Is the SnuzPod4 the safest bedside cot yet?

The SnuzPod4 has landed as the brand has adapted its popular bedside cot to make it safer and more appealing for babies

Our tester's baby, Freddie, lying in the Snuzpod 4 during testing for this review
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GoodtoKnow Verdict

The SnuzPod4 is a 3-in-1 bedside cot that also works as a bassinet and standalone cot. It has been designed to be completely breathable and safe for newborns. It comes in four neutral colours and has a popular rocking motion that lulls babies back off to sleep.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stylish design

  • +

    Three configurations

  • +

    Completely breathable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Flimsy storage

  • -

    Pricey but an investment buy

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We tested the newest model of the Snuzpod4 bedside crib to see how it compares to its predecessors and other competitors in the cotbed market. 

The SnuzPod4 is a 3-in-1 sleep station and can be used as a bedside crib, a standalone cot or a bassinet that can easily be lifted off the base and used around the house, like a Moses basket. It's suitable from birth and comes with a 'reflux leg', which helps suffering newborns lie inclined for short periods. This model differs from previous SnuzPods, as it features a new ComfortAir system.

It's a great option for parents who expect a lot from their cot as it can work in several ways. It's also handy if you've a baby suffering from reflux or one that likes to be rocked. 

If you're looking for the best cotbed for your baby or toddler, the Snuzpod4 is a worthy contender.

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Anna Bailey

For this review, we asked Anna Bailey - one of our parent testers and also the Editor of Good to Know - to try out the Snuzpod4 for three months with her baby, Freddie, from birth. Anna liked how the Snuzpod4 meant that Freddie was always close at hand.  "I loved the idea of having her right next to me," she told us. "I knew I'd be checking on her constantly throughout the night - and I wasn’t wrong. It’s been great for my peace of mind to have her so close."

The latest version of the SnuzPod4 features a new ComfortAir system. This is a combination of new air-flow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner, and better ventilation underneath the bassinet to allow more airflow around your baby. It also includes a breathable mattress. The result is a breathable and super-soft sleeping space that you can be confident meets new bedside crib safety standards.

The latest model has also been upgraded so that it fits to more beds than any other bedside crib. "I had Freddie beside me in the SnuzPod until she was around three months old, but then I decided to reposition it further away from the bed as a standalone crib," said Anna. "It’s super-easy to convert."

"I love that you can rock the SnuzPod4. We’ve done this a few times, and it’s had the desired effect by helping Freddie nod off when she was on the very edge of falling asleep. We’ve also used it when she looked like she was starting to stir, and it gave us just a few more minutes of peace."  

Price and availability

The SnuzPod4 retails at £199 on the likes of Amazon. As it's the latest model, you'll find it difficult to find it on offer anywhere. 

While it's not cheap, it can be used in three different configurations, meaning you will make good use out of it. "It's a big initial outlay but it's been designed so that you can use it all around the house," said Anna. "I think the rocking motion and new innovations that they've added make it worth the price tag."

The Snuzpod 4 from Snuz

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Design and features

Weighs: 11.5kg | Age: Birth - six months

The SnuzPod4 cuts an impressive figure when it comes to design. "The SnuzPod4 frame feels very solid and secure, and it’s reassuring to know the bassinet has great airflow, with a breathable liner, mesh sides, and mattress," said Anna.  

"To meet new safety standards, the zip-down mesh on the side of the crib no longer comes all the way down (as it does with the SnuzPod3) - it stops halfway. But, as the top of the zip should be level with the mattress it doesn’t make much difference - I could still see and reach out to my baby, she's just a bit lower."

While the safety advice states the zip-up should be closed when your baby is asleep or unsupervised, Anna found she kept it up most of the time, "as I was worried my dog might try and get in (turned out he wasn’t that interested). But even closed, I could still see my baby through the mesh".

The SnuzPod4 comes in various different colours, including natural wood, white, black and navy blue. Anna tested out the light grey option (or ‘Dove’ as it’s properly named). 

"I love the modern and sleek look of the crib. Although solid, the frame doesn’t feel too bulky - and, overall it feels compact but spacious enough for my daughter." 

The SnuzPod4 comes with four straps, but you don’t need them all. The two longer ones are for attaching to a divan bed, and the other two shorter ones are for securing to a bed frame. 

"We have the latter. We positioned a strap in each corner of the side facing the bed, and simply looped around the bed frame and clipped," said Anna. "Be careful not to pull it too tight, as you don’t want it to tilt towards the bed. Note that when the SnuzPod4 is attached to your bed, you can’t rock it. But you can still remove the bassinet." 

Our tester's baby, Freddie, pictured asleep in the Snuzpod 4 during testing.

(Image credit: Anna Bailey)

How we tested

  • Assembled it from scratch to see how easy it is to put together.
  • Used the SnuzPod4 for three months, for both naps and night-time sleep.
  • Tested out all the features inc. djusting the height and using the storage canopy.

Things you won't find on the box

Assembling the SnuzPod4 took Anna about an hour but it was just a case of following the instructions. 

"It comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. It wasn’t difficult to assemble, but it did require concentration. There are around 30 pieces, and everything comes in one box. You don’t need any extra screws or even a screwdriver, as the bolts and an Allen key are included."

As her baby has got bigger, Anna has adapted how she uses the SnuzPod4. "Recently, we moved the SnuzPod4 away from the bed and now use it as a standalone crib. I loved having this option once she started needing fewer feeds in the nights - and we all began sleeping for longer stretches. Although it was great having her next to me to begin with, I’m now enjoying being able to get out of bed more easily." 

In terms of negatives, Anna found it difficult to think of anything. "The only thing I’d improve would be the bottom storage canopy, which is very flimsy. If you put anything heavier on it than a few blankets, it dips down to the floor."

Who's it best for

Anna thought that the SnuzPod4 would suit tired parents who were anxious to keep their babies safe and close by at night. 

"The new advances with this latest model are really impressive, and make me feel like Snuz are always trying to improve and offer babies (and parents) the best-quality," she said. 

The SnuzPod4's stylish aesthetics also make it a hit for those who want a bedside crib that isn't going to detract from the rest of their decor. Its high price point means it's not really a budget buy. 

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