Where is The Great filmed? The season 2 locations you can visit

Castles and stately homes a plenty!

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Where is The Great filmed - it's the question many viewers are asking as they continue to tune into the gripping period drama.

Regal residences, romance and secret romps - there's a reason television audiences have been wanting to know where to watch The Great. The 18th century Russian period drama has earnt praise from critics and viewers alike, in a series brought to life by an all-star cast that includes Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult and Gillian Anderson.

Alongside information around Bridgerton filming locations and Sanditon season 2 locations is demand for details on The Great's fabulous back drops too - which add just as much drama to production as the characters themselves. We share details of the impressive real-life palace that stands-in for Catherine's mighty St Petersburg-based Winter Palace, plus other locations on The Great season 2 filming list.

Where was The Great filmed?

Even though The Great is set in Russia, no filming actually took place there. Most of the filming for season 2 took place in England, and some in Italy - which is also where season 1 was filmed. 

Season 2 locations - at a glance:

  • 3 Mills Studios - London, England
  • Belvoir Castle - Grantham, England
  • Castle Howard - York, England
  • Ham House and Garden - Richmond in London, England
  • Hatfield House - Hertfordshire, England
  • Hever Castle & Gardens - Kent, England
  • Reggia di Caserta - Caserta, Southern Italy.
  • St Clere Estate - Kent, England
  • Wrest Park - Bedfordshire, England

What palace is The Great filmed in?

The court palace of Saint Petersburg was filmed at the Royal Palace of Caserta in the south of Italy. The interior courtyard, the great fountain in the gardens, the theatre, the marble staircase, and the scenes with the Peter the Great statue astride a bear were all filmed in the Royal Palace of Caserta

You can actually visit La Reggia di Caserta in real life too. It's open daily (ecept Tuesdays) with admission to see the Park and Royal Apartments setting you back 18 euros. You'll need to pre-book your tickets online before turning up. 

The royal palace is just 12 miles from the city of Naples. Those making the journey are not likely to be disappointed - thanks to the palace boasting 1,200 rooms across an area of over 500,000 square feet. 

Is The Great filmed in real castles?

Yes, a number of historic castles across the UK have been used to film season 2 of The Great. Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire was used as a filming location for grandeur rooms. As well as Castle Howard in York, which also featured in some garden scenes. Hever Castle in Kent - the childhood home of Anne Boleyn - was used too.

The scenes in which the characters go up and down the corridor, where the mummy of Catherine I of Russia is shown on exhibition, was filmed in the Long Gallery of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England. The council room of Peter III was filmed at the Marble Hall, which is also located in Hatfield House.

a collage showing The Great filming locations of Hatfield House, Hever Castle, Castle Howard and Belvoir Castle

(From Top Left to Bottom Right) Castle Howard, Hatfield House, Castle Howard and Hever Castle where scenes for The Great were filmed.

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The Great studio filming:

The 3 Mills Studios, located in East London at Three Mill Lane, Three Mills Island, also serves as an important filming site for the show. With ornate sets constructed by the crew, a bulk of the scenes are filmed within this studio. It's recognised as London’s largest film and television studio and is regularly visited by production crews for its fantastic stages and talented industry professionals.

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Speaking about filming much of season 2 at studios, Elle Fanning said: "Sharon Long is our costume designer this season, and she worked on everything — the background, the design that goes into this show: Those are all sets. They’re not location, they’re built. 

"Gillian Anderson, she watched the first season, of course, and when she came on, she could not get over that this was not on location," she added. "She did not think it was real. She was like a mother taking photos of everything on the set because she was so flabbergasted! Out of every show, I think we have the best set, I really do. I would bet on that."

When was The Great season 2 filmed?

The Great season 2 started filming at the end of 2020 - during the height of the pandemic - wrapping up in July 2021. Lead star Elle Fanning saying: "Our crew pulled off the unimaginable through a raging pandemic, bringing their abundance of talent and diligence over a whopping 9 months."

She added: "Season 2 is a true showcase of their skill. And quite literally would not have happened without them. It is easy to see the effortless opulence in our show, but it takes a copious amount of effort."

And Gwilym Lee, who plays Grigor Dymov said: "What a trip. 8 months of shooting through a pandemic. An incredible achievement from all cast and crew. Love and gratitude to each and every one of them. Can’t wait for you all to see it!"

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