The best trampolines for kids in 2021

Looking for a way to have fun and get fit in your garden this summer? Check out our range of the best trampolines you can buy online today...

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With the weather finally set to warm up, these are the best trampolines for kids in 2021. 

This year is a great time to buy lots of outdoor toys like paddling pools and trampolines, as lockdown measures are lifting and kids will undoubtedly be yearning to spend a lot more time with their friends playing outside. But with so many to choose from in so many sizes, how do you know that you're buying the right trampoline for your kids?

Our trampolines are the best pick of the bunch. We've separated our trampolines into different types so you can get exactly what you want. Will it be the best overall trampoline model for something simple yet effective? The safest trampoline on the market? The one with the biggest bounce? Or are you looking for the best trampoline for a (very) little one? We've got you covered. Most of these trampolines come with enclosures as well, but we've made sure you can always fix one on if it doesn't come as part of the kit.

Best trampolines for kids 2021

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Best trampoline overall:

Jumpking 7ft x 10ft Kids Oval Trampoline with Enclosure

Jumpking 7ft x 10ft Kids Oval Trampoline with Enclosure

Credit: Argos

Suitable for: Children aged 3 years +  | Size: H256, W213.36, D304.8cm | Weight: 67.5kg

If you're looking for good fun and plenty of safety features, this is the trampoline to go for. The Jumpking Kids Oval trampoline is a great starter trampoline for little ones. While also being a decent size, it has plenty of room for kids to bounce around. It's an above-ground trampoline so it's relatively easy to set up when the excitement's high and simple to take down when the cold weather hits. The colours will blend into the background of most outdoor spaces too, so you don't have to worry about adding an eyesore to your garden. Medium to larger gardens with space for a 10ft trampoline required.

Easy to assemble? 6/10 - Much like other trampolines of similar sizes, this isn't going to be ready for use within 15 minutes. Argos reckons that this trampoline will take 2 adults about 2 hours to build from start to finish. But reviewers say that it's a very simple process with the instructions, as they're clear and easy to follow. The G3 Safety Enclosure System, created exclusively for Jumpking products, also helps with this and makes set-up easier and quicker than other models.

Reviews: 4.9/5 - With too many 5 stars reviews to count, this is one of the best-rated Jumpking trampolines. Users loved the neutral colours and easy set-up of this trampoline. They said it was ideal for young kids who are ready to bounce on a slightly larger trampoline. Others noted that it had a solid bounce with the springs flexible enough for an all-round good experience, while parents were quick to add that the enclosure and distance from the external bars made them feel reassured that little ones wouldn't come off the trampoline and hit their heads. Other reviewers even commented on the speed of the delivery from Argos, with next-day delivery available at a good price.


Best trampoline for toddlers: Chad Valley 2ft Indoor Toddler Trampoline

Chad Valley multicoloured trampoline, perfect for toddlers

Credit: Argos

Suitable for: Children aged 1+ | Size: H56, W56, D56cm | Weight: 2.48kg

This trampoline is ideal for toddlers and one of the best out there for little ones. It's suitable for use inside the house and out, so you can keep your eye on the kids' playing wherever you area. Chad Valley also created this bouncer with the intention to help toddlers' development and this is why we've chosen it as our pick of the bunch for young children. The stable handles and flexible bouncing pad help children improve their balance, mobility, co-ordination and strength, while the padded mat surrounding the trampoline gives you peace of mind and helps to build their confidence.

Easy to assemble? 9/10 - Self-assembly is required but users repeatedly say it's "easy" to put together. The tools required for assembly come complete in the set and users say it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to get this trampoline ready for use.

Reviews: 4.6/5 - Argos buyers were overwhelmingly happy with their purchase of this toddler's trampoline. The most common reviews cite how the product is easy to put together, very well made and strong so it feels safe for little ones to use. However a small minority of buyers found issue with some of the parts, saying that the rubber protections on the bottom of the feet come off very easily and they were expecting the trampoline as a whole to be bigger.


Best trampoline for families: Charles Bentley Monster Children's 8ft Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure

Charles Bentley Monster Children's 8ft Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure

Credit: Amazon

Suitable for: Children aged 3 years+ | Size: H244 x W244 x D200 cm | Weight: 30kg

The maximum user weight makes this trampoline perfect for families. Bouncers up to 100kg can have fun on this trampoline, making it great for little kids to bounce together. The trampoline is made with a galvanised steel frame to support the weight and the package comes with a safety net and foam padding for additional safety.

Easy to assemble? 8/10 - Despite being 8ft, this trampoline reportedly only takes two adults about an hour and half to put together from start to finish. Others said it only one person an hour to complete the set up - so either way, users say it's relatively easy to put together with instructions included in the pack.

