This traditional baby name has dropped out of the top 10 for the first time since records began - would you still choose it?

Many common baby names are falling out of favour as trendier choices take their place

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For the first time since records began, a once incredibly popular and traditional baby name has dropped out of the top 10 most popular baby names list. 

Choosing a name for your newborn is an incredibly personal and difficult choice. There are a tonne of names to choose from, from unique baby names to cool baby names. But certain baby names are increasingly falling out of favour with millennial parents.   

Many names are set to go extinct in 2024, including Michelle and Amanda, while old fashioned baby names are making a comeback. But one common and unexpected name has just been kicked out of the top ten most popular baby names list and no one's really sure why. 

Jack, just one common baby name with a secret meaning, now sits as the 13th most popular baby name choice despite the fact it has never been out of the top ten since records began nearly 30 years ago. It's seen a huge decline in use as, according to the most recent ONS data, only 2,847 babies were called Jack in 2021, almost 8,000 less than the figure recorded in 1996.

Jack isn't the only common baby name seeing a decline in popularity. Girls’ names such as Sophie, Chloe and Jessica have also dropped from the top ten, going from once being the top three most popular name choices to now sitting much lower in between 30th and 50th most used. 

The names are being replaced by trendier choices, choices like gender-neutral and unisex baby names that were featured in 2024's baby name predictions. Irish baby names, Scottish baby names and Welsh baby names are also taking over the traditional English names, with more babies being called Maeve, Saoirse, Niamh, Ronan, Quinn, and Liam than ever before. 

There is one ever-lasting trend that no baby naming experts believe will ever fall out of favour and that's Disney-inspired baby names. So we're set to see more Moanas and Ashas than Jacks. 

Still, the top ten list remains filled with some pretty traditional names. The top two choices in the UK are Muhammed and Olivia, with Noah and Amelia coming in close second. 

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