Cake ideas: Quirky and unique cakes and bakes

If you've mastered all the classic cake recipes and fancy a change, these quirky cakes and bakes are great fun to try - we've got lots of cake ideas!

Quirky cakes and bakes
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Quirky cakes and bakes range from hamburger cupcakes to rhubarb and custard cake bars, tomato soup cake and more!

If you've mastered all the classic cake recipes and fancy a change, these quirky cakes and bakes are great fun to try. How about a coke float cupcake or a tomato soup cake for something fun and different from your usual chocolate brownies (opens in new tab)?

Sometimes you can get bored of making the same old cakes time and time again so when you're looking for a change, opt for something a little bit different. Our quirky cakes include weird and wonderful looking creations and some odd flavour combinations like bacon and banana and strawberry basil cupcakes.

Browse through our favourite quirky cakes and bakes and pick your favourite...

Cake ideas: Quirky and unique cakes and bakes

1. Jaffa cake drizzle loaf

If you love Jaffa cakes, you should definitely try making this delicious loaf cake. Infused with orange and drizzled in chocolate ganache, this loaf cake takes the best part of a classic Jaffa cake and turns it into something to share.

Get the recipe: Jaffa cake drizzle loaf (opens in new tab)

2. Reese's Pieces chocolate peanut butter cake

Calling all peanut butter fans, have you seen our new favourite, the Reese's Pieces peanut butter cake? With a rich chocolate sponge and nutty peanut butter buttercream, your family are going to love this cake.

Get the recipe: Reese's Pieces chocolate peanut butter cake (opens in new tab)

3. Oreo cake

If you love Oreo biscuits you really must try making this delicious Oreo cake. It's full of flavour and the perfect treat for special occasions - be it birthday or Father's Day!

Get the recipe: Oreo cake (opens in new tab)

4. Ice box cake

Have you ever made an ice box cake before? It's really simple using a light creamy filling and layers of biscuits.

Get the recipe: Ice box cake (opens in new tab)

5. Chocolate Creme Egg cake

Chocolate Creme Egg cake

Creme Egg fans, it doesn't have to be Easter for you to enjoy this delicious chocolatey Creme Egg cake. With Creme Eggs in the filling and on top too, this cake is a chocoholic heaven!

Get the recipe: Chocolate Creme Egg cake (opens in new tab)

6. Anti-gravity cake

The kids are going to go crazy for this amazing anti-gravity cake. Learn how to make your own in 7 simple steps.

Get the recipe: Anti-gravity cake (opens in new tab)

7. Rhubarb and custard cake bars

Rhubarb and custard cake bars

These delicious cake bars take our two favourite flavours - rhubarb and custard - and put them together to make mouth-watering, bite-sized treats.

Get the recipe: Rhubarb and custard cake bars (opens in new tab)

8. Polka dot cake

Step 12

The kids are just going to love this polka dot cake. Not only is it covered in polka dots, it's also hiding colourful cake polka dots inside. Plus it's much easier to make than you may think!

Get the recipe: Polka dot cake (opens in new tab)

9. Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

The special ingredient in this delicious bundt cake is a dash or two of limoncello. It gives the sponge a tangy flavour and makes it the perfect late night treat.

Get the recipe: Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle (opens in new tab)

10. Coke float cupcakes

If you love coke and you love cupcakes you're definitely going to love this mix! The coke adds a moist, sweetness to the sponge and each cupcake is topped with a scoop of ice cream to recreate the classic childhood drink.

Get the recipe: Coke float cupcakes (opens in new tab)

11. Beetroot and chocolate cake

Beetroot is an unusual veggie to add to cakes but it works wonders and turns your sponge into a moist, dense bake - and don't worry, it doesn't actually taste of beetroot! Get your friends and family to guess the hidden ingredient - they'll be quite surprised!

Get the recipe: Beetroot and chocolate cake (opens in new tab)

12. Lorraine Pascale's upside-down cake

Bored of your same old sponge? Flip it over and make an upside down cake instead just like Lorraine Pascale! This delicious recipe is made with caramelised pineapple, rum and vanilla upside-down cake - need we say anymore?

