Who left Celebrity MasterChef last night?

One celebrity left the cookery contest last night, but who? Find out if your favourite is still in...

Celebrity MasterChef, who left Celebrity MasterChef last night?
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Celebrity MasterChef 2022 is underway but for those who missed seeing the contestants get put through their paces fans are asking who left Celebrity MasterChef last night?

Twenty celebrities are taking part in this years' contest and they've all got a mix bag of skills when it comes to creating restaurant quality food in the kitchen, under pressure and the eagle eyes of Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

You can try your hand at trying MasterChef recipes at home and as one celebrity gets sent home each week, following this week's cookery challenge we look at who has been eliminated from the show...

Who left Celebrity MasterChef last night?

Ryan Thomas was the seventh contestant to be eliminated from Celebrity Masterchef. 

The actor struggled with his confidence throughout his entire appearance on the show, something which judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode picked up on.

Despite his own lack of belief in himself, Ryan's dishes in last night's episode went down well with the judges, with the actor only receiving minor critiques.

"It's crispy but it could be crispier," Angellica said when tasting his squid, while Gregg found the accompanying mayonnaise too runny.

Though the judges really enjoyed his lamb main course, John and Gregg noticed that some of the meat had been overcooked. "It's not perfect," Gregg said after finishing.

Both judges admitted that choosing the person to eliminate was a "very, very tight call" to make, but ultimately it was Lisa and Kitty who made it through.

Ryan was in good spirits about his time in the competition despite being knocked out.

"I get to watch it on the telly like everyone else now, so it's going to be really enjoyable for me," he said.

During the episode, fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on the contestants dishes. 

One fan wrote, "If Ryan goes out because his squid was not crispy enough it will be a calamarity."

After Ryan's exist, one fan tweeted in his defence, "Ryan was robbed! He was the best in all the other challenges! What a stitch up!!" 

Another Twitter user replied to the comment, attempting to rationalise the actor's departure, "A couple of faults tonight though. Didn't want anyone to leave to be honest."

Who has left Celebrity MasterChef so far?

Nancy Dell'Olio was the first contestant to be sent home from the show for failing to impress judges with her food. The media personality who famously dated former England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, was criticised by viewers when she and Paul Chuckle made an error of judgement by deciding to fry coleslaw. 

The contestants were tasked with re-creating tasty dishes in the Street Food Challenge. But fans were certainly kept entertained when Nancy made the culinary error. 

One fan wrote: "Literally spat my tea when they said "Nancy is cooking her coleslaw" #CelebrityMasterChef"

Another fan put, "HAHAHAHAHA why they all cooking coleslaw?!?!?! #CelebrityMasterChef"

And a third fan added, ""#CelebrityMasterChef Nancy cooks like she dances, terrible who cooks coleslaw".

But it was Danny Jones who seriously impressed judges with all THREE of his dishes.

Kae Kurd was the second contestant to be eliminated after he failed to impress the judges with his final dish and make it to the quarter-finals. The comedian struggled with his floating islands, a technically challenging meringue dish, which John Torode tasked to each contestant.

His creme Anglais was scrambled, his meringue wasn’t properly cooked, and his caramel topping burnt. Looking at the dish, John admitted, "The egg’s separated and it actually smells like scrambled egg, so I don’t want to eat it."

Kae said, "Obviously I'm gutted but I came in with the skills I did, and I've left with more skills. I've learned a lot. That's what it's about."

While Kurd's devastating dish was a focus for the judges, fans on Twitter were busy talking about how much they loved fellow contestant Paul Chuckle.

One fan wrote, "How heartwarming is it to see how chuffed Paul Chuckle is with the praise from the judges. Legend"

Another fan said, "I love Paul Chuckle, not only because he seems like a really nice man, but because he's not ashamed at being a kids' TV star and will happily trot out the catchphrases and make somebody's day. #CelebrityMasterchef"

A third fan replied, "Seeing him [Paul Chuckle] back on the telly is PURE JOY."

