What hurts more than stepping on LEGO? Missing out on these 6 clever LEGO storage ideas...

Check out my LEGO storage ideas - I spent days researching to get the right ones

LEGO storage ideas
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LEGO storage ideas are one of those things that are best thought through, researched, and compared as, once bought, you’re kind of stuck with them. Our family editor Steph Lowe shares her top picks...

When it comes to top Christmas toys, LEGO is right up there on the list, and it’s one of those toys that grows and grows into huge collections, especially if you have more than one kid. Looking out for cheap LEGO and finally deciding between LEGO vs Playmobil all add to this growing collection.

The main image I've used on this piece is the Panda Toy Storage Bag and Play Mat, I bought when my son was a baby. I then used it as a great way to store LEGO as it doubled as a play mat too. Sadly it's sold out, but I love it so much I had to share it and I've found an almost identical one for less below. So, keep scrolling as in this article we share the best LEGO storage to invest in and why.

LEGO storage ideas

You can choose to sort LEGO by colour, set, or type depending on how your kids play with them, the size of the collection, how often they take them out, and whether they like to build and dismantle them, or build and keep on show in your living room for moths on end.

Whatever sorting system you use, we share our top four easy and clever ways to neatly store LEGO and keep your home reasonably clutter-free, while still making sure your kids have easy access to their playtime favourite.

Best places to shop for LEGO storage

  • Great Little Trading Co.  Great Little Trading Co. is a UK-based company that specializes in children's furniture and storage solutions. Their range includes toy boxes, bookcases, and storage benches, among other options.
  • Amazon Basics -  Amazon Basics offers a range of affordable storage solutions, including cube storage units, storage bins, and storage bags. While they may not be the most stylish options, they can be a good choice for budget-conscious parents.
  • IKEA - The Swedish store is a popular choice for toy storage solutions, with a wide range of products at affordable prices. The Trofast storage system, in particular, is a great option for storing toys of all sizes.

If you’re sick of picking up all those tiny bits of LEGO (we know we are) then definitely give this mum LEGO hack a try - we did and it worked a treat. We have articles on toy storage and toy rotation too, that may help you stay sane when it seems that toys are taking over every inch of your house.

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