Budding blogger goes behind-the-scenes to learn our test kitchen’s top secrets

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  • Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a food recipes photo shoot? How a bright idea for the next delicious dinner dish goes from page to plate (with some rigorous testing in-between of course!), and how mouthwatering images are created to inspire your next meal?

    Well that is exactly what mum Faith Archer, a former newspaper journalist turned money saving blogger, got to discover when she spent a week with GoodtoKnow, gaining an insight into how we create our content.

    All the food you see in the photos of our recipes is cooked up fresh in our test kitchen in London and photographed by professional food photographers with an eye for all things divine and delicious. Faith headed down there to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes into what goes into every lovingly created recipe we share for you to try at home!

    While Faith got stuck in making pancakes with our food team, with Easter fast approaching, we’re now getting our favorite Easter recipes ready to share, like some amazingly simple to make (but wickedly moreish) mini egg recipes or our naughty but oh-so-nice crème egg recipes. So, our food writers and stylists are once again busy bunnies in the kitchen dreaming up new delicious ways for you to celebrate Easter this year.

    Do you have any wonderful recipes you would like to share with us? Why not take a photo to send in with your verdict on the best family food ideas you’ve tried!

    If you want to capture a perfect picture of your kitchen accomplishments, just follow the top tips Faith picked up from her time in the test kitchen:

    • Try photographing your food from different angles to see what shows off the dish the best
    • Don’t forget, natural lighting is always going to make your food look fantastic in any photograph!
    • Think about the styling of your picture – do you want to add any props (such a knives, forks, napkins or even a vase of flowers) to the final photograph of your dish to really bring it to life?
    • Action shots can be the perfect way of taking your food photograph from static and simple to mouthwateringly tempting!