Reviews: 4.5/5 - Reviewers largely said that this trampoline was perfect if you've got a larger family as, despite being on the slightly smaller side, multiple children (under 8) fit on perfectly. Others say it's great for slightly older children too who weight below the max user weight. Buyers also cite the low positioning of this trampoline as another reason to buy, as it's close enough to the ground to not require a ladder - making it safer for smaller children.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £129.99

Best value trampoline: Kanga 6ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Kanga 6ft trampoline

Credit: Amazon

Suitable for: Children aged 3 years+ | Size: H100 x W45 x D23 cm | Weight: 30kg

If you're looking for a larger sized trampoline at an affordable price point, this 6ft Kanga trampoline on Amazon is a good choice. Complete with the trampoline is the enclosure kit for additional safety. This pack includes a safety net enclosure, ladder and an anchor kit to help secure the trampoline to the ground. While the 6ft space gives kids plenty of room to bounce, it's definitely one for younger children as the specifications say that the max user weight should be about 50kg.

Easy to assemble? 7/10 - Most reviewers say this trampoline is easy to put together with little force required. The trampoline is still quite sturdy despite this, they say. Although some users have commented that the instructions aren't as clear as they could be, the manufacturers have put up more videos on YouTube for how to install the trampoline - which buyers have said is useful. Some buyers have commented that the ladder, which helps kids up onto the trampoline, is the hardest part of the kit to fit.

Reviews: 4.5/5 - This trampoline is a great all-rounder, reviewers say. It's amazing value for money with buyers saying that it feels sturdy, safe and in some cases, does the essential job of a trampoline more than some of the other more expensive models. Others also commented how the trampoline itself was lightweight, great to look at in the garden and stands the test of time. While some were concerned about the maximum user weight, others replied saying that they bounced with 2 adults and a small child with no concerns.


Best trampoline for a small garden: Chad Valley 6ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Chad Valley 6ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Credit: Argos

Suitable for: Children aged 3 years+ | Size: H195, W183, D183cm | Weight: 24.99kg.

If you've got a limited amount of outdoor space but still want plenty of bounce for you buck, opt for this Chad Valley 6ft trampoline. While 6ft may seem like a lot if you've only got limited garden space to work with, it's the biggest you can go for a kids' trampoline without having to compromise on safety aspects - such as the enclosure net - or fun. This trampoline is built from galvanised steel and has a Quad Lok style frame to help keep all bouncers safe. As well as decent bouncing space, it's also quick and easy to collapse and store away when you don't want to use it anymore.

Easy to assemble? 6/10 - As a larger trampoline than some of our other top picks, it's naturally going to be harder to put together. Argos recommends that two adults get together to build this bouncer and give themselves an hour and a half to do it. Reviewers agree, saying it definitely takes more than one person to put it together from start to finish. On the plus side, reviewers also say that once you get going, it's a relatively easy process to build and the instructions are clear.

Reviews: 4.8/5 - One of the mostly highly rated trampolines on our list with 477 5-star reviews on Argos' website. This trampoline made the top pick for smaller outdoor spaces as users said that it really doesn't take up too much space, is very sturdy and safe with the addition of the safety mat (included in the set). On the other hand, critics have said that it may in fact take up to three people to put the trampoline together as the process to get the springs in is the most difficult.


Best for kids under 6: Kids Mini Trampoline Bouncer

Kids Mini Trampoline Bouncer

Credit: The Range

Most suitable for: Children aged 3 years+ | Size: W155 / H122 / D155cm | Weight: 10.2kg

There's hours of endless fun to be had for kids under seven with this mini bouncer. It's especially perfect for younger children as it's a little smaller than standard trampolines while also being sturdy and safe due to the heavy duty bungees, which replace the typical springs seen on other models. The frame is very strong and able to support a weight of up to 60kg. The net enclosure and thick padded poles are included in the set, making bouncing much safer for those who may not have so much control.

Is it easy to assemble? 8/10 - Independent reviewers said that this trampoline was overall quick and easy to put together, even if the parts were a little more stiff than expected. Many said that only one person was required to put the whole trampoline up from start to finish and that it didn't take anymore than an hour and a half.

Reviews: 4.8/5 - Some reviewers said this trampoline was particularly great if you have sloped or otherwise unusually shaped garden with only a small flat area. Others say it's very practical and easy to store when not needed. It's portable as well so you can move it around the garden as and when you need to - or even take away with you.

