21 of the best food and drink advent calendars 2021

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  • Add a touch of merry to your December mornings or evenings with these best advent calendars with food 2021.

    There’s something for everyone in our round-up of food and drink advent calendars for the festive season. These non chocolate advent calendars are packed with sumptuous snacks, hearty hot drinks and tipples to get you into the spirit of things. Many of them boast some incredible prices too and are available to add to your weekly grocery shop.

    From mini cheeses and shortbread biscuits to herbal teas and hot sauce, there’s no way you’ll be missing those classic chocolate advent calendars or the best beauty advent calendars in the countdown to Christmas. So snap these up before they inevitably sell out.

    Best food advent calendars 2021

    24 Days of Hot Sauce Chilli Lovers Advent Calendar – AMAZON | £13.13
    Luxury Chocolate Truffle Charity Advent Calendar – LOVE COCOA | £25
    Friends Coffee Advent Calendar Nespresso – AMAZON | £17.99
    Tiptree Jam Advent Calendar Gift Pack – AMAZON | £29.90
    Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar – AMAZON | £16.49
    Cartwright & Butler Food Advent Calendar – AMAZON | £220
    Retro Sweet Advent Calendar – NOTHS  | £24.95
    Aldi Sparkling Advent Calendar – ALDI | £59.99
    Vegan Candy Kittens Christmas Advent Calendar Tree – WH SMITH | £12
    Pringles advent calendar – AMAZON | £12.51
    Phillip Schofield Gin Advent Calendar – CRAFT GIN CLUB | £99.95
    John Lewis beer advent calendar – JOHN LEWIS | £80

    1. 24 Days of Hot Sauce Chilli Lovers Advent Calendar

    24 Days of Hot Sauce Chilli Lovers Advent Calendar

    Know a sauce lover who can stand the heat? Treat them to this 24 Days of Hot Sauce Chilli Lovers Advent Calendar. It certainly gets our vote for one of the best food advent calendars due to its unique offering and bargain price (just £5!). You’ll find 24 bottles – made up of 12 fiery flavours – behind each door.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £13.13

    2. Luxury Chocolate Truffle Charity Advent Calendar

    A Caucasian hand reaching for a gold-wrapped heart-shaped chocolate from the Love Cocoa Luxury Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar

    Credit: Love Cocoa

    For those warm cosy winter nights indoors, what better way to indulge your senses than by enjoying the scrumptious Love Cocoa New & Improved: Luxury Chocolate Truffle Charity Advent Calendar. This calendar definitely has a decadent feel, enhanced by the tasty variety of 23 rich and creamy truffles delivered in four flavours: Hazelnut Praline, Giant Rocher, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Gianduja Square Truffle. Better yet, there are two surprise chocolates included in this set so that’s something else to look forward to during the Christmas countdown.


    3. Friends Coffee Advent Calendar Nespresso

    Friends Coffee Advent Calendar Nespresso 

    Wake up and enjoy the taste and aroma of a brand-new coffee each day with this premium luxury advent calendar themed around the classic ‘90s TV show, Friends. Designed for use with the classic Nespresso coffee machine, each window contains a variety of coffee with 8 flavours to discover in total, ranging from Choco Cherry, English Pudding, Caramel Coffee and Espresso Intense. Yum!

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £17.99

    4. Tiptree Jam Advent Calendar Gift Pack

    Tiptree Jam Advent Calendar Gift Pack

    Credit: Tiptree

    Anyone for tea and crumpets? Afternoon tea enthusiasts will love this delightful advent calendar from Tiptree containing a tasty selection of conserves and marmalade. Inside you’ll find three miniature jars of each of the eight varieties of the brand’s most popular conserves and marmalades, including Strawberry, Morello Cherry and Raspberry. You’ll also find two marmalade flavours – Orange Marmalade and Tawny Orange Marmalade – within the collection, so you’ll never run out of spreads to enjoy with your morning toast, croissants or pastries. We can’t help but love the bus shaped design of this calendar too.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £29.90

