Aldi shoppers are obsessed with this new drink that tastes 'like melted Ferrero Rocher' in a mug

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Aldi shoppers are obsessed with a new chocolate and coffee drink that tastes just 'like Ferreo Rocher' chocolate in a mug. 

Whether it's delicious gooey chocolate brownies or chocolate and coffee puddings, there's always space for a treat when that infamous 3pm craving hits. And as the long-awaited summer months are feeling a little bit more autumny than we're used to (even in the UK!), shoppers are turning their attention to more wintery drinks and snacks. Recently, we've seen winners like Morrisons' white chocolate flavoured milk, perfect for hot chocolates and coffees, as well as Mars Bars in chocolate spread form.

The latest find by eagle-eyed Aldi fans is a delicious new coffee and chocolate drink that some say tastes just 'like a melted Ferrero Rocher in a mug'.

Nescafé Gold Chocolate and Caramelised Hazelnut Latte is a special edition product by the brand and it's perfectly to help prepare for the colder months.

The product isn't available to buy from the retailer online but you can pick up a packet at your nearest Aldi store - for less than £3.

We reckon you'll need to be quick though! We scanned the internet to see where else you could pick up this super unique flavour and it turns out, this one also isn't available to buy elsewhere - even from rivals such as Amazon or Lidl.

Fans took to Facebook to share their excitement over the product after snack fan-page, Snack News and Reviews, shared it online.

"Really really lovely, taste like a melted ferrero Roche in a mug," one buyer said.

"OMG… I need to find these!!! May take the spot of the praline one I’m missing!", another wrote.

And another buyer pointed out that the delicious drink is perfect for the upcoming colder seasons. "They are more of a winter drink 1st sip is chocolate then when you drink it you get the coffee kick," they wrote next to the post.

It joins the host of other instant Nescafé flavours that coffee-lovers just can't get enough of, including similar ones like Hazelnut Latte and Caramel Latte.

Nescafé Hazelnut Latte

Enjoy a hazelnut latte wherever you go now, with sachets of Nescafé's tasty Hazelnut Latte coffee available to buy from Amazon.

Nescafé Caramel Latte

If sweet treats are more your thing, Nescafé also sell Caramel Latte coffee sachets. Why not combine the two together and create your very own warming Caramelised Hazelnut Latte drink?

Happy shopping!

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