Get the recipe: Lorraine Pascale's upside down cake (opens in new tab)

13. Dark chocolate and chilli cupcakes

These rich, sweet dark chocolate cupcakes are bursting with flavour, one of which is chilli - hot and spicy chilli. This combination really does work and is perfect if you're a fan of spice.

Get the recipe: Dark chocolate and chilli cupcakes (opens in new tab)

14. Homemade Twix

Homemade Twix

If you're a fan of the Twix chocolate bar you're going to love these! This recipe combines chocolate with caramel and shortcake to make one quirky tray bake which will be the talk of the town!

Get the recipe: Homemade Twix (opens in new tab)

15. Courgette and lime muffins

Courgette in a cake? These cupcakes combine courgette with lime to make tangy, moist muffins that are perfect served with a cuppa. It's a great way to sneak some veggies into the kids' diet - shhh, we won't tell if you won't!

Get the recipe: Courgette and lime muffins (opens in new tab)

16. Citrus olive oil cake

Citrus olive oil cake

Who needs butter when you can use olive oil instead? This recipe swaps the fats and adds the zest of a lemon for extra zing. You'll feel weird using oil at first but we guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Get the recipe: Citrus olive oil cake (opens in new tab)

17. Hamburger cupcakes


Turn your cupcakes into quirky hamburgers! A delicious, double chocolate chip cookie as the 'burger' and honey cupcakes halved as the 'buns'. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and ta-dah, you've got hamburger cupcakes - the kids will love them!

Get the recipe: Hamburger cupcakes (opens in new tab)

18. Apple crumble cupcakes

If you love a classic apple crumble after your roast on a Sunday then you're going to want to make these treats again and again! A sweet apple sponge, custard buttercream and buttery crumble topping - what more could you want?

Get the recipe: Apple crumble cupcakes (opens in new tab)

19. Tomato soup cake

Yes, this really is a tomato soup cake! The tomato adds a red tint to the sponge along with making it extra moist and spongy. Dusted in icing sugar, this recipe is a quirky keeper!

Get the recipe: Tomato soup cake (opens in new tab)

20. Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake

Give your friends and family a surprise with this creative rainbow cake. Covered in buttercream this cake just looks like your average bake, but once you cut into its dense sponge you reveal the brightly coloured layers which are sure to wow!

Get the recipe: Rainbow cake (opens in new tab)

21. Spiced squash ring cake

Spiced squash ring cake

If you've never added butternut squash to a cake you really must try it - it adds a delicious moist texture to the sponge. Topped with a thick cream cheese frosting and drizzled with caramel, this cake will be so well received - they'll never believe it's actually made with vegetables.

Get the recipe: Spiced squash ring cake (opens in new tab)

22. Cupcake bouquet

easter cupcakes: cupcake bouquet

Cupcake bouquet anyone? Turn your basic cupcakes into a giant cupcake bouquet instead. A few brightly coloured buttercream roses later and your bouquet is ready to be admired - who needs flowers when you can have cupcakes ones instead?

Get the recipe: Cupcake bouquet (opens in new tab)

23. Hidden shape cupcakes

Hidden shape cupcakes

These hidden shape cupcakes are a great way of adding a bit of character to your average batch of vanilla sponges. Each cupcake has a hidden pink butterfly inside! You could try this recipe with different shapes and colours too - the possibilities are endless!

Get the recipe: Hidden shape cupcakes (opens in new tab)

24. Mug cake

Cake... In a mug? Yes, really! This delicious mug cake is a great way of making your bake that little bit special. It's so simple to make - you mix all the ingredients in your chosen mug and cook it in the microwave, 3 mins later - you've got mug cake! It's dangerous once you know how easy it is!

Get the recipe: Mug cake (opens in new tab)

25. Pimms cupcakes

Summer just isn't the same without a tall glass of Pimms and these cupcakes are the perfect summery treat! Topped with fresh mint, cucumber, strawberries and orange, these cupcakes have all the flavours of the classic cocktail - just in a cake!

