These Halloween party ideas will ensure you host the spookiest bash in town

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  • For most kids, Halloween is one of their favourite times of year.

    Dressing up, lots of treats and the opportunity to indulge in their supernatural fantasies.

    And while Trick-or-Treating is great for dressing up and eating treats, there’s no better way to get lost in the spooky supernatural than a Halloween party.

    What’s more exciting for kids than donning their favourite Halloween costumes and getting all their friends round to play spooky Halloween games? And that’s not forgetting all the Halloween crafts you can make to deck the house out with to create a convincing scary world for them to indulge in.

    Or for a quieter party, pop on one of these kids’ Halloween films to really get in the spooky mood.

    Well with our Halloween party ideas for invitations, food, decoration and more, you’ll be able to throw a bash that the kids will never want to end. And the good news is it won’t cost you a fortune!

    Halloween party ideas: Invites

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    Try some of Halloween party invitation ideas below:

    • Ghost invitations

    You’ll need a small white handkerchief (or napkins from a pound store if on a budget).

    Place the handkerchief on the table and write the party information in a spiral around the edges, making sure to leave the centre part completely white. When you’ve finished, wrap the handkerchief around a lollipop with a wooden stick.

    Fasten it on with an elastic band at the top of the lollipop then draw on two eyes with a black pen.

    • Gravestone invitations

    Cut a gravestone shape out of grey card and write R.I.P in big letters at the top.

    Write your party information underneath – these handy invites fold in half to fit perfectly in an envelope ready to send.

    • Pumpkin invitations

    The easy option: Grab some orange card and shape to pumpkin proportions (with scissors) then write on your message.

    The harder (better!) option for local neighbours: send a small pumpkin out through the post with the party details attached on a small tag.

    Supermarkets and pound stores usually stock small real or inflatable pumpkins around Halloween. The choice is yours!

    • Hogwarts letter

    Everyone under the age of 30 has dreamt at some point of getting a Hogwarts letter. So why not make a few dreams come true with a Hogwarts-style invitation.

    Simply load up your printer with parchment paper and print your invitations onto it (make sure to select an apt font).

    Then pop your invitation in a cream parchment envelope and for that extra bit of magic, get hold of a Wax Seal Stamp for that signature red seal.

    Halloween party ideas: Food

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    Little ones love party food and they’ll probably be pretty hungry with all the gruesome games they’ll be playing. Buying party food pre-made is an option, but it always comes out spookier if you make it at home.

    Plus you can get the kids involved to double the fun (and the mess).

    We’ve got some great creepy homemade Halloween recipes for you and the kids to get your scary on.

    Halloween party ideas: Decorations

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    Now for the fun part – deciding how to decorate your ‘haunted house’ for the evening.

    If you have leftover decorations from last year then dig them out, if not why not try your hand at some Halloween crafts you can make with your kids?

    • Welcome signs

    Try putting ‘Enter at your own risk’ or ‘Welcome to [name’s] house of horrors’ or ‘Beware of the witch/ghosts’ on your front door – you can use a blackboard and chalk for a spooky monochrome effect.

    • Creepy characters

    Cover the party room in lots of spider webs, made from white mesh material from a fabric store or paper cut-outs, lots of plastic spiders and bats, and glow in the dark moons and stars.

    You can also create cut-outs of witches on brooms, cats and ghosts to put on the walls.

    • Lighting

    Fairy lights are great to set the scene and coloured drapes hanging from the wall will turn your lounge into a spooky bat cave or crypt.

    Buying a black light – or hiring one – will make everything white in the room glow; it’s a real winner with the kids.

    • Nasty neighbours

    For a real trick, ask one of your friends, neighbours or partner to dress up as a zombie and hide him/her in a cardboard coffin.

    Position the coffin somewhere the kids walk past all the time and you’ll give them the best, or worst, scare ever. Maybe not one to try with little children around!

    Halloween party ideas: Games

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    A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without some of these Halloween games. From classic apple bobbing to Zombie Wink Murder – they’re sure to cause a fright!

    • Apple Bobbing

    This classic American export will stimulate the kids by getting them to use their determination to complete this challenge.

    It may leave a bit of a mess, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

    • Lights-off Hide and Seek

    To get everyone in a real Halloween mood, this childhood game is best played in the dark.

    And if you have a few adult volunteers around, get them to jump out on the kids to add a real fright to the game.

    • Zombie Wink Murder

    Most kids will have played this typical ice-breaker warm up at school, especially if they take Drama classes.

    This spooky twist will up the dramatic value for a fun Halloween surrounded by the undead!

    Halloween ideas: Budget costumes

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    Halloween costumes can be expensive, that’s why we’ve created some simple how-to instructions for homemade Halloween costumes.

    Just a fraction of the price plus you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re little one is wearing a bespoke costume that no one else will have!

    Add one of our Halloween face paint ideas and you’re ready to go!

    Halloween ideas: Party bags

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    To finish off, you’ll need some party bags.

    You can buy some great, colourful bags from the supermarket or a pound shop – or if you’re feeling really crafty, make your own out of orange plastic shopping bags.

    Fill them with a piece of cake, any left-over treats from the party and best of all lots of sweets (oh, and a plastic spider or two never goes amiss either!).

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