Shark Cyber Monday deals: save £170 on the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner

A selection of Shark vacuum cleaners on offer for Cyber Monday

The Shark Cyber Monday deals don't disappoint this year. Amazon is offering a huge saving on the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner among many other discounted models. 

Cyber Monday is set to be bigger than ever this year, with bargains galore on everything from this year's top Christmas toys to epic Cyber Monday LEGO deals. There are serious savings to be made on Cyber Monday Nutribullet deals and some sweet-smelling Cyber Monday perfume deals.

We've been keeping our eyes peeled for the best Shark Cyber Monday deals too. And the much-coveted Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner, normally £369.99, is now just £199 at Amazon.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright - £369.99 £199.99 SAVE £170.00 | Amazon
The perfect Shark vacuum cleaner for pet-friendly homes. The handy lift-away feature makes light work of vacuuming the stairs and under furniture.

Shark vacuum cleaners have a cult-like following and it's easy to see why. These high-performing vacuum cleaners give other popular brands a run for their money when it comes to suction power, reliability, and innovative technical design.

This is the perfect Shark for homes with pets and kids. As well as being a top-performing corded vacuum cleaner, it has a clever lift-away feature that makes seriously light work of cleaning hard-to-reach areas like the stairs.

And you know how kids like to see how many crumbs they can leave behind on soft furnishings? This Shark will take care of that too. This model is ideal for vacuuming under the sofa or beneath the bed - without having to rearrange the furniture.

It fares well in consumer reviews because it copes equally well with both hard floors and carpets. DuoClean technology means there are two brush-rolls on the floorhead - so you can whizz between the lounge and kitchen and from the bedrooms to the bathrooms - without fiddling around with different attachments.

We know what you're thinking. You were hoping to bag a cordless hoover in this year's Shark Cyber Monday deals. They have their place - I own one and love it. But I'm tempted to add this vacuum cleaner to my arsenal of cleaning gadgets. There are times where you just want the unapologetic suction power of a plug-in vacuum cleaner. And there's zero chance of the battery running out on this when you've only hoovered half the stairs.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

The Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Credit: Shark

The anti-hair wrap functionality on this Shark vacuum cleaner could be a game-changer when you're in Mrs. Hinch mode. Especially in a house full of long-haired lovelies and furry friends. The cleverly-designed bristle guard separates and removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean - no more untangling enough hair to make a wig when you've finished vacuuming the house!

Still not sure? Don't take our word for it - the consumer reviews for this particular Shark vacuum cleaner are cracking. A whopping 15,934 people have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars and one Amazon reviewer wrote:

'This is the best cleaner I have ever bought - and there have been a few! Our dog and two cats can cause domestic havoc and nothing seemed to clear up before we found Sharkie! Wonderful. Our rugs came up like new. The amount of hair and dust was visible - and so much! We are ashamed to say that we are quite excited to run the cleaner around. Works just as well on hard floors and finds dirt I didn't know was there. It is a little heavy so not really suitable for anyone with disabilities but if you want a clean home - this is it!'

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