Get the recipe: Pimms cupcakes (opens in new tab)

26. Eton mess cupcakes

If you love Eton mess for dessert you're going to want to try making these Eton mess cupcakes - a gooey meringue topping and sweet strawberry sauce turns your cakes into mini puddings.

Get the recipe: Eton mess cupcakes (opens in new tab)

27. Strawberry basil cupcakes

Strawberry and basil cupcakes

We know what you're thinking - strawberry and basil? But trust us when we say it really does work! The herby twist is a great way to update your cupcakes with a weird and wonderful flavour.

Get the recipe: Strawberry basil cupcakes (opens in new tab)

28. Banana and bacon muffins

Bacon, bacon, bacon! Bacon seems to be everywhere these days and it's even sneaked into classic muffin recipes like these banana and bacon muffins. These are the perfect treats for breakfast and the soft banana and salty bacon really does work well together.

Get the recipe: Banana and bacon muffins (opens in new tab)

29. Guinness cupcakes

Chocolate Guinness cupcakes

Give your cupcakes an Irish makeover by adding in some Guinness. This recipe is for adults-only - what a great excuse not to share them!

Get the recipe: Guinness cupcakes (opens in new tab)

30. Pig cake pops

Cake pops are a great way of turning leftover cake into sweet treats. These pig cake pops are so easy to make and once you've perfected this recipe you can make other farm animals too - watch the kids' faces light up!

Get the recipe: Pig cake pops (opens in new tab)

31. Giant cupcake

Giant cupcake recipe

Turn your cupcake into a giant one! All you need is a giant cupcake mould and a steady hand for piping the buttercream. Giant cupcakes are perfect for birthdays or special occasions, especially when you have this easy recipe up your sleeve.

Get the recipe: Giant cupcake (opens in new tab)

32. Baileys no-bake cheesecake

Baileys no-bake cheesecake

Baileys in a cheesecake? We want some now! Ths delicious, no-bake recipe is perfect for dinner parties with the family. A thick, creamy cheesecake centre with a buttery biscuit base - now that's what we call a cheesecake!

Get the recipe: Baileys no-bake cheesecake (opens in new tab)

33. No bake Easter chocolate tart

Mini Egg brownie tart

Made of naughty, creamy ganache, this rich gooey no bake Easter chocolate tart is one that even beginner cooks can master. It's great to make with young relatives who can go crazy with decorations!

Get the recipe: No bake Easter chocolate tart (opens in new tab)

34. Giant Bourbon biscuit

If you love classic chocolate Bourbon biscuits then you really have to try making this showstopping version. Impressive to look at and simple to make in just five easy steps!

Get the recipe: Giant Bourbon biscuit (opens in new tab)

35. Union Jack Jubilee cake


This Lovely Union Jack Jubilee cake will be the perfect centre piece for any party. Whether it's a Jubilee party, VE Day celebration or simply a very British gathering, the simple berry design is easy to follow!

Get the recipe: Union Jack Jubilee cake (opens in new tab)

36. Giant peanut butter KitKat Chunky

This giant peanut butter KitKat Chunky is the perfect alternative on a special occasion to a birthday cake and certainly has the 'wow' factor. With 25 minutes to assemble (before additional fridge setting time) it's so easy to make and tastes just as good as it looks.

Get the recipe: Giant peanut butter KitKat Chunky (opens in new tab)

37. Bunting cupcakes

Make these cute little bunting cupcakes by following our step-by-step picture recipe. Perfect for parties, this simple design is bound to impress.

Get the recipe: Bunting cupcakes

Quirky cakes and bakes

Quirky cakes and bakes

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Mastered all the classic cake recipes and fancy a change? How about a quirky cake? We've rounded up some of our quirkiest cakes, from coke float cupcakes to tomato soup cake.

Sometimes you can get bored of making the same old cakes time and time again so when you're looking for a change, opt for something a little bit different. Our quirky cakes include weird and wonderful looking creations and some odd flavour combinations like bacon and banana and strawberry basil cupcakes.

See something you like the look of? Save it for later in your own online recipe book; - it's completely free!

Click through our favourite quirky cakes and bakes and pick your favourite...

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