Over 50 fillers for kids’ lunchboxes

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  • Here are our 50 best buys and recipes for your kids' lunchboxes, so you'll never be struggling for packed lunch inspiration again! We've got loads of cheap and healthy suggestions.

    Do your kids take a packed lunch to school with them? If you lovingly prepare sandwiches each night only to find they come back half-eaten and you worry that all your child has had all day is a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar, then we can help.

    We’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with 50 healthy lunchbox buys and recipes that we know kids will eat and love, from exciting sandwich fillings to homemade treats like marshmallow crispy bars.

    In our gallery of sweet and savoury lunchbox fillers there are also protein-packed chicken sarnies that won’t go soggy, real fruit rolls that taste like sweets and healthier chocolate bar alternatives, so you can make sure your kids are getting more of the good stuff, plus everything they need to keep them going until home time and concentrate better in class.

    If you know your kids are a bit fussy try our fruity peanut butter wraps – they’re packed with brain-boosting vitamin B3. And if they’re always falling over, pop a blackcurrant and apple drink, crammed with vitamin C, in their lunchbox to help them heal faster.

    Whatever your kids are like, you’ll find them the perfect lunchbox fillers with our helpful guide.