Chocolate fans 'devastated' as Cadbury removes Easter egg favourite from supermarkets

Cadbury are axing a delicious Easter treat

Chocolate fans 'devastated' as Cadbury removes Easter egg favourite from supermarkets
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Cadbury has discontinued its Dairy Milk Egg'n'Spoon in response to customers' 'changing taste buds', a spokesperson for the British chocolate company has confirmed. 

With just over a month to go until Easter, foodies everywhere have been counting down the days until they can indulge in their favorite springtime treats. 

From homemade goose-fat roast potatoes to spiced flourless chocolate cake, the Sunday lunch dishes at the end of Lent are a culinary highlight in the calendars of religious and secular folks alike. 

The annual festival is also famous for its bounty of delicious confectionery, with many of our kids' Easter Eggs being gobbled up within minutes of being opened. (If you're looking for some presents that'll actually last, check out these Easter gifts for children instead). 

Easter Eggs

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Easter is also a time for nostalgia, as many supermarkets bring back some of their limited-edition products that have been adored by customers for years bygone. With the frenzy of Shrove Tuesday's pancakes finally over, grocery stores across the UK are now focusing on promoting everything from luxury Easter eggs to white chocolate bunnies. 

Unfortunately, not all of your favorite animal-themed treats will be making a comeback this March. One product that's been scrapped is the Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon, a spokesperson for Cadbury has confirmed. The news comes shortly after rumors whirled that Mini Eggs were being discontinued, much to the horror of sugar-toothed folks everywhere. 

"We’re always listening to our Cadbury fans to ensure our Easter range includes their favourites and reflects their changing taste buds," a spokesperson from Cadbury said. 


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The iconic treat, which contained four milky mousse eggs packaged in a purple carton, had been a staple of the UK chocolatier's Easter range for over ten years. Described as "a fluffy Easter treat to share and enjoy", it was known as a cult favourite amongst younger consumers for its unique design and novelty purple spoons. 

Unsurprisingly, the backlash to the scrapping of the beloved eggs didn't take long. 

"We are DEVASTATED," one outraged person wrote on Twitter. "Stop depriving us of egg and spoons. I don’t think I will survive this. Mad times we live in, mad!" 

Before you get too upset though, it's worth remembering that there are plenty of other unique chocolate products on the market to try this season. Whether it's M&S' rude Easter 'egg' or one of these personalized Easter eggs, it's safe to say you won't be disappointed by the options already available. 

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