20 Halloween party ideas for your spooky celebration

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  • For most kids, Halloween is one of their favourite times of year.

    It’s time to pull together all your favourite Halloween party ideas because the festivities are back on for 2021 after a year of outdoor and socially-distanced celebrations. 

    While there are so many Halloween crafts you can make at home to pull together a spooky surrounding for your party, the best Halloween decorations, favours and games are ones you can pull together quickly and easily – or just buy online. So if you’re running out of time to plan your 2021 Halloween party and are looking for quick ways to turn your home into a house of horrors, you’ve come to the right place.

    From ways to spook your guests on entry to exciting Halloween food ideas and cocktails, there’s so many ways you can create a real setting for your party this autumn. All you’ve got to do is choose whether you want a dark and ghostly gathering, a blood-red vampire setting or a more lighthearted pumpkin-themed party and we’ll do the rest with our array of great Halloween party ideas.

    Halloween party ideas

    1. Lantern-lined steps to the front door

    Let’s start with the Halloween decorations! If you’re planning a Halloween party, you’ll need to dress your home up in the spooky spirit. Having some lanterns and Halloween painted pumpkins lining the pathway up to the front door is a great way to greet your guests.

    2. Pumpkin wreath

    Much like Christmas, there’s no better way to show people you’re in the spooky spirit than a wreath on the front door. This stunning pink one is made up of small pumpkins but you can buy ones more in the autumnal theme from Etsy – or you can make your own wreath at home.

    3. Gravestones in the garden

    These gravestones are a subtle way to bring some life (or death) to your garden this Halloween. We particularly like the set of 4 tombstones available to buy on Amazon as they’re simple to stick in the ground on Halloween night.

    Credit: Amazon

    4. Ghostly balloon garland

    Having a balloon garland over your front door is a sure-fire way to kick things off. Make your own using shop-bought balloons and a thick permanent marker – or buy a ready-made one from Etsy.

    5. Spooky fairy lights

    Fairy lights are a party essential! At Christmas, blinking fairy lights disappear off the shelves and at Halloween, a set of orange lights goes a very long way towards setting the festive theme.

    If you’re looking to go for an orange, pumpkin-y theme then you’ll love these lights from Amazon. For a low-key skeletal theme, have a look at these Day of the Dead-inspired lights and for a bat-friendly fiesta, these purple lights from Etsy are amazing.

    Pumpkin electric light string against the window. Halloween theme

    Fairy lights are a simple way to bring light into your party space, Credit: Getty.

    6. Creepy crawlies on the kitchen cabinets

    These simple spider decorations make a great addition to any kitchen on Halloween! As one of the easiest Halloween crafts, you can also make them from home using just some black card and a sharp pair of scissors.

    7. Hanging spider garden decorations

    This hanging spider garden decoration might not be for the faint hearted but it’s a great investment if you’re looking to splash out on the best bits for your party. Available on Amazon for £27.99, this huge spider comes with its own web that you can hang from your house and drape into the garden.

    Credit: Amazon

    8. Skeleton in the bathtub

    While most people just focus on decorating a couple of rooms for a Halloween party, this idea extends the theme to the whole house. Pick up a skeleton on Amazon and pop them in the bathtub to give your guests an extra surprise when they go to the bathroom.

    9. A frightening feast on the table

    We don’t doubt that you’ve got your Halloween food ideas sorted – from the Halloween pizzas to Halloween cake pops – and now we’ve got an idea for your spread. Lay out a colourful table cloth and dot some Halloween bits around the table; a bat here and there, a antique-y black candlestick to light up the table and a pumpkin should definitely do the trick.

    10. Colourful candles

    Candles aren’t only a great way to bring a low light to the room but you can get loads of unique, colourful and spooky candles to complement your decorative theme.

    We love these pumpkin ones from Etsy for a more light-hearted celebration or these skull ones, also from Etsy, as the wax drips through the eye sockets as the candle melts.

