Will there be a Virgin River season 6? Here’s what we know so far

Will there be a Virgin River season 6? All your burning questions answered about the new series

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The last episode left us on a cliff hanger, so fans are eager to know will there be a Virgin River season 6? 

Following a jam-packed first installment of the fifth series, you may still have some questions, such as does Mel lose her baby in season 5 and do Mel and Jack ever have a baby?

Here’s everything we know about whether there will be an upcoming season. 

Will there be a Virgin River season 6? 

Virgin River fans, we have some good news: the hit Netflix show will be back for season 6. The streaming platform tweeted a picture of main characters Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan looking loved up on an iconic Vancouver backdrop where the series is filmed. 

Is there a Virgin River season 6 release date?

Not yet. There are two more episodes to air this side of 2023 (prepare for some introductions to Christmas just in time for the holidays), so Netflix hasn’t confirmed a season 6 release date. 

Another factor that could be delaying the drama’s release is the WGA writers and SAG-AFTRA strikes still going on.  

Film buffs will be up to date with the WGA writers and SAG AFTRA strikes latest, but if you haven’t heard, Hollywood actors and writers are in the midst of contentious negotiations with film studios over issues such as pay and the threat of AI. 

Not long after Netflix had made the new season announcement, Virgin River’s very own Annette O’Toole (who plays Hope McCrea) took to Instagram to post about the news. 

The American actress posted a picture of some maroon roses with the caption: 

“Some roses to celebrate the good news: #VirginRiver season 5 will air in the fall and we’re going to film season 6 as soon as the strike is settled. #WGAStrong!”

Who is the cast of Virgin River series 6? 

Although the cast of Virgin River season 6 hasn’t been confirmed, one thing’s for sure – main characters Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan will be returning.

What will Virgin River season 6 be about? 

The Netflix drama is based on the books by Robin Carr, so if you’ve read those, you’ll have a vague idea of where the storyline is going. That said, it sounds like it could be subject to change. 

“I think we definitely see more longevity and growth with the show,” Jinny Howe, Head of Drama Series Development and Content Acquisition at Netflix told Deadline back in August 2022. 

“As long as the audience asks for it and shows up – and I think we see with season 4 that the fandom is very strong and growing in many places as well – it feels like based on what we’re seeing with season 4 and the anticipation for season 5 that there is a lot more storytelling to offer us."

When does Virgin River Season 5 part 2 come out?

Mel sadly loses her baby during Virgin River season 5. Returning to the clinic to help during the wildfire outbreak, she discovers she is bleeding and has miscarried her baby. 

In light of this, you may be wondering, do Mel and Jack ever have a baby? Spoiler alert: according to the books, the couple welcome their first child called David, and later give birth to Emma in book five. 

We've got more Virgin River news - including who Mel's father is, which was finally revealed in the holiday episodes.

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