The best trampolines for kids in 2020

Trampolines are the perfect summer outdoor toy - they keep the kids in the sunshine instead of indoors and adults can easily join in the fun.
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  • So whether you have a big garden or a smaller one, any outdoor space is perfect for trampolines.

    Ranging in size from toddler trampolines at 2ft to ones fit for the whole family at 14ft, there’s no limit to the styles and sizes of trampoline that you can buy online today.

    But why a trampoline? Well, it turns out that now we’re all spending more time at home, movement is more important than ever before and fun workouts can really help our mental and physical health. Spending some time bouncing on a trampoline will help to strengthen bone density in people of all ages, improve circulation and core strength, as well as increase balance and coordination.

    So they’re also great for encouraging fitness, as well as being loads of fun for kids!

    If you’re looking for more fun outdoor toys to entertain your kids in the garden this summer, we’ve also got great recommendations for the best paddling pools to buy at the moment.

    These are some of the best trampolines you can buy…

    Sportspower 8ft x 12ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline and Enclosure

    Credit: Argos

    This trampoline with its unique square shape is a great fit for a bigger garden. Its premium metal stainless steel frame offers extra support and won’t rust in the rain, so as well as offering hours of fun in the summer, it’ll be fine to keep outside as the weather turns colder.

    Most suitable for: Adults and children aged over 6 years, medium to large sized gardens

    Size: 8ft x 12ft, height – 278cm, width – 366cm, depth – 244cm.

    Weight: 91kg

    Is it easy to assemble? 6/10 – Argos suggests that 2 adults can build this trampoline in 2 hours, making it a fair building process considering all the safety parts involved. However, one review stipulates that you actually need up to three people to assemble. It does come packaged in two boxes, rather than one, which also means that you’ll have to wait for both to arrive before you can build your trampoline.

    But it is an above ground trampoline, so there is no requirement to dig a hole in your garden to fit it.

    Reviews: 5/5 – Buyers of this trampoline say it’s a brilliant trampoline that’s well made and looks great. Others say that despite all the positive qualities, it is a little tricky to assemble and some parts are not labelled very clearly.

    As one said, “I purchased this for my grandchildren. Instructions easy to follow but it would have been much easier if the legs were labelled as there were 2 different ones but they all looked the same. It’s a 2-3 person job to assemble. Also some of the screwholes didn’t line up. Once it was built though my grandchildren have not been off it so all hard work of assembly was well worth it. It is big enough to have 2 of them on at once without banging into each other. Well worth its money.”

    BUY NOW: Sportspower 8ft x 12ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline and Enclosure, £190

    Sportspower 10ft In Ground Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

    Credit: Argos

    Whether you’re looking for an in-ground or above-ground trampoline is an important thing to consider when you’re buying a trampoline, as they come in all shapes and sizes. This one is from Argos, on sale for £160. It’s a real bargain if you’re looking for a big piece of play equipment for the kids this summer and don’t mind it being a permanent feature in your outdoor space.

    Most suitable for: Children over the age of six, big gardens with plenty of space for digging into the earth.

    Size: 10ft, height – 180cm, width – 305cm, depth – 305cm

    Weight: 61.5kg

    Is it easy to assemble? 6/10 – As it’s an in-ground trampoline, a hole is required in the ground of 307cm wide by 72cm deep. Argos estimates it will take 2 adults 2 hours to assemble this trampoline.

    Reviews: 5 stars – recommended for being a safe option for kids and lots of fun, but digging a hole for the trampoline is difficult.

    As one reviewer said, “This is a wonderful trampoline and will bring a lot of joy. To install it though you need strong arms to dig a mighty hole (and somewhere to put elk that earth). Not a one-day job but definitely worth the effort. Great item, safe and practical plus a lot of fun!”

    BUY NOW: Sportspower 10ft In Ground Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, £160

    Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

    Credit: Argos

    There’s no messing around with this trampoline. It’s 10ft in size and comes with super strong springs, making for some of the best bouncing around. It’s also super easy to set up and take down, plus it comes with a safety enclosure to make sure your little ones can bounce safely at all times.

    Unlike some of the other above ground trampolines, it also weighs less than 50kg so it’s a good one to go for if you’d be looking to take it down and store it elsewhere during the colder, winter months.

    But if 10ft isn’t quite big enough, Argos also sell this trampoline in 12ft and 14ft sizes.

    Most suitable for: Children aged 6 and over, medium to large gardens.

    Size: 10ft, Height – 250cm, width – 305cm, depth – 305cm.

    Weight: 48.5kg

    Is it easy to assemble? 8/10 – Much like other Argos trampolines, this one comes in two separate boxes so if they don’t arrive together you’ll have to wait for the other before you can assemble. But it’s easy to assemble with some basic DIY tools and two pairs of hands!

    Reviews: 5/5 – With over 50 glowing 5-star reviews, this is one of our top-rated trampolines. Parents say that it offered their kids hours of fun in the garden, is strong, sturdy and very good value for money.