Paul Chuckle was the third celebrity to be eliminated. His nerves got the best of him and the judges were disappointed with his undercooked main and less than dazzling dessert.

Commenting on his, sadly undercooked, pork medallions with prunes and apple in a cream sauce, Judi Love pointed out, "I don’t feel like I can taste any butter, any black pepper. It's a good wholesome meal, it just needs a bit more flavour.”

On Twitter, fans were saddened that the beloved star would be leaving their screens. One fan wrote, "I don't want 5 new celebrities. I want Paul Chuckle back"

Another fan took to Twitter to send some encouraging words to the eliminated contestant, "Paul Chuckle you may not have won tonight but you win the award for the nicest celebrity contestant ever!"

Another saw the funnier side of Paul's mishap, "Paul Chuckle almost poisoning Gregg Wallace with his uncooked pork is definitely up there for tv highlight of the year" 

Chris Eubank was the fourth contestant to be eliminated from Celebrity MasterChef. A self-confessed "cooking novice", Chris struggled through Thursday's episode, needing pointers at each stage.

Following his elimination, Chris thanked his competitors before telling the cameras, "I feel extremely blessed. I'm going to look back in glee – wow, look at me, I was in the MasterChef kitchen!"

Despite the strong competition, Gareth Malone became the fifth celebrity to be eliminated from Celebrity Masterchef. 

Gareth's steak main course garnered praise for the impressive flavour, but the texture let him down. Commenting on the dish, Vicky said, "He's tried so hard but there's a couple of things that have let him down."

Similarly, his apple sponge with creme anglaise failed to stun the judges, with the pouring custard turning out lumpy. "I found that really hard today," he reflected after presenting his dishes to the judges.

Upon leaving, Gareth said, "I am really sad, but it's really sparked a huge interest in cooking for me."

One fan took to Twitter during last night's episode, stating, "Lumpy custard is unforgivable."

Another commented, "Sad to see Gareth go, but Cliff was the better of the two tonight and deserved to stay."

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace decided to send Katya Jones home, making her the sixth contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

In the first challenge of the night, Katya struggled the most out of the celebs. Time was ultimately not on her side and she ended up serving an undercooked prawn.

"I'm really proud of myself. I totally embraced it," Katya said after her exit. "I cooked something edible, which is a positive. It's definitely going to spur me on more!"

Nancy Dell'Olio

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Who is still in Celebrity MasterChef 2022?

The following celebrities are still in Celebrity MasterChef 2022:

  • Ryan Thomas
  • Lisa Snowdon
  • Danny Jones
  • Richard Blackwood
  • Cliff Parisi
  • Jimmy Bullard
  • Kirsty Gallacher
  • Kitty Scott-Claus
  • Lesley Joseph
  • Adam Pearson
  • Melanie Blatt
  • MoJo
  • Faye Winter
  • Clarke Peters

How to watch Celebrity MasterChef

You can watch Celebrity MasterChef every Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 8pm and Friday 9pm on BBC One or stream live on BBC iPlayer. The first four heat weeks will see celebrities eliminated after each show so that only the best advance to the final rounds.

They will take part in a variety of cooking challenges including the return of Under The Cloche, The Street Food Challenge, and Dinner Party Dish, will once again be featured in the series in a bid to push the celebs’ culinary skills to the limit.

Once the celebrities have been streamlined, the remaining contestants will compete in tense and thrilling semi-final week - where semi finalists and finalists must prepare meals for big crowds of people, including a special challenge to celebrate the BBC’s 100th anniversary.

Who has left Celebrity MasterChef 2022 so far?

The following people have left Celebrity MasterChef so far...

  • Nancy Dell'Olio - Eliminated in Week 1
  • Kae Kurd - Eliminated in Week 2
  • Paul Chuckle - Eliminated in Week 3
  • Chris Eubank - Eliminated in Week 4
  • Gareth Malone - Eliminated in Week 5
  • Katya Jones - Eliminated in Week 6

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