‘Reluctant’ Peter Andre’s wife Emily persuaded him to send children back to school

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  • Peter Andre has been very vocal about his worries of sending his children back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

    But he’s now revealed his NHS doctor wife Emily Macdonagh persuaded him to send his two youngest, Amelia, six, and Theo, three back – although Theo is only in for three hours a week – as lockdown nears an end.

    Speaking to Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain, he said: “I was very reluctant, I didn’t agree with it, I said, ‘It’s wrong, why should we put our kids at any risk?’

    “But in these circumstances you’ve got to listen to your wife, who is a doctor, because she knows more of the facts obviously in something like this.

    “She said to me that there’s a risk sending your children to school to catch anything.”

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    Peter’s eldest two children, Princess and Junior – who he co-parents with his ex-wife Katie Price – are still doing lessons over Zoom, and Pete said he was still very unsure about sending them back even when schools do reopen.

    Susanna noted that GMB’s Dr Hilary Jones also felt confident in sending children back to school, and he regularly states the figure that a child is twice as likely to die from being struck by lightning than being killed by coronavirus, and parents do not generally fear the former.

    Peter has been posting videos on social media of his daughter Princess singing and the proud dad compared her voice to Norah Jones.

    The Mysterious Girl singer has been tutoring her at singing but said he can’t see a duet in the future as he thinks it’s time the kids took over him him.

    Speaking about their new reality show, Pete said: “It is a new way of filming reality, because it’s us filming ourselves, which is fun.

    “We are just experimenting which is hilarious.”

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