5 of the best Bluey birthday cakes you'll want to make your Bluey-obsessed kids

From six-tiered cakes to 3D showstoppers, we’ve got a carefully curated Bluey cake edit for you...

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A Bluey birthday cake might just be your child's request this year, and we've got you covered with this round up of the 10 best Bluey cake ideas and designs.

Bluey is super popular, with the show’s main character, a blue heeler named Bluey, and her little sister Bingo (not forgetting parents Bandit and Chilli). Whether you want to attempt a multi-tiered Bluey cake, one shaped in the first letter of your child’s name or age, or you fancy getting into some complex 3D sculpting, we’ve got you covered with all the different techniques to try at home.

"My kids are well and truly obsessed with Bluey and I just know that next birthday Bluey or Bingo is going to be requested as their birthday cake," says Food Editor, Jessica Dady. "Choose a design that you know you'll enjoy creating and then it shouldn't be too stressful to make. For example, my daughter requested a Frozen birthday cake last year, and instead of trying to hand sculpt Elsa out of fondant, I decided to use an Elsa doll and create a cake dress decorated with buttercream. Go with what you're good at - and use what you've already got in the house. Our plastic Bluey and Bingo toys will certainly come in handy next year!"

In this article, we’ve included top tips for designing and easy cake decorating ideas for your Bluey birthday cake as well as some 'cheats' buys just in case you change your mind.

Bluey birthday cakes - ideas and designs

1. Bluey buttercream cake By Cakes by Kaz

This chocolate cake, from @cakes_by_kaz is filled with Malteser buttercream and coated in vanilla buttercream and finished with a shop-bought cake topper for the ultimate sweet hit. 

Images of varying different Bluey birthdya cake paraphernalia

(Image credit: Sainsbury's / Etsy / The cake Shop)

2. Six-tiered Bluey cake by Posh cakes

This tall six-layered Bluey cake by @posh_cakes_pcc Confessions features paper characters in the top of the display making it a real showstopper.

Images of varying different Bluey birthdya cake paraphernalia

(Image credit: Sainsbury's / Etsy / The cake Shop)

3. Bluey cupcakes by Cupkates Bakery

With buttercream icing and cute cartoon toppers, these Bluey cupcakes by @cupkates_bakery_ Bakery will be a big hit at any Bluey themed party.

Images of varying different Bluey birthdya cake paraphernalia

(Image credit: Sainsbury's / Etsy / The cake Shop)

4. Bluey cookie cake by Hey Sweet Cakes

This tasty cookie cake in the shape of a number or letter is a great way to personalise your birthday design. Created by @hey_sweet_cakes, you can go to town with the decorations from cut-outs and meringues to macarons and marshmallows. 

Images of varying different Bluey birthdya cake paraphernalia

(Image credit: Sainsbury's / Etsy / The cake Shop)

5. Easy Bingo cake by Cakes By Choppa

Bluey might be the star of the show but her little sister also deserves her special day. Cakes By Choppa made this ode to Bingo, using fondant to make the 3D face and body. If that proves too tricky you can buy a Bingo cake topper sheet online. 

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 Top tips for making a Bluey birthday cake 

The best place to start when making a Bluey birthday cake is looking at other similar themed cakes, so you can decide what you think is manageable to recreate at home.

It can be helpful to sketch out your cake design first so that you have a visual reference of the end result. You can also colour it in so that you know which bits need which colour fondant or icing.

Once you’ve confirmed your design, get a shopping list of ingredients and cake tools you’ll need to make it. You might need some specialist kit like piping bags, stencils or cake cutting tools, so shop around online for a good price.

As you’d imagine, some cake making techniques are easier than others. You can keep it simply with blue buttercream frosting and then use shop-bought sprinkles to decorate. Or you can make your own royal icing and add handmade fondant characters.

If you’re short on time - and expertise - you can buy cupcakes and readymade icing and then get edible character toppers to put on. You can do the same thing with a shop-bought cake. Get creative with your own decorations, and you’ll find lots of Bluey themed ones online.

Our GoodToKnow features to help you create your Bluey cake design:

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