21 best Valentine's Day gifts for him 2024

Best Valentine's Day gifts for him 2024 - 21 of the top treats, trinkets and thoughtful items that your boyfriend or husband will love

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The best Valentine's gifts for him are quirky, personal items that your boyfriend or husband will truly appreciate because of the thought you've put into the gift.

Whatever he's into, we've made it easy for you to choose the best possible Valentine's gift for him this year. Whether you want to bedazzle your boyfriend with a grand gesture or spoil your husband with some thoughtful treats he'll truly love, we've made it our mission to find the perfect gift for him.

Don't forget to give some heavy hints about the best Valentine's gifts for her too and pick up some cute Valentine's Valentine's gifts for kids before the big day too.

The best Valentine's gifts for him

Whether he's a sensitive soul who loves a good soak in the bath or a speed demon who craves adventure, here's our pick of the best Valentine's Day gifts for him, featuring gift ideas for all budgets and pressies to please every sort of fella we can think of.

How to choose the best Valentine's gifts for him

Our Consumer Editor, Heidi Scrimgeour, shares her top tips for choosing the best Valentine's Day gifts for him:

"The secret to choosing the best Valentine's gift for a boyfriend or husband is easy - select something that makes him feel thought of and appreciated - but also a little flirted with. If in doubt, go for a silly gift that will raise a smile - laughter is an aphrodisiac, after all. Failing that, focus on his passions overall. A foodie fella will definitely appreciate a cooking kit or a Valentine's hamper full of tasty treats. And if you're really stuck when it comes to the best Valentine's gift for him, think about the things he enjoys doing. Create memories with an experience day or pick a personalised gift that will mean so much more to him than something off the shelf."

  1. Ask him what he'd like
    Asking someone what they'd like for a gift seems unromantic but far better to ask and get something they'll truly appreciate than go for a gesture that falls a bit flat. 
  2. Get personal
    Personalised items are top sellers for Valentine's Day gifts so give a little bit of thought to what he loves, and then add a personal twist. 
  3. Make it memorable
    As parents, it's tricky to take time out to celebrate being a couple but Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to make a bit of a fuss of each other. Memories matter!
  4. Consider his love language
    If you've read The 5 Love Languages (£8.39, Amazon) you'll know that love languages - quality time, affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch - influence how we react to certain gifts. Essential reading if you want to get it right!
Heidi Scrimgeour, Consumer Editor
Heidi Scrimgeour

Having been married for 25 years - no, she doesn't look old enough - Heidi knows a thing or two about Valentine's Day gifts. Her top tip is to go for something personalised. 'I absolutely love personalised books like Ten Reasons Why I Love you (£24.99, Wonderbly) as they make the most thoughtful gifts that only become more meaningful over time.

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