Mum warns parents about COVID-19 symptoms in babies after her son tests positive

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  • A mum whose baby has tested positive for coronavirus has warned others about the symptoms.

    Toni Rhodes, from Essex, has listed the coronavirus symptoms, revealing that her seven-week-old baby Curtis seemed ‘agitated’ and his cry was different to usual.

    In addition to this, he was extremely fatigued and didn’t fidget in his sleep like he usually would.

    The following morning, Toni noticed that his skin was mottled and one of his eyes was red, swollen and watering. He had a slight cough and was sneezing too.

    Last Monday, Curtis was taken to A&E by his parents to find out what was going on. Originally doctors thought it was sepsis, but he was given antibioticis and the family stayed in hospital for 48 hours.

    He was given a coronavirus test, which confirmed he had the disease.

    Taking to Facebook, Toni warned others about the symptoms and to stay vigilant during these unprecedented times.

    She wrote, ‘Curtis did not feed for over 12 hours overnight on sunday but was very agitated with a different cry to his usual a day or two beforehand. He was then very sleepy and not fidgiting in his sleep as he usual does.

    ‘We noticed in the morning he had mottled skin and a red swollen watering eye, very slight cough and sneezing periodically, still very sleepy and not feeding. We took him to A&E lunchtime on Monday, he had a borderline tempature and fast heartrate and with everything else they assumed it was sepsis.’

    ‘He was put on antibiotics with bloods taken and said we were to stay in for at least 48 hours. He was swabbed for Corona as they do for everyone that is admitted now but the results take a few days to come back.

    ‘They discharged him on Wednesday after 3 antibiotics injections as his observations were fine and he started to show improvements, however we then got the call Thursday since being home to say he tested positive for the virus.’

    She added, ‘To confirm he did not have a high temperature or dry persistent cough. As we all know there is little knowledge on babies and their reactions to the virus so we want to share to make others aware what they could also be needing to look out for.

    ‘We are also seeking support ourselves from anyone around the world to get us through such a crazy time.’

    ‘Ken and I are not showing any of the signs we are told to look out for… We would describe ourselves as feeling run down and under the weather.

    ‘Main symptoms would be headache, loss of smell, backache and a slight sore throat, however all manageable without any medication and nothing to write home about.’