Revealed: The real reason Kate always dresses George, Charlotte and Louis in the same clothes

You learn something new every day!

If you're a follower of Prince George and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' fashion choices, you might have noticed that their outfits have a common theme – they all look very similar to each other.

George has somewhat of a uniform that translates as long shorts or trousers, a shirt and a patterned jumper, while Princess Charlotte is regularly seen in pastel floral prints and matching cardigans. Now that we get to see a bit more of Prince Louis, he's also following in his siblings' footsteps.

And now we can reveal the reasons behind mum Kate's choices for her adorable trio!

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1. Kate wants to minimise a clothing frenzy

It's been revealed that this very set style is a deliberate choice by their mum Kate. The mum-of-three dresses her little ones in familiar outfits so as not to generate a frenzy around their clothes and where they're from. For example, in pictures of Prince George posing for his first stamp he's wearing the same shirt he had on when he had his first pictures taken with little sister Princess Charlotte - a white shirt with blue trim.

Digital brand expert Holly Peacock explained that Kate learned from her own experiences that the children should wear clothes that generate the least attention.

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'The choice to dress Princess Charlotte in a very similar outfit is in my view a deliberate one,' Holly told FEMAIL.

'Acutely aware of the digital world we live in, the Duchess has learned from the many, many times her outfit has been sold out online almost immediately after she has worn something.

'The Duchess is very conscious of her influence in fashion,' Holly continued.

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2. Kate wants to show her family are 'normal'

'Rather than creating a shopping frenzy around her daughter's supposed "endorsement" of the designer, she's attempting to represent the normality of her family by dressing her child in a similar outfit twice,' Holly explained.

'Reacting to this she clearly tries to use her influence wisely; choosing UK or local designers, choosing affordable outfits and extending this to her children.'

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3. Kate wants to pay homage to history

Kate also draws influences from history, like when she dressed George in an almost identical outfit to one Prince William had worn when he was a tot.

Children's style guru Suzanne Peters commented that, 'Prince George and Princess Charlotte clearly have a very defined style that almost makes them look identical from one image to the next that we see of them.' 'Some might say it's nostalgic or old fashioned. Yes, it does look like we did when we were kids, in fact, even generations before us – but I would say their style is traditional, timeless and classic.'

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