Boozy pancakes: Pancake Day 2020 is all about the alcoholic pancakes

We can't wait to make these tonight...
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  • Pancake Day is here and what better excuse to enjoy a delicious dessert to celebrate the big day?

    But if, like us, you’re partial to a tipple or two, why not make your pancake recipe a little boozy this year? It’s a trend we can certainly get on board with – whether you’re partial to a G&T or prefer a glass of bubbly, there’s a boozy pancake for you. Here’s our pick of the best boozy pancake recipes to try this year…

    Baileys and Nutella crepe cake

    This impressive looking crepe cake may look like it would take hours to bake, but it’s actually a really simple recipe that uses ready made crepes to build a tower of pancakes you’ll be proud to serve up. Plus it contains Baileys, so there’s a boozy element too! Nutella is layered between each crepe to provide some chocolaty goodness, while Baileys liqueur is whipped into the cream topping to add an extra layer of indulgence.
    Get the recipe: Baileys and Nutella crepe cake

    Prosecco pancakes

    We love prosecco and we love pancakes, so combining the two can only be a great thing, right? Prosecco-flavoured gifts have been a big trend for a little while now, but we think this has got to be our favourite hybrid. Serve this recipe up with a cream and fresh berry topping for a really special treat this Pancake Day – or any celebration you might have coming up!
    Get the recipe: Prosecco pancakes

    Gin and tonic pancakes

    If a cold G&T is your tipple of choice, this boozy pancake recipe is the one for you. Using the juice of fresh lemon and limes, plus the zest, gives these pancakes a zingy flavour along with the gin and tonic used in the mixture. There’s even a gin filled syrup to pour over the top – delicious!
    Get the recipe: Gin and tonic pancakes

    Clementine crepes with Cointreau

    For a zingy Pancake Day idea, try these crepes filled with clementines and a hint of Cointreau. The orange liqueur compliments the freshness of the clementines nicely and feels really special when served up with a dollop of crème fraîche. If it’s just a hint of booze you’re after in your pancake recipe, give this one a try today and you’ll not be disappointed.
    Get the recipe: Clementine crepes

    And it’s not just these ideas you can try. The basic pancake mixture can be easily adapted to suit your favourite cocktail combination or to include any tipple. Simply substitute some of the milk in the recipe for a few tablespoons of your booze of choice and enjoy (responsibly!)