Best recipe boxes: are they worth it and which recipe box should you get?

If you’re looking for a way to make midweek cooking easier, then recipe boxes could be a life changer.
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  • Recipe boxes have been around for a while, but should you get one and, more importantly, which one?

    We’ve investigated all you need to know…

    Why should you get a recipe box?

    Less waste: The ingredients in recipe boxes usually come in with the exact quantities you’ll need – so there’s no wasting food. There’s nothing worse than having to throw away a whole bag of spinach at the end of the week when you only needed a tiny bit.

    Less time meal planning and shopping: Who among us hasn’t got to a Wednesday with no clue about what they want to have for dinner? For days when inspiration is lacking, there’s nothing better than having someone else put a menu together for you. Plus, it might actually encourage you to spread your apron-clad wings into new culinary ventures as you won’t be cooking the same old safe recipes you rely on week after week.

    Healthier meals: If you struggle to fit cooking fresh meals everyday, getting yourself a subscription food box could actually make your diet a lot healthier.

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