    Pumpkin candles

    Credit: Etsy

    11. Spooky (yet subtle) invitations

    Invitations might be old school but we still prefer them over a Facebook invite any day! Your invitations can be simple and cute or full of colour and flair, depending on the flavour of your party. It’s a great way for people to remember the night, too, as they’ll hang onto the invite long after it’s over.

    11. Vampire kiss cocktail

    What (adults-only) party isn’t complete without a bit of booze for those who want? To make a vampire’s kiss cocktail, you’ll need per drink:

    • 20ml raspberry liqueur
    • 25ml vodka
    • Handful of ice
    • Frozen raspberries
    • Red sugar for the rim of the glass
    • Champagne to top off the cocktail

    To garnish, pop in a set of vampire’s teeth.

    For an alcohol-free version, try a vampire’s blood pomegranate punch. It’s a safe one for adults and children alike!

    12. Halloween birthday cake

    If you’re having a Halloween party to celebrate an occasion or just want to make sure your guests have plenty of sweet treats, why not bake a spooky birthday cake? We love this recipe by Great British Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain as it’s homemade from start to finish and so impressive.

    Take a look at Nadiya Hussain’s Halloween birthday cake recipe here.

    Credit: GoodtoKnow

    13. Halloween cupcakes

    For something a little simpler and kid-friendly, make Halloween cupcakes instead.

    There are so many different types you can make, you’re sure to find one that fits your party theme. These Frankenstein cupcakes are so cute and while they might be harder to make, they’re perfect for impressing at a party. These spider cupcakes are so easy to make too and ideal for chocolate-lovers.

    Credit: GoodtoKnow

    14. Terrifying toffee apples

    Toffee apples are such a nostalgic treat and a great party idea! To give this classically autumnal recipe a spooky twist, add a couple of drops of red food colouring to the last stage of the toffee mix. Trust us, these are a real showstopper.

    Learn how to make toffee apples with our special recipe.

    15. Puking pumpkin dip

    For your guacamole platter, this puking pumpkin is a great idea! Even if it is a little bit gross. To make, you will need a pumpkin, a knife and your favourite dips. Then cut a large mouth towards the bottom of the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Carve eyes and a nose with a sharp knife. Place the pumpkin on the edge of a plate, spoon the dip into the mouth and spread onto the plate.

    Puking pumpkin, another good Halloween party idea

    Credit: GoodtoKnow

    16. Donut eating contest

    When it comes to Halloween parties, you should always have a couple of Halloween games up your sleeve. This donut eating contest is a sure winner (with both adults and children alike) and it’s bound to crack a few smiles. Hang a piece of string across two points in a room and attach another piece, with a donut on the end, for everyone playing to munch on. Whoever can finish their donut first with their hands behind their back is the winner.

    17. Indoor scavenger hunt

    As with any party where you’re planning for your guests to be able to go outside, it’s always best to have a back-up plan in case it rains. Scavenger hunts are a kids’ party classic and a great way to keep them occupied for a few hours but this game also works for older kids and adults. With some Halloween-themed card and a stroke of imagination, you can make up your own clues or download some from TailorMade Designs on Etsy.

    18. Spooky charades

    This is another traditional kids’ party game that works so well for Halloween! Download this set for less than £4 from Etsy or make your own, using characters from some of your favourite Halloween movies and television shows.

    Halloween charades, a great Halloween party idea

    Credit: Etsy

    19. Apple bobbing

    While we’re not entirely sure what makes apple bobbing so spooky, it definitely makes our list of Halloween party ideas! This (very wet) game is so easy to pull together. All you’ll need is a large bucket and a couple of apples floating along the top. Whoever can bob and grab the most apples with their mouth, hands tied behind their back, is the winner of the game.

    It’s a winner for kids of all ages – but maybe not for anyone who’s come to the party with a full face of face paint.

    20. Pin the spider on the web

    Pin the tail on the donkey gets a re-vamp in this creepy version of the classic game. Make your own at home using some white card and a thick black marker to draw the web. Make the spiders by drawing some on another piece of card, cutting them out and attaching a piece of blu-tac on the other side. Alternatively, download this Halloween party idea from Etsy.