There's a HUGE 45% off this LEGO Classic Brick Box for Black Friday

LEGO Classic deal

Anyone looking for an amazing deal on LEGO Classic for a little one this Black Friday is definitely in for some incredible deals. 

Along with the rest of the incredible Black Friday LEGO deals on LEGO Harry Potter, Marvel, LEGO Star Wars and more that are now live, Amazon has come through with discounts on their Classic boxes. It's a big winner for anyone shopping for Christmas as these sets are sure to be a winner with any fan of the brand, no matter their age. They're so popular because they're so versatile, offering anyone between 4 and 99-years-old the chance to build everything from a fleet of cars to a small town.

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LEGO Classic Medium Brick Box

£16.50 (SAVE £13.49)
LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box - £29.99 £16.50 (SAVE £13.49)
With almost 50% off, this is the best deal we've seen on LEGO Classic this Black Friday so far. The box contains a whopping 484 pieces in a whole range of colours. With everything you'll need to build cars, trains, planes and so much, there's no chance kids will be bored with this over the holidays.

You really can build anything you like with these boxes as they're just loads of colourful bricks, rather than particular shapes and figures designed to fit together.

More deals on LEGO Classic for Black Friday:

£19.99 (SAVE £8)
LEGO Classic Transparent Bricks Building Set with Animals - £27.99 £19.99 (SAVE £8)
These transparent bricks are a unique addition to an existing Classic collection or a great way to start. This 500-piece play set can build anything from animals to a wizard with potions. There are 8 toys included as well.
£28.19 (SAVE £16.80)
LEGO Classic Bricks and Wheels Building Set - £44.99 £28.19 (SAVE £16.80)
There's 37% off this large Classic Bricks and Wheels set from LEGO. The set contains 653 pieces and has 9 buildable toys with a colourful selection of bricks and other pieces to create from. Includes everything kids need to build a car, train, bus, robot, skateboard and so much more.
£32.98 (SAVE £12.01)
LEGO Classic Around the World Building Brick Set - £44.99 £32.98 (SAVE £12.01)
Kids can create their very own with this Around the World Building Brick Set, now £12 off. The set includes pieces for 15 different, inspiring landmarks. There are also bricks for building animals like crocodiles, a brown bear and a penguin.

Looking for more incredible LEGO deals? There's so many sets discounted over Black Friday, many of which have made our list of top 10 LEGO sets to buy for Christmas.

Happy shopping!

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