How Gousto recipe boxes work - and their most popular family recipes

If you’re looking for help preparing meals each week, Gousto recipe boxes may be the answer - and here are some of their most popular recipes.

Gousto recipes

If you’re looking for help preparing meals each week, Gousto recipe boxes may be the answer - and here are some of their most popular recipes.

What is Gousto?

Gousto recipe boxes (opens in new tab) are a fun and simple way to get ingredients for tasty, home-cooked dinners (opens in new tab) delivered to your doorstep along with easy to follow recipe cards. Cooking from scratch is sometimes hard when you’ve had a busy day at work, or you don’t have much time on your hands. But, with Gousto recipes and the right pre-portioned ingredients delivered any day of the week you can soon have tasty healthy family meals (opens in new tab) on the table in no time.

You can pick your Gousto recipes online from different categories, which is great if you have special dietary requirements. Recipes range from vegan (opens in new tab) meals to dairy-free dinners (opens in new tab), and gluten-free (opens in new tab) options. Each recipe has a break down of how long the meal takes to cook, the equipment needed, how many of your five-a-day it includes, and when you should use the ingredients by.

How can I start using Gousto recipe boxes and how much does it cost?

All you need to do is build your box online and choose from the delicious range of recipes on offer.  Each week you can choose the recipes you want, how many servings of each recipe you would like and what day you would like your box delivered.

When you first order a Gousto box, you will automatically be subscribed and can request whether you would like to receive weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes. Just ensure you select the recipes you want to receive on time each week, or Gousto will pick your meals for you based on your previous choices or preference settings.

Gousto boxes can be ordered in a 2-person box, or a family box including tasty meals for two adults and two-three children. In each box you can choose whether you would like ingredients for two recipes, three recipes or four recipes.  A two recipe box for two people is £24.99 which works out £6.25 per meal serving.A two recipe box for a family is £31.75 which works out £3.95 per meal serving.

Alamy Stock Photo

Alamy Stock Photo

Gousto allows you to choose from up to 40 exciting new Gousto recipes a week, from everyday family favourites (opens in new tab) to quick 10-minute meals.

And, they've launched several partnerships and new ranges including:

  • The Health Kitchen range - launched in January 2020, recipes are developed with specific health benefits in mind - perfect if you're looking for a delicious weeknight recipes that are high in fibre and great for gut health. We love the beetroot hummus and roast veg Buddha bowl (opens in new tab) is ideal for you and family.
  • Joe Wicks  -  (opens in new tab) Gousto offers four recipes each week specially crafted by the man himself - including his Lean in 15 (opens in new tab) style quick meals and healthier take-away style dishes.
  • Wagamama. (opens in new tab) You’ll get all the ingredients you need to make your favourite dishes delivered to your door, with recipes starting at just £2.98 per person. The new Asian-inspired meals, such as Chilli Chicken Ramen and Teriyaki Chicken Donburi,  can be found below.

Gousto meals are great for manic mid-week dinners, romantic weekend date nights and everything in between. We asked Gousto to round up their most popular recipes and family favourite dishes, as listed below:

Top 10 Gousto recipes

1) Gousto's beetroot hummus and roast veg buddha bowl

Credit: Gousto

Eat the rainbow to pack in more vitamins, minerals and flavour. Here you'll enjoy roasted veg with bright beetroot hummus, chickpeas and freekeh. Try Gousto's beetroot hummus and roast veg buddha bowl (opens in new tab)

2) Gousto's spicy chicken and greens grain bowl

Credit: Gousto

For a healthy energy boost, tuck into fibre-packed freekeh and sweet potatoes, full of slow-release carbohydrates. Balance them with a spiced-up lean chicken breast for plenty of protein. Yum! Try Gousto's spicy chicken and greens grain bowl (opens in new tab)

3) Gousto's salmon with courgette ribbon and feta salad

Credit: Gousto

A super source of omega-3 and healthy fats, salmon's the star of this vibrant show of wholesome bulgur wheat, courgette ribbons, feta, pea & mint salad. Try  (opens in new tab)Gousto's salmon with courgette ribbon and feta salad

