Report reveals 25% of teens have ordered takeaway to their school

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  • A recent report has revealed that 25% of teens have ordered takeaway to their school, prompting parents to back a campaign to get fast food companies banned from delivering to schools.

    The findings were uncovered as part of a report published by the Royal Society for Public Health, the Youth Health Movement, and Slimming World which aims to tackle childhood obesity. To support their work the experts interviewed 19 young people 13-17, and conducted a follow up survey of 500 children.

    During the research the organisers found that young people think that the temptation of fast food takeaways and unclear food labelling is to blame for children being overweight. More than two in five of the surveyed teens revealed that they were within walking distance of a fast food restaurant at their school.

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    The conductors of the study asked the young people involved for their recommendations for how they thought it would be best to combat childhood obesity. The latest findings show that nearly one in five 10-11 year olds are classified obese.

    Healthy eating cards were suggested to reward healthy choices as were film-style classifications on unhealthy food.

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    Shirley Cramer, Chief Executive, RSPH, said: ‘Our childhood obesity rates are disappointing, and tackling this must be a priority for government – there can be no excuses for fudging action on what is our number one public health challenge.

    ‘This report gives a uniquely young person’s perspective on what steps can and should be taken, and while there is no silver bullet, young people are very clear what they think the causes of obesity are, and what action they would like to see from government and industry in particular.’

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    Paul Sacher, child obesity expert and Slimming World advisor followed this up by saying; ‘Childhood obesity is directly linked to many serious medical and psychological problems in children and adults such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and mental health issues.

    ‘Interestingly, many of the steps identified by the young people are steps that have been previously identified by experts but not acted on by the Government. Let’s hope that many of these issues, important to young people, will be tackled in the upcoming childhood obesity strategy.’ He added.

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    What do you think about kids ordering takeaways to school? Do you think it should be banned or is it down to themselves or their parents to make that decision?

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