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Janice McAfee now, third wife of John McAfee, reacts as she speaks to media as she leaves the Brians 2 prison where her husband was found dead in his prison cell after the Spanish high court had authorised his extradition to the U.S
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Her life is just as crazy as her husband’s as we delve into the life of Janice McAfee

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for another fascinating documentary that has to be seen to be believed. Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee charts the craziness behind what happened to John McAfee - the man behind the well known anti-virus software. The show uncovers the less documented parts of his life that saw him run for President, and chased by Belizean authorities for murder. Though it turns out that McAfee’s wife Janice, had an equally colourful life. Following his untimely death and interviews in the documentary, we uncover where Janice McAfee is now, and everything there is to know about her.   

There’s been a run of jaw-dropping documentaries from Netflix recently, and it looks like they’re not letting up. From the story of hitchhiker Kai Lawrence in The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker to the tale of  Anthony Templet - the teen who murdered his father, in I Just Killed My Dad.

Where is Janice McAfee now? 

It is believed that Janice McAfee is currently residing in Spain - the same country where her husband John McAfee died in June 2021. Her assumed current whereabouts is based on an Instagram post she shared, detailing the belief her life was at risk if she left the country. 

On December 10, 2021, she shared a calm picture of the beach, writing “Since John's death there has been an effort to guarantee I would not make it to my next birthday although I believe the ultimate goal is to ensure that I do not leave Spain alive”.

She continued to say “the investigation into John's death continues its tediously slow crawl to a conclusion which is keeping me in Spain because they won't release John's remains until the investigation closes. Allegedly this is procedure. Obviously the dragging out of the investigation is meant to keep us from finding out what happened to John and I also believe it's meant to keep me here in Spain”. 

Having also shared on Twitter that this part of the investigation is happening in September 2022, it is believed she must still be in Spain.

How long were John and Janice McAfee married? 

John and Janice McAfee were married for 8 years. The couple married in 2013, and remained married until John’s death in 2021. 

Janice expressed her shock and sadness at her husband’s untimely death, on her Instagram account. In the aftermath, the bereaved wife wrote “Thirty days today. I still cannot believe he is gone. Everyday I wake up hoping it's not true, that it was just a bad dream. No such luck. I miss you terribly John”.

She has always maintained her husband would not have taken his own life. She offered what appeared to her to be proof that John was doing well in prison, and looking forward to being reunited with her - by sharing a note he’d written her from prison. 

In scrawly handwriting, the note read “I love you Janice. Do not worry about me, I’m fine. I know how to survive in here. Be strong for me. I will call when I can”.

Janice and John McAfee relationship history

Janice and John McAfee met in 2012, when Janice was working as a prostitute in South Beach, Florida. John had initially hired Janice for sex, and Janice was alleged to have ulterior motives for having him as a client. 

According to Newsweek, when Janice progressed from being paid to have sex with John, to being his gilfriend, her pimp found out the multi-millionaire really was. Spotting an opportunity, Janice’s pimp introduced her to Cartel bosses plotting to kill John, and she acted as a spy - passing information about him for more money for herself and her pimp.

The two married in 2013, and Janice continued to spy on John for the Cartel, later saying she was in love with him but too scared of disobeying them to stop what she was doing. It was also alleged she was encouraged to poison John, also while trying to hint at what she was being forced to do - to keep him safe. Her secret was revealed, but John forgave her and apparently said he understood her difficult situation.

The couple then relocated to Tennessee, where John saw to it that a team of bodyguards and a security team ensured their 24 hour safety. In 2019, the two were arrested in the Dominican Republic for possession of firearms - all charges were dropped. In 2020, John faced Spanish authorities on tax evasion charges. Detained in Spain, John died in custody on June 23, 2021. 

John McAfee, from left, and his wife, Janice Dyson, speak with Jai Hudes during the C2SV Technology Conference

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 Janice McAfee net worth 

It's estimated that Janice McAfee has a net worth of between $1m - $4m USD. Although John McAfee's wealth at one time stood around $100 million USD, that money is thought to have dwindled significantly with the controversies surrounding him.

The financial toll John's lifestyle put on his financial situation, saw him lose much of his fortune in 2009. He made headlines for losing $96 million from his $100 million fortune during that year.

It's been reported by Celeb Suburb that John's surviving assets should be taken into account when calculating Janice's net worth. She could be in possession of his oceanfront Hawaii mansion, a Cessna private jet, a 157-acre ranch located in New Mexico, various works of art, and luxury cars. It is unknown whether Janice has taken ownership of these items, or is able to use them. 


Who were McAfee's other wives? 

John McAfee's first wife was an undergraduate student he met while gaining a doctorate at Northeast Louisiana State College. Her name and current whereabouts are unknown.  

It he thought he married the mystery woman around 1968, leading to his expulsion from the college. He married his second wife Judy - a flight attendant - around 1987, divorcing in 2002. Janice was John's third wife, and there was a 38 year age gap between the two. John has also alleged that he has 47 children.

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