    5. Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

    Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

    Credit: Ocado

    You cheddar believe it – the Ilchester Cheese advent is back with 24 delicious kinds of cheese to tuck into this December. New for its fifth year is the limited edition Ilchester Apple, Onion & Sage cheese that is sure to spread some (tasty) cheer. Scoff one as a tasty snack or pair with a cracker for a light treat after tea. And at this price, we think you’ll agree it’s one of the best food advent calendars on the market.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £16.49

    6. Cartwright & Butler Food Advent Calendar

    Cartwright and Butler food advent calendar 2021

    Credit: Cartwright & Butler

    Food advent calendars don’t get much better than this bumper set from teatime treat specialists Cartwright & Butler. Featuring everything from shortbread biscuits and Earl Grey tea bags to gourmet crackers and onion chutney – this is an ultra-indulgent countdown to Christmas. And that’s not including the entire iced Christmas cake you’ll find behind door 24…

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £220

    7. Retro Sweet Advent Calendar

    Who says time travel doesn’t exist? You’re bound to get warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings with this brilliant Retro Sweet Advent Calendar. Here you’ll find some of our favourite classic childhood sweets like Wham bars, cola bottles and Love Hearts stashed in convenient pre-packaged bags.

    VIEW AT NOTHS  | £24.95

    8. 12 Curries of Christmas Advent Calendar

    The Spicery has one of the best food advent calendars

    Credit: The Spicery

    Each door contains a recipe for a Christmas dish, which can be made using the Curry Legend spice blends that come with it! Deliciousness and ideas for Christmas entertaining… is this not one of the food advent calendars for 2021?

    VIEW AT THE SPICERY | £29.95

    9. Colin the Caterpillar Advent Calendar

    Colin the Caterpillar advent calendar

    Credit: Marks and Spencer

    Fans of Marks and Spencer’s beloved Colin cake character will be pleased to know that he comes in an advent form this Christmas. Gorge on 24 chocolate faces during the countdown and enjoy a giant Colin face to gobble down on Christmas day too.

    VIEW AT OCADO | £10

    10. Aldi Sparkling Advent Calendar


    We’re not suggesting every day should be a Prosecco or wine-o-clock day, but you can definitely get the festive season off to a cracking start with these miniature bottles of boozy bevvies. There 24 mini bottles in this calendar including eight mini bottles of Prosecco, eight sparkling Italian Rosé, and eight sparkling Pinot Grigio bottles, ensuring you’ll always have a drink at hand should visitors pop by in the run-up to Christmas.

    VIEW AT LOVE ALDI | £59.99

    11. Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar

    One of the best food advent calendar - Joe and Seph's gourmet popcorn

    Credit: Joe and Seph’s

    The serial snacker’s dream advent calendar is here in the form of Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar. It’s packed full of award-winning gourmet popcorn in a mind-blowing selection of 19 unique flavours including Banoffee Pie, Brandy Butter, Gingerbread, Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Speculoos, Salted Caramel and more. Quite possibly one of the dreamiest non chocolate advent calendars.


    12. Whittard Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar for Two (24 sachets)

    Whittard Hot Chocolate has one of the best non chocolate advent calendars

    Credit: Whittard

    With this advent calendar, there’s no need to fight with your partner over who gets the treat of the day as it’s designed for two! There are 12 unique flavours to enjoy, from classics like Luxury White and more adventurous flavours like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Peanut Butter. The art deco design will bring a touch of class to whichever room you display it in. A must for any hot chocolate lover.

    VIEW AT WHITTARD | £60.00

    13. Vegan Candy Kittens Christmas Advent Calendar Tree

    Candy Kitten sweet food advent calendar 2021

    Credit: Candy Kitten

    This one-of-a-kind advent calendar folds out into a 3D tree filled with delicious vegan treats. Flavours include Sour Watermelon, Tropical Mango, Wild Strawberry and Blueberry Bliss. And the good news is it’s returned for 2021.

