Baileys and Nutella crepe cake recipe

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If you've got a penchant for Nutella, or love a splash of Baileys, you'll want to give this creamy Baileys and Nutella crepe cake a try for a really special treat.

Crepe cake
Preparation Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins

This Baileys and Nutella crepe cake combines two of our favourite ingredients for an indulgent twist on the classic thin French pancakes we know and love.

Whether it’s a birthday bash, brunch with friends or you just need to satisfy a sweet tooth, this decadent Baileys and Nutella crepe cake will certainly do the trick. To keep things simple, we’ve used shop-bought but you could make your own crepes. Once ready, stack on top of each other with a thick layer of Nutella between until your cake reaches the height you want and top with whipped Bailey’s, chocolate curls and crushed roasted hazelnuts.  This Baileys and Nutella crepe cake, is also a great option for around Christmas time if you pair it with a dash of nutmeg as well.


  • 20 ready made crepes
  • 1kg jar Nutella
  • 300ml double cream
  • 50ml Baileys
  • chocolate curls
  • roasted crushed hazelnuts




  1. For the pancakes: If you want to make your pancakes first, use our ultimate pancake recipe.
  2. Otherwise, place a ready made crepe on the cake stand and spread a layer of Nutella on top. Repeat until your crepe cake is at the height you want it and then chill to firm up the chocolate.
  3. For the Baileys cream topping: To make the Baileys cream topping, pour 300ml of double cream and 50ml of Baileys into a bowl and whip until it is in soft peaks.
  4. Decorate the top of the Nutella cake with the cream and sprinkle with chocolate curls and crushed roasted hazelnuts.

Tips for making Baileys and Nutella crepe cake:

Don’t skip out on the chill time for this cake as it won’t set properly and could fall apart. Keep in the fridge for between 20 to 30 minutes for optimum setting time. 

Once you mastered this Baileys and Nutella crepe cake recipe, you could try your own variants. We also love it with chocolate orange. Read our advice on how to melt chocolate.

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