker, quickly. The twins’ scheme turns upside down when one of them goes missing, thrusting the family into mystery. 

Much of Echoes takes place in the woods and on a farm, both boasting uninterrupted rural views that have fans asking whether the locations featured are real or if they were created specifically for this fictional thriller - so where is Echoes filmed?

Where is Echoes filmed?

Although Echoes is set in rural West Virginia, the show was shot in Los Angeles, Paris, California, France, and the harrowing apple blossom trees seen in the debut episode are actually located in Wilmington, North Carolina

Echoes was mainly shot in the town of Southport in Wilmington, which, as of writing, is home to just a little over 3,000 residents. The town prefers a quieter way of life, with shopping, dining, history, and simply enjoying a waterfront breeze are all celebrated on a daily basis. 

The town's visitors guide states, "While it’s tempting to just find a shaded front porch, settle in, and admire the view – a popular local pastime – there’s miles of fun to be discovered."

Wilmington is a stunning port city located in the along the eaten coast of North Carolina and is widely known for its civil war history. The historic buildings boast blissful architecture, with art stores, river walks and boutiques selling vintage coastal treasures lining the streets to give visitors a taste for port-living.

According to Director Reports, the Echoes team set up a production camp in Screen Gems Studios at 1223 North 23rd Street, Wilmington. The studio covered a huge space that made it more than a suitable shooting place for the Netflix thriller series.

During October 2021, the cast and crew members were also spotted in Hollywood. Filming reportedly took place only in the neighbourhood of Hollywood while the Sunset Strip and some local stores were used for shooting.

When was Echoes filmed?

Filming for Echoes commenced in late August 2021 and wrapped up in January 2022. The show was released on Friday 19th August and currently has no 'critics consensus' on Rotten Tomatoes.

Echoes: Behind the Scenes filming

Speaking to Distractify, actress Alise Willis, who has roots in the midwest, admitted that filming in the south was a “bit of a culture shock.” The Echoes actress told Distractify, “I've lived in New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, [and] Chicago. Even though I'm from a small town, I'm a city girl. And it [Wilmington] was like one of these little picture book towns, you know? Very warm, friendly people. [It was] just a great experience overall.’’

Upon the shows release, Willis took to Instagram to further talk about her experience. She wrote, "Today is the DAY! Premier Day!!! Echoes is out NOW on @netflix. What a beautiful journey it has been. I don’t even have words for what I feel at the moment. Blessed, excited, and thrilled resonates with me heavily, but grateful is the word that clings to my heart the most."

Matt Bomber too took to social media, praising his co-stars for their hard work on the thriller series. He wrote, "@michellemonaghan put in twice the work on this one- and it was incredible to witness her work, along with the rest of this phenomenal cast and creative team. I can’t wait for you all to see this one!"

Where is Echoes set?

The majority of Echoes is set in Mount Echo in Virginia. The fictional town of Mount Echo is where series leads Gina and Leni grew up and where Leni and Jack continue to live on a horse farm. Gina and Leni’s father, Victor, also remained in Mount Echo with their other sister Claudia.

While there is a real Mount Echo, an unincorporated community in Ohio County, West Virginia, Echoes' Mount Echo is not set there. 

Parts of the show also take place in Los Angeles, California where Gina moved with her husband, Charlie. 

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