    As one buyer said, “Great value for money, excellent quality – really pleased with the trampoline. Assembled it independently apart from attaching the springs which I managed to do with the help of 3 kids! All in all, you can’t go wrong with this one.”

    BUY NOW: Sportspower 10ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure, £120

    Activefun 10ft in ground trampoline

    Credit: Ebay

    New for 2020, this innovative design features a sturdy frame made of 2mm of steel and durable springs, safety mat, stitching and padding. The protruding mat over the edge of the trampoline prioritises safety, so it’s a great choice for any small ones who are a little unsure on their bouncing while also being a great piece of equipment for adults who want to get some use out of it.

    Most suitable for: Children over 6 years old, large gardens with plenty of space.

    Size: 10ft

    Weight: Max 100kg

    Is it easy to assemble? 6/10 – As an in-ground trampoline, it will be harder to easily assemble than an above ground one. But once you’ve dug the hole for the trampoline to sit in, it’s a relatively easy assembly process going forward with complete, clear instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Reviews: 5/5 – Customers who’ve bought this Activefun trampoline have said that the structure is strong and reliable and if you need to replace parts, the customer service team are very helpful and quick. From eBay, customers have reported top quality service and speedy delivery.

    BUY NOW: Activefun 10ft in ground trampoline, £199.99

    BEST TRAMPOLINE FOR KIDS UNDER 7: Chad Valley 6ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

    Credit: Argos

    As rated by the experts at GoodtoKnow, you certainly can’t go wrong with this Chad Valley trampoline from Argos. We love all of Argos’ trampolines for their assured quality but this one comes up trumps in our books because of size, safety and for an above ground trampoline, it scores high for accessibility as well.

    Most suitable for: Children aged three to six years old, any size garden.

    Size: 6ft, Height – 195cm, width – 183cm, depth – 183cm.

    Weight: 24.99kg

    Is it easy to assemble? 9/10 – Being on the smaller side, this trampoline is a great one if easy assemble is a priority for you. According to Argos, it takes an hour and half to built between adults and many buyers agree with this.

    Reviews: 5/5 – Reviewers of this trampoline (all 479 of them!) gave this trampoline 5 stars. They say it’s good value for money, easy to assemble, sturdy and safe for children. Accessibility is often a key issue when it comes to trampolines, especially for young children, but this isn’t too high off the ground so you don’t need a ladder to hop on.

    “Perfect – I bought this is a present for my niece and she absolutely loves it! Not too big so doesn’t take up much space but big enough for her to jump around on. Easy to build too!”

    “Hours of fun are had on there and the enclosure gives you that extra sense of security! It’s great fun for the adults and children! I would recommend buying this to anyone who is looking for their child/family first trampoline!”

    “Great fun for my 4 year old. Bigger than I had expected (didn’t look at the dimensions properly). A lot of bang for your buck.”

    BUY NOW: Chad Valley 6ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline with Enclosure, £85

    Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

    Credit: Amazon

    For those looking for a no-frills, above ground trampoline with easy ladder access then this Amazon bestseller is a sure thing. Its padding around the outside of the spring area will keep bouncers safe, along with the netting enclosure. Made from sturdy materials, lightweight and with an aesthetically pleasing design, it’s bound to be a winner with the whole family and keep children busy during the warm summer months.

    Most suitable for: Children over the age of 7, medium to large sized gardens.

    Size: 8ft, Jumping mat diameter – 2.02m, frame height – 60cm, enclosure height – 165cm.

    Weight: 29kg

    Easy to assemble? 5/10 – This one is not the easiest on our trampoline to assemble, but it’s got so many great qualities going for it – we had to include it! On average, it takes about three hours to assemble with instructions (on paper and a YouTube video) provided. So if you’ve got some time on your hands and the kids can wait to bounce, or want to chip in with the building, then it’s a no brainer but if you’re in a rush, then perhaps it’s not one for you.

    Reviews: 4/5 – The only sticking point with this trampoline is that some users said it was tricky to assemble, taking them longer than expected to put together. But others said the ease of use and fun their kids have had on the trampoline was well worth the effort.

    As one buyer explained, “Kids are 5, 9 and 11 and all enjoy playing on it although the eldest two are probably a bit too big to jump on it together. Took me about 3 hours to assemble myself. If you take your time with the instructions they are fine.”

    BUY NOW: Kanga 8ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, £159

    BEST VALUE TRAMPOLINE: 10ft Trampoline with Safety Net

    Credit: Smyth’s Toys

    For size for price, this 10ft trampoline is certainly one of the best you’re going to get! At 10ft, it’s a very decent size that allows plenty of room for bouncing while still prioritising key safety components like an enclosure net with an easy access entrance, 15mm padding around the outside and a sturdy top ring to keep the structure secure.

    The ladder is sold separately, but it’s just a short jump up from the ground so many children won’t find a ladder necessary.

    Most suitable for: Children over the age of six, medium to large gardens.

