Where is The Good Nurse filmed? Real life filming locations of the Netflix film

We take a tour around all The Good Nurse filming spots just in time for Halloween

Where is The Good Nurse filmed? Real life filming locations of the Netflix film
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Folks are wondering where was The Good Nurse filmed as the gripping thriller drops on Netflix – and perhaps more importantly, if any of its locations are open to the public. 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already devoured all of the US streaming platform’s true-crime content and are now diligently researching the background details about your recent watches. The Good Nurse, which is based on a true story, is one of the latest movies to get this postmortem treatment – as we grapple for more information on where Charles Cullen is now and the disturbing events that inspired the 2022 Netflix thriller. For  viewers wanting a recap of the film's haunting conclusion and other burning questions answered, we have The Good Nurse ending explained to get you caught up.

If you haven't already lost sleep from The Watcher ending or the true story behind The Stranger, then finding out where was The Good Nurse filmed might just be safe to do. 

Where is The Good Nurse filmed?

The Good Nurse was filmed primarily in the state of Connecticut, America, despite most of Cullen’s real-life crimes taking place in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

The land of Fairfield County was heavily used for the movie’s principal photography, with Connecticut's second-largest city, Stamford, serving up the majority of its outdoor backdrop.


Stamford, Connecticut 

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In a statement issued in April 2021, the Stamford Chamber of Commerce confirmed that The Good Nurse would be shooting in the area. 

It explained that ‘the film production has focused on keeping everything local’, adding that ‘the majority of the production crew’ were staying in Stamford hotels. It’s understood that the VIP presence was generally positive for the business, aside from a few minor traffic delays in some parts of the city. 

The Good Nurse was also filmed in Norwalk, a coastal city in Fairfield County, after one of its location scouts discovered it offered an 'incredible' space for shooting. According to local realtor Bob Virgulak, the production used "one large office space" in the area after falling in love with its dated interior. 

Good Nurse

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"What they liked about it was the different hallways – the hallways and bathrooms. It looked like it fit that era, I guess maybe mid-early 90s," he said. 

The Good Place also recorded footage in Darien, another waterfront spot in Connecticut. Scenes were reportedly shot in Pennsylvania and New Jersey too, but it remains unclear which parts took place in these states. 

When was The Good Nurse filmed?

Filming of The Good Nurse began on April 12, 2021, in Stamford, Connecticut, and wrapped on 14 June, 2021. The thriller had been in the pipeline for quite some time however, with plans for its release first announced back in 2016. 

In an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, Eddie Redmayne revealed that his children, Iris, 6, and Luke, 4, came to visit him on the set of The Good Nurse in Connecticut. 

Good Nurse

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"They thought that I was playing the good nurse and then they caught a glimpse of the trailer for the film – which again, is horrific parenting, I don’t know why I showed it to them," he said. 

The first pictures from filming hit the Internet on April 18, 2021, with both Chastain and Redmayne spotted on location. 

The Good Nurse: Behind the scenes

In June 2021, The Good Nurse screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Cairns teased a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming film. In the exciting Instagram post, two production employees wearing COVID masks are sitting in front of a wooden blue house with white window shutters. 

Cairns didn't provide any further intel on the building's purpose, but she did include the hashtag #TheGoodNurse, much to the delight of her followers. 

Wilson-Cairns also shared a 'photo dump' of photos from the behind-the-scenes of The Good Nurse on Instagram, most of which reveal the film's indoor sets. 

"WRAPPED The Good Nurse," the Scottish creator wrote. "Enjoy my strange, totally obscure, spoiler-free photo dump." 

The Good Nurse also closed down Morgan Street and Beal Street just outside of Stamford's downtown during their stint in Connecticut. It's understood that the roads remained open to the public while filming was in action, but on-street parking was temporarily prohibited. 

Bedford Street Diner, a family restaurant in Stamford, also features in The Good Nurse. Its owner, David Agostino, closed his business for two days so that production could use the premises. 

"It was very exciting, how much work goes into it was amazing. It was two actresses exchanging five minutes of dialogue and they just did it over and over and over," he said. Agostino also added that Netflix paid him 'well' to cover the cost of any business lost. 

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