Taylor Swift-inspired baby name ideas for your little Swiftie

The singer's songs reference so many sweet baby names, you're bound to find the perfect choice in her lyrics

Taylor Swift-inspired baby name ideas
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For fans of Taylor Swift, scanning her story-telling lyrics for the perfect baby name is sure to bring up a countless number of choices - or you could sit back and relax as we've done the work for you and listed all the best Taylor Swift-inspired baby name ideas for your little Swiftie. 

Pop culture is influencing our baby name decisions more so now than ever. Whether you choose to name a child after your favourite TV show, with Bridgerton-inspired baby names, or Succession baby names, or you're a Disney fan and want to find a Disney-inspired baby name, there's a whole host of inspiration out there. 

And when it comes to music, it's no different. With the popularity of Taylor Swift soaring as she steps out night after night on her Eras Tour, more and more fans are turning to her lyricism to find the perfect baby name - and there's no shortage of names referenced throughout her songs. 

Taylor Swift-inspired baby names for boys


Long-time fans of Taylor Swift will know Tim as a throwback reference to the classic song 'Tim McGraw' from her very first album. It's a subtle nod to the singer but one that any OG fan will appreciate. It also works as a lovely name without the musical refference and means 'one who honours God' as well as playing into 2023's biggest baby naming trend of short baby names


As the name of one of the characters in Taylor’s heart-wrenching song 'Betty,' James may be another subtle choice of name but it's also a classic and is increasingly being used as a unisex baby name - even one of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's daughters shares the name! 


Another unisex choice, the name August is inspired by the song 'August' off of Taylor’s Folklore album. The name is also a lovely summer-inspired choice that would be perfect for any baby born throughout the sun-filled season. 


Taken from her song 'Starlight' which was written about Bobby and Ethel Kennedy, not only does the name Bobby reference Taylor Swift, but it also gives your child a brilliantly successful namesake, which is great for parents looking to name a future entrepreneur or CEO

Short for Robert, the name also means 'fame' and 'bright,' giving it a lovely meaning beyond the celebrity references.

Taylor Swift-inspired baby names for girls


For fans of Taylor's Lovers era, the name Cornelia is a sweet choice of baby name for a newborn. Taken from the song 'Cornelia Street,' the name means 'horn' which only further plays into the music-inspired name


Inspired by Taylor's classic song 'Fifteen,' the name Abigail is a super sweet choice of baby name. The song details a coming-of-age story, the perfect soundtrack for any growing child, and Taylor references her best friend Abigail in the lyrics. 

Away from music, Abigail means 'my father’s joy.'


While Betty may have once been seen as an old fashion baby name, Taylor's hit song 'Betty' has completely changed that view. You can use the name as a nickname for the longer Elizabeth, but it’s also incredibly sweet on its own and means 'oath of God.'

Daisy May

Taken from the song 'You’re on Your Own, Kid' from her latest album Midnights, in which Taylor sings 'So long, Daisy May,' the name Daisy May is not only a sweet baby name inspired by the great outdoors but it's also, allegedly, another of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's baby names. 


If you want a more direct Taylor-inspired baby name but don't want to call your child Taylor, Alison is a great alternative as it's the singer's middle name. The name means means 'noble, exalted' and makes a great unique baby name as it has fallen largely out of favour with parents recently. 


Meaning 'gift of God,' the name Dorothea is another direct song reference to the song 'Dorothea' from Taylor's Evermore album. 


Another direct song title and Evermore reference, the name Marjorie is a brilliant option for a baby girl. It could also be replaced with it's derivative name Margaret, which means 'pearl.'

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