Best Mary Berry cookbooks for 2021

Mary Berry has written over 80 cookbooks, here's our roundup of the best ones you can buy online...
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  • Mary Berry is a true cookery icon, but which cookbook is her number one? We look at her back catalogue and upcoming releases to find the ultimate Mary Berry cookbook.

    Mary Berry is a national treasure. We would be willing to bet that most avid home cooks in the UK have at least one of her cookbooks tucked away in the kitchen.

    Mary Berry’s recipes are simple, easy, and always tested so you can trust that they will work. She’s dedicated to simplifying and for that we commend her.

    Recipes in her cookbooks range from sweet classics like lemon drizzle cake or simple flapjacks, to savoury picks like nut roast or butternut squash lasagne.

    Here are our all-time favourite Mary Berry cookbooks including where you can buy them from too…

    Mary Berry Cooks to Perfection

    Mary Berry Cooks to Perfection book cover

    Mary Berry’s latest cookbook, Mary Berry Cooks to Perfection, is available for pre-order. We cannot wait to try it. It looks ideal for the fledgling cook. In this book Mary is the charming kitchen guide you can trust, offering simple recipes and detailed descriptions of each step. It includes illustrative images of the steps to her tested and trusted recipes.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £19.98

    Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts

    Mary Berry's Simple Comforts book cover

    We love the modern style of this book which was published in 2020. Every dish looks mouth-wateringly delicious, plus who isn’t a sucker for comfort food? Each recipe has Mary’s signature simple style and features an array of comforting foods to please all tastes year-round.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £26

    Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook

    Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook book cover

    For more bang for your buck opt for Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook. It contains over 1,000 of Mary’s best tried and tested recipes. It’s a cookery bible to turn to for any occasion, from a simple healthy family dinner to an impressive blow-out dinner party meal. This book has it all.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £30

    Mary Berry’s Christmas Collection

    Mary Berry's Christmas Collection cookbook cover

    It’s not Christmas without a touch of home cooking. But it’s often not the most relaxing endeavor when you have a whole family eagerly awaiting a perfectly cooked turkey. There is one calming influence that we can trust to guide us through the Christmas cooking tribulations. This book includes everything you need for smooth running festivities including clear and easy to follow cooking countdowns and shopping lists.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £25

    Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

    Mary Berry's Baking Bible cookbook cover

    Mary is baking royalty, we all saw her lovable and knowledgeable presenting on the Great British Bake Off so know she’s not a fan of a soggy bottom. But when it comes to traditional cakes Mary knows her stuff. Much like a good Victoria sandwich, this book is jam-packed. Containing 250 foolproof recipes.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £26

    Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites

    Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites cookbook cover

    Another collection of dependable easy to make dishes from the queen of home cookery. This time her own favorites. This book was released alongside Mary’s cookery series that first aired on BBC two back in 2015, so some of the pictures look a little dated, but the recipes are timeless tasty classics.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £26

    Mary Berry Foolproof Cooking

    Mary Berry: Foolproof Cooking cover

    You can’t go wrong with this book. Mary has included her tips and tricks to assist you while you’re cooking her easy-to-follow recipes. Great for guaranteeing perfect results even for the underconfident cook.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £25

    Mary Berry Cooks Up A Feast

    Mary Berry Cooks Up A Feast cover

    This is the book to pick from the shelf for special occasions and celebrations. Mary Berry Cooks Up A Feast is packed with an array of splendid-looking dishes that are sure to impress. But don’t worry they’re also delightfully easy to make. Mary is also renowned for her Aga cookbooks, and this one contains both oven and aga cooking times.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £25

    Classic by Mary Berry

    Classic by Mary Berry cover

    This book encompasses everything we love about Mary’s cooking style. The recipes are easy to follow so you always get the desired result. They are classy and classic, but also there’s don’t require any extra faff or fussiness. It’s just full of really easy and delicious recipes that we can trust.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £26

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