VIEW AT AOSOM | £64.99

Best in-ground trampoline: Plum 8ft In-Ground Trampoline with Net

Plum 8ft In-Ground Trampoline with Net

Credit: John Lewis

Most suitable for: Children aged 6 years+ | Size: H180 x W244 x D244cm | Weight: 51kg

In-ground trampolines certainly have their advantages: they're easier to climb onto, safer as little ones can't fall off them and they blend into the setting of your back garden perfectly. We've picked this Plum 8ft in-ground trampoline as the best one out there for a number of reasons. This in-ground trampoline has very short legs and a strong retaining wall, which prevents dirt and soil building up under the bounce mat, but means you don't have to spend hours (and lots of money) digging a massive hole in your back garden. The materials are also all UV treated, vented and the safety pad is weather protected, so you know this trampoline can withstand the elements.

Is it easy to assemble? 3/10 - Naturally this in-ground trampoline requires a lot of assembly before it's ready for use. As well as constructing the actual trampoline itself, you also have the dig the hole for the set to sit into. This can take anywhere from two hours, if you have a mini excavator or employ someone with one, to almost a full day if you're digging by hand. Reviews suggest that it certainly takes a full day's work to dig the hole, build the trampoline and finish off the landscaping work around it.

Reviews: 4.7/5 - As expected, buyers said that digging the hole for this trampoline was a lengthy and physically tiring process - but the end result was definitely worth it. Reviewers said it's a practical trampoline that ticks all the boxes of a solid in-ground trampoline. It feels very safe for kids to use as they don't have to clamber up and down ladders to get onto the mat and more than one person can bounce at the same time, unlike other models of the same size.


Best trampoline for large garden: Sportspower 14ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Sportspower 14ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

Credit: Argos

Most suitable for: Children aged 6 years+ | Size: H276, W426, D426cm | Weight:83.5kg

If you've got the space, why not go for a bigger trampoline? We've picked this 14ft Sportspower trampoline as the one to go for as it's got all the features of the top models - but at a really good price. Only £250, this trampoline is made from a strong galvanised steel frame with a Quad-lock frame and has a rust-resistant finish. The steel enclosure top ring adds an extra element of safety to the whole set up as well, so kids can bounce freely (with adult supervision, of course). This trampoline also can withstand a decent amount of weight (100kg) so it's ideal if you're looking for a trampoline that all the kids - and maybe an adult - can jump on at the same time.

Is it easy to assemble? 5/10 - The main complaint about this trampoline is how long it takes to assemble. Argos reckons that it takes 2 adults 2 hours to assemble the trampoline from start to finish but some of the reviews indicate that it takes longer. However, as many of the same reviews have pointed out, this is because the trampoline is very large and has many big components. Users say that the instructions included in the set are great with all parts very clearly labelled, the construction is straight forward and easy to navigate if you have the time.

Reviews: 4.5/5 - In general, the reviews are mostly all 5-star! Buyers say that this trampoline really is as big (if not bigger) than you'd expect, so it's ideal for a larger garden and if you have a child who likes to practice flips and spins on the trampoline. The trampoline itself feels very sturdy and although it takes a while to put up, it's a clear and easy process to do so with all the tools you need for assembly included in the box.


Best trampoline for bounce quality: Plum 14ft Space Zone II Trampoline with Enclosure

Plum 14ft Space Zone II Trampoline with Enclosure

Credit: Argos

Most suitable for: Children 6+ | Size: H250, W426, D426cm | Weight: 87.2kg.

Reviewers rave about this trampoline for many reasons, with the main one being just how well it bounces. While you might think that all trampolines bounce well as that's their job, not all are made equal. This Plum 14ft trampoline is fitted with an enclosure that sits inside the trampoline frame and curves to provide maximum jumping space as well, so kids can get the height and the width for their best bounce yet. The frame is made from galvanised steel, inside and out, for rust-free protection and increased strength. Included in the box are thick, weather-resistant safety pads and a durable jumping mat so whatever the jump, kids will be protected from falling off.

Is it easy to assemble? 6/10 - For its size, this trampoline is reportedly "relatively straightforward" to put together as it comes complete with clear instructions. Many have said that it takes two adults to build this trampoline from start to finish. Others have noted that it's more of a family-led process with the kids getting involved in the set-up too as more hands were needed.

Reviews: 4.8/5 - A good score for a trampoline of this size. Most people take issue with the amount of time that it takes to put all the large components together. The majority of the 5-star reviews revel in the fact that it's so fun with "very bouncy" commented the most. Other reviewers also said that it felt safe for kids to use and it can handle a fair bit of wear and tear, with many adding that despite it's slightly higher price, it's excellent value for money.