4) Gousto's fiesta chicken fajitas

Credit: Gousto

These 2 of your 5-a-day chicken fajitas will have you blending your own spices for a meal the whole family will adore. Combine the spicy chicken with crunchy fresh veg and simply wrap it all up in a tasty tortilla. Try Gousto's fiesta chicken fajitas (opens in new tab)

5) Gousto's feel good fish 'n' chips

Gousto recipe boxes

Credit: Gousto

If you fancy a Friday chippy takeaway, why not try this healthier alternative. Coat your fish in chive crumbs instead and use a lemony mayo as a dip for chips. Yum! Try Gousto's feel good fish 'n' chips (opens in new tab)

6) Joe Wicks' crispy bacon and cauli pasta bake

Credit: Gousto

Try this crispy pasta bake with a cheesy cauliflower twist! Lower carb but full of indulgence, this creamy pasta bake is packed with cauliflower for a lighter twist! Try Joe Wicks' crispy bacon and cauli pasta bake (opens in new tab)

7) Gousto's cheesy cod and spinach gratin with crispy potatoes

Credit: Gousto

Everyone will love this super simple fish supper! You'll simply pop spinach, soft cheese and cod in an oven-proof dish before topping with cheddar cheese and panko breadcrumbs for a crispy, cheesy crunch.Try Gousto's cheesy cod and spinach gratin with crispy potatoes (opens in new tab)

8) Gousto's 10-min chicken chow mein

Credit: Gousto

Credit: Gousto

When you fancy a Chinese takeaway but are trying to cut down on your calories, why not try this chicken chow mein packed full if crunchy veg and flavour? Get this Chinese takeaway classic on your table in just 10 minutes! Try Gousto's 10-min chicken chow mein (opens in new tab)

9) Joe Wicks’ 10-min halloumi and cashew curry (opens in new tab)

Credit: Gousto

This 10-Min Joe Wicks’ halloumi and cashew curry recipe will soon become a family favourite. It’s so easy to make at home, and super filling. Serve with brown rice and homemade naan bread for a real mealtime treat. Try Joe Wicks’ 10-min halloumi and cashew curry.

10) Joe Wicks’ Tex-Mex loaded sweet potato wedges

Credit: Gousto

Fancy a side of sweet potato fries with a healthy twist? Packed with vitamins and fibre, these Tex-Mex Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges are a healthy alternative to regular chips - and, did we mention they're vegan! Try Joe Wicks’ Tex-Mex loaded sweet potato wedges. (opens in new tab)

Why are the benefits of Gousto recipes?


The ingredients are always  fresh and organic where possible, and even arrives perfectly pre-measured so you won’t have to waste time portioning out the right ingredients for every recipe.

Gousto also ensures produce is from trusted suppliers and all fresh meat is 100 per cent British.

Less time meal planning and shopping

For those days when you have no inspiration for planning the week’s meals, there’s nothing better than having a whole list of Gousto recipes to choose from and someone else doing the shopping for the ingredients.

Plus, if you’ve got a family of fussy eaters, the list of recipes Gousto offers might inspire you and your family to venture out and try new recipes from around the world.

Gousto recipes

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Healthier meals

You may have a goal to get a little healthier, or shed some pounds (opens in new tab) before you jet off on holiday this summer.

It’s sometimes a struggle to find the time to cook healthy meals packed full of veggies, getting yourself a subscription meal kit could make your diet a lot healthier.

Having fresh veggies delivered to your door with easy-to-follow recipe cards means you have to cook the goodies that end up in your fridge.

Less waste and better for the environment

Originally meal kits gained a bad environmental reputation because of the packaging used to transport the food and plastic waste (opens in new tab) they sometimes create.

However, a new study by the University of Michigan has found that the greenhouse gasses meal kits produce is actually one third lower compared to meals bought and cooked from a supermarket.

It turns out that meal kits with exact quantities of pre-measured ingredients means less will end up in the bin, compared to buying all the ingredients separately from the supermarkets.

Gousto has also pledged to reduce the plastic packaging in their boxes by 50 percent by the end of 2019.

Gousto (opens in new tab) delivers precise ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards.

Free delivery 7 days a week, 40 weekly recipes and prices from £2.98 per person.

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