45 tasty sandwich fillings to make at home

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  • There's no doubt that fillings make a sandwich, so take yours to the level level with these tasty and easy ideas to make at home.

    Ingredients for tasty sandwich fillings couldn’t be easier to come by either, as many of them can be found on the supermarket shelves.

    We’ve got recipes and ideas for great twists on classic fillings like hot cheese and chutney, chick satay and lettuce wraps, beef brisket and falafel pittas. As well as new and exciting things to make, like homemade hummus and sweet potato and bean, along with our favourite – sausage and mozzarella melt. There have always been so many flavour combinations to choose from, but it’s easy to get in a sandwich rut and routine.

    So have a scroll through some of these ideas and give your lunch a break from plain cheese and ham sandwiches, as these fillings will bring a lease of life to your lunchtime. They’re great for making the night before and will be something to look forward to the following day as well.

    You don’t have to stick to two slices of bread and something in between either. A tortilla wrap, pitta, naan or bap will also make a great base but help to mix things up. These especially make excellent summer lunch ideas, for when the weather gets warmer and you don’t fancy a hot meal.

    But when you get the BBQ going, sandwiches are also a great way to use up leftovers. Whether that’s chicken wings or burgers, there’s so many barbecue dishes that make great fillings for sandwiches.

    Another source of sandwich filling inspo if your leftovers. Got some leftover roast beef from your Sunday lunch, ragu from spaghetti bolognese or falafel from a light lunch? They can all be transformed into a sandwich with some extra salad leaves here or a slick of mustard here and there.

    All of these are easy ways to make sure you’re not having the same thing for lunch over and over again, which is a situation that everyone can find themselves in unless they put a little extra thought into it.

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    Scroll through to see some of these tasty sandwich fillings…