Best trampoline for safety: Sportspower 10ft In-Ground Trampoline with Easi-Store

Sportspower 10ft In-Ground Trampoline with Easi-Store

Credit: Very

Most suitable for: 6 years+ | Size: H180, W305, D305cm | Weight: 61.5kg

When it comes to the question of safety, there's no denying that a in-ground trampoline takes the top spot. With no need for clambering and climbing on ladders to get onto the trampoline, there's no chance of slipping off. There's also no way to roll through a zip-opening that's been left undone. This Spotspower 10ft trampoline has a galvanised steel frame. It has a rust-resistant finish, along with a steel enclosure top ring for additional strength and security. The net, included with the trampoline, naturally provides a huge layer of protection for bouncers. But instead of being fixed to the frame, it's attached with tight cords. This prevents the risk of a bump to the head for anyone who gets too close. Suitable for larger outdoor spaces with room for a pit. There also needs to be a 2 metre perimeter all around and 8 metres above.

Is it easy to assemble? 3/10 - As this is an in-ground trampoline, it requires plenty of assembly time before it can be used. Alongside building the actual trampoline itself, the netting around it and landscaping the area afterwards, you have to dig a hole for the trampoline. This takes anywhere from two hours with a professional team behind the project. If it's you and a few friends with spades, it can take the whole day. But Argos says that it should only take about 2 hours to complete the rest of the set-up.

Reviews: 4.7/5 - Reviewers cite the safety pads, made from weather resistant material, as a huge advantage. Many people naturally complain about the time it takes to build this 10ft bouncer. Others say it's certainly worth it because of how safe the trampoline feels as a whole. Other benefits listed by verified customers include the colour. It's a gentle green that blends in perfectly with leafy back gardens.


How to choose a trampoline

Even the trampolines on the more affordable end of the price range are still not cheap. It's important to find the right one for you and your garden or outdoor space. These are the things to consider before buying your trampoline...

Think about how much space you have

The first step to choosing a trampoline is finding out how much space you have to put one in. Naturally, a 6ft trampoline is going to take up a lot less space that a 12ft trampoline. But it's also important to make sure you put it in the right place and you have a suitable space.

Trampolines need to go in an area of the garden that is:

  • Flat and even (or only on a slight slope that's no more than a 3mm angle)
  • A space of 1.5m around all sides of the trampoline.
  • There needs to be a space of at least 6 metres above the top of the trampoline net, to give bouncers a space to go.
  • The space also needs to be clean and totally free of any tree debris or obstacles.

Then consider the child who might be using the trampoline and what they'll be using it for.

Boys jumping on a trampoline

Credit: Getty

Consider who is using it

The model of trampoline that you go for needs to be suitable for those who might be using it. If there's a chance that adults will find their way onto the trampoline, you'll want to go for one that can take a little more weight.

This is where the maximum user weight comes in. No one using the trampoline should be heavier than this number of kilograms as it's based on how high the person will likely bounce as well.

By picking the maximum user weight that's suitable for your family, you make sure that your trampoline is safe to use as bouncers won't touch the ground through the trampoline while jumping.

Above ground or a sunken trampoline?

Trampolines that sit above the ground often sit on metal legs and require a ladder to get onto them. While this makes them a little more unsafe as small ones can fall off the ladder or take a tumble out of the netting, these trampolines are significantly more versatile and can go in just about any type of garden.

Sunken trampolines are arguably much safer. They go into a hole in the ground and are at ground level, there's no need for kids to climb up to get onto them. They also look significantly more discreet in your garden as they blend into the background of the grass. However, they do require a rather large - and somewhat permanent - hole in your garden. This makes them unsuitable for many people, especially those with concrete back gardens or those who rent their home.

But if you have a grassy garden, big enough for a larger trampoline and some time on your hands, it's worth weighing up whether a above ground or sunken trampoline would be better for your kids.

How safe is it?

If the trampoline is above ground, manufacturers should include a safety net in the box. Or they should advise you of the best one to buy separately. These are essential in keeping kids safe on the trampoline. They'll block their fall if they bounce a little too far out and make sure they stay stable. Some sunken trampolines also have the net included in the package.

Girl swinging around the metal pole of a trampoline

Credit: Getty

However, there are other safety features to consider. At the bare minimum, trampolines should have a padded covering over the springs to prevent pinching when bouncing. Padding or a mat over the edges of the trampoline is even better.

Traditional trampolines have metal frames that can be very painful if children bounce into them. Consider a trampoline that has padding around the frame so the metal isn't in the open. Alternatively, pick one where ropes tie the net on from a distance.

Consider your storage options

What are you going to do with the trampoline during the winter? Or when it rains?

If you've got a big garden and a shed to keep the trampoline in when it's not being used - then great! But if not, consider what you're going to do with the trampoline when the summer is over. If it just stays up all year round, uncovered, the metal features will rust.

This means it's going to require maintenance next summer in the best case scenario. Or in the worst case, some replaced parts.

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