    VIEW AT WH SMITH | £12

    14. Pukka Organic Christmas Calendar

    One of our top-rated non chocolate advent calendars. Whether you open your calendar in the morning or as you’re unwinding for the night, this Pukka calendar is the perfect way to take a minute to enjoy some you-time. It’s filled with a selection of classic Pukka teas, from Night-Time and English Breakfast to Ginseng Matcha Green. It’s excellent value and brilliant for a chilly December.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £7.59

    15. Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar 2021

    Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar 2021

    Credit: Walkers

    Imagine waking up and tucking into a deliciously, buttery shortbread biscuit every day in the lead-up to Christmas. Well thankfully the Shortbread gods – or rather Walkers – have answered our prayers and presented us with this 24 biscuit door calendar for 2021. From the original shortbread to milk chocolate variations and other biscuit surprises, it’s the perfect advent to open and enjoy with your morning cuppa.

    VIEW AT WALKERS | £17.99

    16. Snaffling Pig Merry Piggin’ Christmas Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

    Snaffling Pig has one of the best food advent calendars

    Credit: Snaffling Pig

    If you love pork scratchings but don’t want the booze, Snaffling Pig has one of the best non chocolate advent calendars for you. This A3 advent calendar with 24 mini bags of pork crackling comes with a variety of flavours so you’ll never be bored, plus there’s a gluten-free version – bonus!

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £18.86

    17. Munchkings Christmas Advent Calendar

    food and drink advent calendars | munchkings advent calendar

    Credit: Munchkings

    For an advent calendar that’ll go down well with those who aren’t big on chocolate, MunchKing’s nutty version is ideal. From smoked paprika-coated nuts to wasabi peanuts, there’s a delicious offering to suit every taste.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £39.99

    18. John Lewis 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

    John Lewis 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar, 50g

    Credit: John Lewis

    You can look forward to fine teas and delicious fruit infusions in this stunning John Lewis advent calendar that’s positively perfect for tea drinkers. Hidden inside you’ll find classics like Earl Grey and English Breakfast alongside Blood Orange, Christmas Cookie and Passionfruit teabags too. An afternoon tea experience with a difference this December.


    19. Pringles Advent Calendar

    Pringles Advent Calendar

    They say, ‘once you pop you just can’t stop’ – so you’ll have to be ver restrained to limit yourself to just one pack a day. Discover a mini tub behind each of the 12 doors – with four flavors, including salted, sour cream, salt and vinegar and

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £12.51

    20. The Very Merry Craft Gin Advent Calendar

    Craft Gin club advent Calendar 2021

    Credit: Craft Gin Club

    This Craft Gin advent calendar is our pick for Christmas 2021 for two good reasons. You’ll find 25 different (and very drinkable) winter gin surprises to sample each day. Gathered from award-winning distilleries up and down the country – hello mini Cambridge Dry Gin and Tarquin’s Cornish Gin. And if that’s not enough, they’ve roped in everyone’s favourite TV breakfast presenter (and Craft Gin Club ambassador) Mr Philip Schofield to share his serving suggestions, tasting notes and general Schofe sparkle. Just scan the QR code to view the video behind the door.


    21. John Lewis beer advent calendar

    The beer lover in your life will be delighted to be gifted with this Beer Advent Calendar from John Lewis. Behind every door, you’ll find a different 330ml bottle of beer. The selection is impressive, ranging from brands like Cold Bath Brewing Co. Lager, and The Wild Beer Co. There are 24 bottles to enjoy in total.


    21. Cheesies Advent Calendar

    Cheesies Advent Calendar

    Credit: Cheesies

    These mini baked cheeses are a generous and delicious bite or two to enjoy each day during the countdown to Christmas. You’ll find 24 full-size 20g bags of Cheesies to tuck into, including cheddar, chilli cheddar, goat’s cheese and gouda. And they’re sure to keep your tastebuds happy all the way to the big day.

    VIEW AT CHEESIES | £29.99