    Size: 10ft, Length – 305cm, width – 305cm, height – 253 cm

    Easy to assemble? 10/10 – Not only is it amazing value for money but this Chad Valley trampoline is our easiest to assemble as well. With two pairs of hands, the maximum amount of time users say it took to put up this trampoline was 2.5 hours with easy-to-follow instructions included.

    Reviews: 4.7/5 – Described as “totally worth it”, “easy to put together” and “very sturdy”. Buyers of this trampoline also loved that the poles curve outwards so kids can’t bash into them as they’re bouncing around – another win for safety for this trampoline. The only down side some buyers said was the time it took to assemble and that you have to buy the ladder separately.

    “Great sturdy trampoline. Love the face the bats turn out so when your bouncing you cant fall against them.”

    “Bought during lock down. Delivered to the door. Easy assemble with 2 people. Very strong. Kids love it. 5⭐”

    “My 5 year old loves this trampoline. I am content that he is safe while on it as the net is secure and gives me peace of mind. Was easy enough to put together with two people.”

    BUY NOW: 10ft Trampoline with Safety Net, £119.99

    Jump Power 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure

    Credit: Smyth’s Toys

    For a little more, you can also buy this 12ft trampoline that’s designed for safety and durability above all else, with its four leg frame and net sewn into the mat to stop kids bouncing directly onto the springs. Much like our top pick for value above, this trampoline also has its polls curving outwards so there’s no chance of little ones bumping into them. If safety and security of your trampoline is a priority, this is the one for you.

    Most suitable for: Children over six years old, larger gardens.

    Size: 12ft, Length – 366cm, width – 270cm.

    Weight: Unknown – takes weight of 150kg.

    Easy to assemble? 9/10 – With two people, this 12ft trampoline is an easy one to set up. Instructions come both in physical form within the box and are also available to access online, you can use the easiest method for set up for you.

    Reviews: 4.7/10 – This trampoline is a little pricier than others but for quality, buyers say it’s really top notch. They also say that the quick release system makes taking the enclosure down very easy, but advise those looking that 12ft is bigger than you might think so be sure to measure your garden first!

    One buyer said, “We bought this 3 years ago. My two boys use it all the time. It’s weathered all the storms really well and still looks great. Really really pleased, amazing value for money.”

    BUY NOW: Jump Power 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure, £189.99

    Mookie Early Fun 3ft Toddler Trampoline

    Credit: Argos

    Another great trampoline for any kids over one year old, as this one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also includes the protective frame pads and the handle is detachable.

    Most suitable for: Toddlers over one year old, fits perfectly in small gardens

    Size: 3ft, Height – 84cm, width – 89cm, depth – 89cm.

    Weight: 6kg

    Easy to assemble? 7/10 – Although this trampoline is on the whole relatively easy to assemble, it does take two pairs of hands to do it successfully. Some also reported that certain parts of the trampoline are harder to put together than others, with buyers suggesting that others be careful when tying the bungee cords together.

    Reviews: 4.5/5 – On the whole, buyers love this small trampoline and say it’s perfect for toddlers to have a bounce on. They say it looks good, is great value for money and is safe to use.

    “Great product and my 14 month old loves it and is on it all the time which is perfect as he’s so full of energy! Looks like it will last well too. Assembly is a bit of a challenge though so I’d recommend giving yourself some time to do it and get a hand to string the bungees together as much easier with two”

    BUY NOW: Mookie Early Fun 3ft Toddler Trampoline, £45

    Chad Valley My First 4ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline & Enclosure

    best trampolines

    Credit: Argos

    This Chad Valley trampoline is 4ft in size and includes an enclosure so your child can bounce whichever way they like. It’s a great step-up from toddler trampolines and for those looking to get more bouncing confidence, without you having to worry about their safety.
    Most suitable for: Children aged three years and over, great for small gardens.
    Size: 4ft, Height- 184cm, width – 122cm, depth – 122cm.
    Weight: 11.2kg
    Easy to assemble? 6/10 – For two adults, Argos reckons the assembly time for this trampoline is just one hour, so it’s up and ready to go in no time! But some buyers have said that the process of putting it together is a little tricky, with some parts of the instructions not being as clear as they could be. For those who’ve built a trampoline before though, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.
    Reviews: 4.5/5 – Over 350 buyers of this trampoline gave it almost 5 stars! They say despite the tricky assembly, it’s a real winner for the quality of the outdoor trampoline, value for money and the assured safety given by the enclosure.
    As one buyer puts it, “Great little trampoline for my 3 year old to burn off that excess energy. A bit of a faff to put together, especially the bungees, but that’s to be expected with all trampolines. I’d recommend this to anyone willing to give 2 hours of their life to its construction in return for hours of ‘watch me mummy. Mummy, are you watching me? Look at me mummy’, while sat on a garden chair with a drink in your hand!”

    With good weather set to continue into the summer months, there’s no better time than now to invest in one of these great outdoor toys.